How Do I Register a New Product?

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by Averi Easley | Last Updated: May 17, 2023

Product registrations may not seem all that important, especially from a consumer's perspective. There are normally numerous steps to complete the registration and you then need to mail in the card. There are actually numerous benefits to both the consumer and the manufacturer. We will explore this further in the coming sections.

What Does Registering a Product Mean?

Completing a product registration means that the manufacturer knows that you purchased a specific product and they have your contact information. It also means that you likely shared details about your product purchase, such as the purchase date and location with the manufacturer. When completing your new product registration, you may have also chosen to opt-in to receive marketing messages from the manufacturer as well.

Why Would You Register a Product?

As a consumer, you have likely purchased numerous products and never submitted your warranty registration. Why start now? There are numerous benefits to consumers by choosing to submit a product registration. Let’s discuss some of the key benefits:

Why Do Companies Want You to Register Products?

Companies put a lot of time and resources towards programs and campaigns that aim to get consumers to register their products. Consumer data is incredibly important to any brand, and zero-party data is the most valuable. Brands aim to build out a customer relationship management (CRM) database with reliable profile information. This is how they can personalize their marketing and provide a seamless customer support program. The experience of  registering products contributes to a brand’s goal of capturing reliable, zero-party profile information. Here are some of the key benefits to manufacturers:

How Do I Register a New Product?

You have likely seen a product registration card numerous times and not even realized it. Product registration cards were often provided within the product packaging. There are normally three main ways that companies provide to consumers when wanting them to register a new product. The first option is the completion of a printed product registration form. The registration form is often included in the product packaging. The printed card can then be mailed to the company and normally does not require the consumer to pay for postage. The second option is via the company’s website. There is typically one primary product registration form that you can use to submit your product registration online. Some companies will include a printed notice within the product packaging that directs consumers to the form on their website. The third option is an online product registration experience that is then tied to a QR code. The QR code can be included within the product packaging, on a document that explains what to do. This is the most seamless option for the customer because it allows them to scan the QR code with their phone and immediately register the product. With the other two options, the consumer is required to find the page on the company’s website or mail in the printed card.  By using a platform like Lumavate, you can also embed the product type or the serial number in the QR code and have that information automatically populate in the product registration form. This is a great option as it saves the consumer time and allows them to quickly submit the product registration information. Ready to learn more? Book a demo now.

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