How to Collect More Rebate Submissions

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by Averi Easley | Last Updated: Nov 4, 2022

According to Incentive Insights, 75 percent of customers are more likely to purchase a product when offered a rebate. They also stated that 55 percent of customers search for a rebate when shopping.  However, collecting rebate submissions can be challenging for businesses, as the process to submit this information is often cumbersome for consumers. If customers find the rebate submission process too clunky and opt out of completing the form, Without consumers submitting their rebate, businesses are missing out on valuable consumer data. What does this mean for your brand? Customers are willing to complete the rebate submission process if the task can be done digitally and within a couple of minutes.  Using our Rebate Submission Template, you can help make it easier for customers to submit their rebate and have the data flow directly into your system of record. Our Rebate Submission Template has the following functionality: To use our Rebate Submission Template in Lumavate’s Table Builder, follow these steps:  Our Rebate Submission Template provides you with the ability to easily capture your customers' data. To see how the Rebate Submission Template can work for your brand, text REBATE* to 586828 to see an example of this experience in action. *Msg & data rates may apply. May receive up to 2 msgs. Reply HELP to 586828 for help. Text STOP to 586828 to cancel. For terms and privacy, click here to learn more.

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