Top 5 Templates for Event Marketers

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by Audrey Hollingshead | Last Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Have you ever staffed a company booth or event and wondered why no one was stopping by? You have your product brochures out, your marketing materials, and an eager salesforce waiting to chat. You even tried the trick of complimenting people as they walked by, but still no takers.  Here’s the harsh truth: What you’re selling may be awesome. But, if people don’t see why they need it they won’t care. They’ll keep walking. So how can you get them to stop and take a look?

Make the Experience Interactive 

Have you ever been to an interactive science center as a kid? A science center makes learning exciting! That’s because these centers usually involve interactive elements and kinesthetic learning (a fancy way of saying tactile learning or learning that involves physical activity).  Using visual elements engages visitors. The home improvement store Lowes noticed that when people used virtual reality (VR) to watch how-to videos they were 36 percent more likely to retain the information. Interactive elements see 52.6 percent more engagement than static content, with buyers spending an average of 8.5 minutes viewing static content items and 13 minutes on interactive content items, according to MediaFly an interactive digital experience can include a product recommendation quiz. This quick exchange allows consumers to respond to a few questions and receive a personalized product recommendation that meets their needs. An engaging digital experience can include an interactive image, where users can tap on highlighted points to learn more about a product’s features, for example. Below are five engaging event templates you can copy into your Studio today. Most can be customized in under an hour.

Trade Show: Interactive Booth

Your trade show booth is often a major investment for your business and each time you want to change the graphics, messaging, etc. is another cost. One way to offset this ongoing cost is to incorporate a QR code or NFC tag on your physical booth that ties to a digital experience with product-specific content, videos, interactive product images, and more that can be easily changed based on the products you want to promote in your booth. Our Trade Show: Interactive Booth Template is designed to connect your booth with an interactive element and provide visitors with content, videos, and more to take your products to the next level. This template includes the following functionality: Text INTERACTIVEBOOTH  to 586828* to see an example of how our best-in-class Trade Show: Booth Management Template can ensure all of your team is on the same page while working your booth.

Trade Show: Attendee

Every visitor that stops by your trade show booth is a potential customer for your business, but it can be challenging to have active conversations with every single one of them. That’s why you have to find ways to connect with these visitors both in-person and digitally so you don’t miss out on any potential opportunities. Our Trade Show: Attendee Template is designed to increase the ROI of your booth investment and eliminate the cost of handing out printed materials at your booth. This template includes the following functionality: Text ATTENDEE  to 586828* to see an example of how our best-in-class Trade Show: Attendee Template can help your booth staff engage with more prospects.

Field Marketing Event

Every field marketing event your business hosts is an opportunity to create deep connections with your attendees and distinguish your brand from competitors. While the in-person experience is definitely critical, the overall event experience starts even sooner with the first outreach. Ditch the typical email invite with a registration landing page and create a highly-personalized digital experience for attendees to generate excitement prior to the event. Our Field Marketing Event Template is designed to connect your VIP in-person event with a highly-personalized experience. This template includes the following functionality: Text FIELDEVENT to 586828* to see an example of how our best-in-class Field Marketing Event Template can provide a VIP experience to your attendees.

Trade Show: Booth Management

Preparing your team to work your company’s booth at a trade show is time sensitive and requires oversight into booth scheduling, educating the team on the key talking points, training on using the lead capture system, and so much more. And it’s complicated by the fact that most of the team members working your booth have other responsibilities so they aren’t spending time preparing for the trade show until they actually arrive onsite. That’s why it’s so important to provide your team with a digital experience at their fingertips that contains all of the information they need to effectively work the booth and drive the best results for your business during the event. Our Trade Show: Booth Management Template simplifies managing your booth by providing everything your booth workers need at their fingertips. This template includes the following functionality: Text TRADESHOWBOOTH to 586828* to see an example of how our best-in-class Trade Show: Booth Management Template can ensure all of your team is on the same page while working your booth.

Internal Event

This template is great for employees who want to do their best at any event. The features included are:

Having the Right Template Matters

We all know that it’s hard to break through the clatter of modern life. Using the right template to build your next digital experience could be the key to getting through. You’ll be able to provide helpful event information in a fun and engaging way to employees and attendees. Plus, you’ll also get to show off your products and their exciting features to industry leaders.  Interested to see how Lumavate can elevate your business? Create a Studio and start building today.   *Msg & data rates may apply. May receive up to 2 msgs. Reply HELP to 586828 for help and STOP to cancel. Terms and privacy available here.

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