How Can Your Brand Increase Its Warranty Registration Rates? Simplify the Process

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by Nick Brems | Last Updated: Nov 7, 2022

According to Saleslion, consumers spend anywhere from 40 to 137 hours researching a product prior to purchase. Despite these efforts, consumers are not completing their warranty registration process to protect their investments. Whether it be due to a complicated submission process, perceived lack of value,  or simply forgetfulness, brands are missing out on communicating important product information when using traditional warranty registration methods.  Our Warranty Registration Template is designed to help your brand capture more warranty registrations by making it easy for customers to submit their warranty registration and have it sent to your system of record. By utilizing this Template, customers can enter their information regarding the product they purchased, and submit their  warranty in a matter of minutes.  The Warranty Registration Template includes a Warranty Registration Form that can be filled out digitally  by your customers. The Warranty Registration Form includes fields such as  email, address, date of purchase, serial number, and more  so you can easily communicate with your customers about when their warranty expires and other important updates.  This Template also provides your customers the ability to view a digital copy of your brand’s Warranty and can be saved to your customers’ home screens so that they can have easy access to this  information at any given moment.  Copy this Template into your Lumavate Studio to quickly customize the branding and content to personalize it to  your organization. Then select if you want the data to be stored in Lumavate’s Table Builder or Salesforce. To store the data in your Salesforce instance: To store the data in Lumavate’s Table Builder: Utilize the Warranty Registration Template and create a personalized warranty registration digital experience for any product. To access this template, just text WARRANTY to 586828* to see an example of how the Warranty Registration Template could work for you and your organization. *Msg & data rates may apply. May receive up to 2 msgs. Reply HELP to 586828 for help. Text STOP to 586828 to cancel. For terms and privacy, click here to learn more.

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