Why You Should Consider Building an App Without Code

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by Lilly Thuma | Last Updated: Jun 29, 2020

I’m not going to sugar coat it, your brand needs an app. I hate to be one of those people that says “everyone is doing it, so you should do it”....but everyone is doing it, so you should do it. But more importantly, everyone is seeing results from it (well everyone who is building an app with a mobile mindset, and the user experience in mind). So if you need an app, but no one on your team has any app development experience, what do you do? Well, I’m glad you asked. You can build an app without code! Yeah, some professional app developers might try to tell you not to, but if they aren’t willing to build you an app for free then why should you listen? Building an app without code is a great solution. There are multiple no code app development platforms out there these days, and you should really consider taking advantage of one. Here’s why: Work Smarter, Not Harder You should always work hard, but if there is some kind of tool that will make working hard easier, why not take advantage of it? That is exactly what a no code app builder lets you do when creating an app. Building an app without code actually makes building an app an enjoyable experience, whether it’s a native mobile app or a Progressive Web App (PWA), because there are so many tools out there to help you. Lumavate’s PWA platform is a no code platform and offers the following tools that let you work smarter, not harder: I know I’m biased, but how could you not go for a no code builder when you will get access to all these awesome tools? It is the best of both worlds: you get help along the way, but you are still in full control of what your app will look like because at the end of the day, you are the one building it! Don’t Limit Who Can Build Apps When you choose to build an app without code, you are empowering anyone in your company to build an app. App building no longer has to be limited to software developers. With a no code app builder, it can now include citizen developers. Citizen developers are anyone who is ready to take app building into their own hands and learn how to develop apps on a low code platform or a no code platform. By taking the leap to a no code app builder, you are inadvertently turning your company into a team of citizen developers! More Apps, Less Time With the help of a no code app builder, you can have more apps in significantly less time. I mean, think of all the things you can do with all of that time you save. Invest more time in your marketing strategy? Focus on professional development? Take up a new hobby? The options are endless! But seriously, if you choose to build a PWA using a no code app builder, you can have your app built within a matter of minutes or days, whoever thought that would be possible? Also, if you have more apps, that means you have more mobile experiences out there driving results, especially if you choose to use a PWA. I mean, just look at the brands that have implemented PWAs and the success they had. Starbucks is a great example of this. Starbucks saw daily activity double since they moved to a PWA. Lilly Pulitzer is another great example. They saw 80 percent boost in mobile traffic and 33 percent increase in revenue. These numbers don’t lie! So yeah, building an app without code isn’t the traditional day of doing things. But that is the wonderful thing about technology, it is constantly moving forward. There is now an easier, simpler way to build apps, so why not take advantage of it? So I would recommend starting to look for the best no code app builder for you, and if you want to get started with Lumavate’s platform, you can create a free account with Lumavate’s no code platform here.

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