How to Hit All of Your Marketing Goals with a Free PWA App Builder

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jan 31, 2021

On January 1, I have a habit to write down all of my goals for the new year. I’ve done this in years past, and have mild success with it for one reason - my lack of planning. This year, I wanted to try something different to see if I would have better luck in achieving everything. In addition to writing my goals down, I decided to create a weekly plan to achieve these goals. For those who are curious, it’s already going swimmingly better. Like most marketers, you have most likely just finished planning out your 2021 goals. If you are to not let another year go by without achieving everything you want to accomplish, there’s one tool you should add to your tech stack to ensure you hit all of your goals - a free PWA app builder. It’s Budget-friendly  So your marketing budget doesn’t quite look like it did in 2019. That’s okay. Most marketers’ budgets don’t due to the pandemic. How can you continue to grow your business with a limited amount of resources? Four words - free Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). A free PWA builder will not only make your budget happy but will also have an enormous impact on your mobile marketing strategy. Some of the best Progressive Web Apps were built with a free app builder. Marketers shouldn’t need to shell out a ton of money to create a PWA. App building should be for everyone, no matter your resources. When you partner with a free no code app builder, the options you have to allocate your budget to other resources in your marketing strategy are endless...maybe some new swag for your team? Witness High ROI We can talk about increasing brand awareness and beating your competitors to market as much as we want, but ultimately everything comes down to ROI. At the end of the day, your brand has to be successful; Progressive Web App development can help achieve this. If you’re still on the fence about partnering with a PWA builder, let’s take a look at some PWA examples that will hopefully persuade you to join the good side of mobile. A Progressive Web App example we can’t get enough of is the Lilly Pulitzer PWA. Lilly Pulitzer is the perfect example of why all retail brands need to ditch their native mobile apps for PWAs. Not only did Lilly Pulitzer see an 80 percent increase in mobile traffic with their PWA, but they also witnessed a 33 percent jump in revenue. Any marketer would drool over these numbers. Outshine the Competition  Remember last year when consumer behavior changed almost overnight? You could go to the store one day and have the aisles be completely stocked, and then visit the next day to find the toilet paper aisle completely decimated. We’ve always known consumer behavior moves fast, but this was a wake-up call for marketers. If you’re a glass half full person, I guess you could look at this in a positive way. Marketers learned it was no longer acceptable to move slowly - they needed to match consumers’ pace if they were to be successful. Marketers needed to be agile. You may be thinking, “I’d like to move fast, but my organization’s structure prohibits me from doing so.” To that, I’d like to introduce the idea of a no code PWA builder. Typically, marketers that use a no code web app builder can build a PWA in a matter of hours. Compare that to native mobile app development which can take several months. And that’s if IT does respond to your request...which isn’t always the case. Using a no code PWA builder allows marketers to create the mobile app of their dreams, without the help of IT. A PWA WYSIWYG builder has the capabilities to display what your mobile app will look like before you hit publish. And some no code app builders have PWA templates marketers can choose from to get started quickly. Increase Brand Awareness I would tell you how many hours I spend on my phone each day, but I’m too embarrassed. I think I’m up to four hours a day. But luckily for me, I’m not the only one who struggles to put their phone down. I’d be willing to bet your screen time looks very similar to mine. It’s time we accept we are all mobile-obsessed. Instead of being embarrassed by this trend, marketers should take advantage of it. Consumers are spending a large portion of their days on mobile - why not provide an engaging experience on the device they love the most? Creating a highly engaging mobile experience isn’t as easy as writing “convert website to PWA”  on your to-do list. No, a PWA generator isn’t going to keep consumers coming back to your brand’s mobile app. If you want to see real results, you’ll need to put in some time to create a one-of-a-kind experience with a PWA tutorial. Lucky for you, we have one here. Building a PWA should be at the top of your marketing plans this year. Try a free PWA builder today, by creating an account on Lumavate here.

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