Field Marketing Isn’t Just Events Anymore

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by Lilly Thuma | Last Updated: Feb 1, 2021

When you think of field marketing what do you think of? The first thing that probably comes to mind is events, right? Well, field marketers actually do a lot more than plan dinners, trade shows, or VIP events (or in today’s world virtual experiences). It’s time we start thinking about field marketing as a “quarterback” of the revenue team rather than just the group that plans fun events. Nick Bennett, Director of Field Marketing at, had a lot to say about the importance of field marketing in his episode of Real Marketers, especially about how good field marketing can help make sales. Field Marketing + Sales = Success Sales can’t sell things and bring in revenue on their own. They also need the marketing team, customer success team, product team, and others to help bring in prospects and close a deal. That’s why we need to start thinking about sales and field marketing as partners rather than separate entities. That is how both teams will be most successful. On Real Marketers, Nick shared they were able to bring in $37 million by sales and field marketing getting together and creating a plan to reach out to open opportunities. The field marketing team ended up sending out food delivery gift cards on behalf of the sales team, and it was a huge hit. It was a simple gift that showed the company cared about them. No call-to-action or anything related to closing the deal. The company would have never seen this kind of success if sales and field marketing weren’t aligned. Goodbye Webinars, Hello Virtual Experiences Does anyone actually enjoy attending webinars? Personally, I am over Zoom by the end of the day, and I don’t even want to think of getting on another call. And I know I’m not alone. So I think we can all agree that we should stop planning them! Plus, they really aren’t going to bring in any new sales because webinars are not a good way to engage with people. Instead, you need to think about creating virtual experiences. Prior to COVID-19, field marketers did a great job creating experiences for prospects instead of just an event, and that shouldn’t change. So instead of hosting a webinar where you are talking at the audience, hold a smaller event where you can send the attendees a gift, like a wine tastings kit or a cheese board. Or host a happy hour or coffee chat where everyone can actually engage with each other and form relationships. I promise you will see a lot more success when you turn your events into experiences. I hope we now all know that field marketing is much more than just planning events, and can actually contribute greatly to sales and bringing in revenue when used the right way. If you want to learn more about field marketing, you can listen to Nick’s full Real Marketers Episode here!

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