Pros and Cons of Using an Interactive App Builders

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by Lilly Thuma | Last Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Apps have really matured over the years. I mean think back to the days of playing Doodle Jump on your iPod Touch to now, where you can make a purchase off an app, video chat with multiple friends at once, use augmented reality to see how a piece of furniture will look in your house, and more. Apps have definitely grown up to say the least. We even now have different kinds of apps including native mobile, web apps, and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). And since apps have become more and more sophisticated, more brands are using them as a part of their mobile strategy, and guess what? It is working really well! So, it might be time for you to consider incorporating an app into your mobile strategy. If you have no idea how to build your own app for your brand, that is okay! I am here to help. One solution is using an interactive app builder. This is similar to a drag-and-drop app builder where you can choose the components and features you want on your app and simply drag them onto your app. It’s easy! But, to make sure you have a really good understanding of what an interactive app builder is, let’s go through what the pros and cons of one is. And who knows, maybe an interactive app builder will end up being the best app builder for your company. Pros Cons While there are some drawbacks of an interactive app builder, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Especially if you are someone that has little experience with coding or app development, an interactive app builder is a great option for you!

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