Brands Are Already Doing Amazing Things with ARCore

Sarah Thuet Picture

by Sarah Thuet | Last Updated: Apr 24, 2018

Google’s ARCore has been available for less than two months, but the mobile development world is not wasting any time in bringing its functionality to life in some incredible user experiences. For anyone scratching their head because they’re not sure what ARCore is, this platform now allows developers to create augmented reality experiences for Android users. To better understand how influential this development has been (and how quickly it’s come to life), let’s dive in to a few of the apps already capitalizing on ARCore. Check Out These Real World AR Use Cases Google’s ARCore has officially opened up augmented reality to all users, which means brands can officially get more creative than ever. There’s no telling where these innovations can take us, but not matter where AR technology takes us...we will never forget you, Dancing Hot Dog.

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