How to Get a QR Code?

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Sep 24, 2023

QR Codes have become vital to enabling us to bridge between the physical and digital worlds. Let’s dive into how QR Codes work and how manufacturers can create one to improve your business operations.

How Do QR Codes Work?

A QR Code or quick response code is a machine-readable code that stores information in a visual pattern readable by a QR Code scanner or smartphone camera. It’s usually square-shaped, with black and white colors.

When you scan a QR Code online, the encoded information gets decoded, directing you to a website, displaying a message, dialing a number, etc. 

The versatility of QR Codes lies in their simplicity and the amount of information they can convey. Their adoption was slow before 2020, with factors like broken links and lack of user awareness hindering their growth. With the rise of contactless interactions, QR Codes became increasingly significant post-pandemic.

For manufacturers, numerous applications of QR Codes can improve customer engagement and drive revenue.

For example, a customer scans a QR Code on a product’s package and is directed to a product registration form instantly. Or attendees at a trade show accessing detailed product information with a simple scan. 

The use cases of QR Codes for manufacturers are endless, but how do you create one?

How to Create a QR Code for a Link

A QR Code generator is a tool that converts the information you want to share, be it a link or text, into a scannable code.

Follow these steps to create a QR Code:

  1. Input your desired link into a QR Code generator.

  2. Choose your design preferences.

  3. Download your code.

You can create different types of QR Codes, such as traditional and creative ones. The standard QR Codes are those with the typical simple black-and-white patterns with the main aim of functionality. While this type works, you can create a QR Code that better aligns with your brand.

Creative QR Codes can be tailored to include brand colors, logos, and unique designs, ensuring the code aligns with your brand’s identity. These codes are more visually appealing and can contain dynamic content like videos, audio, and interactive elements, fostering an engaging user experience.

The main difference in creating standard and branded QR Codes lies in customization.

For standard QR Codes, you can leave the black-and-white default. Customizing the QR Code according to your design preferences makes it branded. When you’re done, download it and print or share it to platforms where customers can scan it to access the information you want to communicate.

How to Get a QR Code

Now that you can use a QR Code generator to create one, why should manufacturers adopt this technology?

From real-time content updates to increased product registration, the benefits of QR Codes for manufacturers include the following:

When choosing a QR Code generator, consider one that provides long-term management so you can change where those QR Codes point over time to ensure you never have aQR Code tied to a broken link.

Let’s say you create a “My own QR Code” that allows customers to access your information and other necessary details like an About Us page. Good long-term management will help you update the information without any cost for changing the QR Code, and you can maintain effective communication with customers.

Speaking about zero cost for changing your QR Code, how about generation one for free?

Can You Generate QR Codes for Free?

You can create codes with a free QR Code generator at no cost. Examples of free QR Code generators include the following:

Several limitations to using free QR Code generators hinder the code’s effectiveness and how you can use them in your business strategy. Usually, these tools can’t allow you to track analytics or restrict your ability to modify the content linked to the QR Code.

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