To Be, or Not to Be (Installed on the Home Screen)

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by Leigh Hamer | Last Updated: Mar 14, 2023

In your customer journey, there are moments of deep engagement and moments of fleeting, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it exchanges between your brand and customers. A brand’s social post in a consumer’s feed is a fleeting moment. A consumer making a purchase and signing up for loyalty rewards represents significant engagement. While a consumer pausing to watch a YouTube influencer unbox and review a new product, that has the potential to be a catalyst for more brand engagement.

When developing your brand’s digital strategy, it is imperative that your team is honest about how much time customers will spend at each digital touchpoint. Digital experiences, like those built on Lumavate’s digital experience platform (DXP), can be saved to a user’s home screen. The result is an icon on a device home screen that looks and functions exactly like a native mobile app. Device owners can tap the app icon to launch the digital experience. 

As with all things digital, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Not every digital experience needs to be saved to a user’s home screen. A good digital experience takes into account where a customer is physically and emotionally when interacting with a brand. 

If a consumer is shopping in-aisle and sees an aisle-interrupter promising a $2 off coupon they are likely to scan the related QR code. The resulting digital experience must now meet the consumer’s expectations. 

This is not an experience any consumer will want to save to their home screen. This is a fleeting moment of engagement. And that’s OK.

Brands must earn a place on a consumer’s home screen. The consumer need for access and information provided by a brand’s digital experience must be in sync. If every digital experience created by a brand pings the user with a request to save to their home screen, that’s just annoying. It’s a little like crying wolf. 

Marketers know better. So let’s do better.

Brands should build robust experiences that are geared towards significant moments of engagement within their customer journey. Those are the digital experiences customers will want to save to their home screens.

5 Use Cases Worth Saving

1.Customer Support- Reduce support calls and give customers what they want: quick access to reliable product-specific information that empowers them to solve their own issues. This is extremely helpful for large consumer purchases, such as lawn equipment. As part of a product delivery experience, consider including a flyer with a QR code that gives the new customer a personalized product onboarding experience. Through that digital experience, the customer can be asked to save a customer support experience, giving them continued access to product information. Meaning, they don’t ever have to worry about losing a printed owner’s manual. Additionally, a durable label with a QR code and text activation could be added directly to the piece of equipment. The digital experience content can be customized to the specific product and model.


2. Employee Engagement- Give your team a single-source of truth for all internal communications. Employees want access to reliable information that is tailored to their role, team, or region. A digital experience that meets those needs is worth saving to the home screen.


3.Account-Based Marketing (ABM)- Create a single ABM digital experience that evolves with new content as your prospective customer moves through the sales funnel. Demonstrate your brand’s unique ability to distill the noise and share consistent and clear information about your company’s value.


4. Trade ShowBooth- For multi-day industry events, stand out from your competitors by creating a digital experience that allows prospects and customers to take the booth experience with them. A digital experience is a great way to allow users to explore products in their own time and at their own pace. Encourage trade show attendees to save the experience to their home screen to get exclusive product information. Post-event update the experience content to establish a robust product information digital experience that is worthy of keeping a home screen spot.


5.Partner Program - Partners are only as valuable as they are knowledgeable. Keep your partners well-informed on your business, products, and services. By creating a partner hub with quick access to frequently needed resources, you’ll surely secure a place on the home screen. Give your partners access to product guides, a secure portal to manage account information, and exclusive updates.

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