10 Ways to Collect Mobile Opt-ins

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Text messages have an open rate of 98 percent. Comparatively, email has an industry average of 21 percent.   

Communicating with your customers on their phones is a no-brainer, yet more brands need to take advantage of the opportunities that having a mobile messaging program provides. Mobile is an extremely powerful channel that empowers brands to better communicate with their customers. It can increase brand loyalty and drive revenue for your business. 

Collecting mobile opt-ins doesn’t have to be a complicated process. In fact, the number of ways brands can entice customers to sign-up for their messaging program is endless. 

Let’s take a look at 10 easy ways your brand can incorporate a mobile opt-in throughout the customer journey.

1. Amplify Your Shopper Campaigns and Brand Communications  

Driving sales in-store and online is at the forefront of every CPG marketer’s mind. So should collecting zero-party data

Adding a digital element to your next shopper campaign is the perfect way to help drive revenue and increase brand loyalty. When consumers are viewing exclusive product content or accessing promotional offers, you can include a form asking consumers to opt-in to text messages from your brand with additional content relevant to them. 

2. Curate Product Recommendations and Personalized Text Messages  

Sometimes, consumers need a little extra help in-aisle picking out the product that will work best for them. That’s where an interactive product questionnaire comes into play. 

Customers can complete a brief quiz that uses their responses to make recommendations on products that are highly relevant to the individual. While customers are answering the questionnaire, they can also complete a mobile opt-in form to receive additional recommendations based on their pain points, demographics, preferences, etc. 

3. Use Digital Lead Capture Forms at Conferences and Trade Shows

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to have a meaningful conversation with every attendee that visits your booth. Having booth signage with a QR code or near-field communication (NFC) tag that attendees can activate with their smartphones will enable businesses to capture lead information, eliminate the need for printed marketing materials, and collect mobile opt-ins to continue communications with attendees after the event.  

4. Create an Easy Event and Mobile Opt-in Registration Process 

Make it simple for your event attendees to register for your upcoming event and your mobile messaging program at the same time. 

Whether it’s an online webinar or an in-person dinner party, attendees can easily check off a box indicating that they are interested in signing up for mobile marketing messages driving more event registration and subscribers to receive communications from your brand about future events, promotions, and more.  

5. Highlight Your Brand and Mobile Messaging Program In Aisle 

The number of options consumers have in aisle or online are endless. In order to stand out from the competition, your brand will need to go the extra mile to win over consumers.

Luckily, marketers have several options when it comes to incorporating a mobile opt-in form in aisle. Depending on the in-aisle experience you create, you can prompt users to enter their mobile phone numbers when scanning a QR code on product packaging to get more information, when or when they’re comparing the features of two different products in aisle. 

6. Incorporate It Into Your Loyalty Program Sign-up Process 

Consumers want to be rewarded when remaining loyal to a brand. When signing up for a brand’s loyalty program, you can incentivize consumers to sign up for your mobile messaging program and get rewarded with a special offer or promotion on your product or service.

 If consumers have a positive experience with both your brand and your mobile messaging program, they’ll continue to advocate for your brand both online and with their friends and family. 

7. Harness the Excitement for Your Product Launch 

There’s a misnomer in marketing that if you create it, they will come. That’s simply not the case, especially with product launches. Yes, consumers are all looking for the next big thing, but they have to have at least seven touchpoints of communication before they start listening. 

Once you’ve successfully caught their attention with a digital product launch experience, continue the momentum of having direct access to their attention by including a mobile opt-in form. Now you have the ability to send personalized text messages to a captivated audience about promotional offers, access to exclusive content, future product launches, and so much more.  

8. Continue Inspiration for Your Product Lookbook Using Text

Inspiration can be found almost anywhere. But for product marketers, lookbooks are a primary method to highlight the aesthetics of their products.

When a consumer clicks on your digital product lookbook to get inspired, you can prompt them to opt-in to your brand’s mobile messaging program. Not only will your brand be able to engage with consumers on mobile, but it will also drive increased sales as consumers tend to purchase more items than anticipated once they see how they’re displayed in your guide.  

9. Simplify the Rebate Submission and Mobile Opt-in Process 

75 percent of customers are more likely to purchase a product when offered a rebate. Yet, many rebates are uncompleted by consumers due to a clunky, and confusing process. 

By creating a simplified rebate submission process using a digital form, your brand can collect valuable customer data and mobile opt-ins that enable your brand to further delight customers with personalized text messages relevant to them.  

10. Communicate Important Warranty Information Via Text 

You need a way to communicate and collect information about your customers. Your customers need to be alerted of important product information like when their warranty expires. 

Accomplish both in one experience by including a mobile opt-in form in your brand’s digital warranty registration process. Your customers can submit their warranty in a couple of minutes and you can have access to valuable customer information that enables you to send highly personalized text messages later on in the customer journey. 

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