Monday, April 16, 2018

What Google’s ARCore Means for Mobile Experiences

Last month, Google released their new augmented reality (AR) platform ARCore– which is accessible for all Androids version 7.0 and higher. This platform has revolutionized the abilities of mobile apps and given developers a whole new set of power for Android phones. This release combined with the already-existent ARKit now means that all Apple and Android devices have the ability to support AR experiences for consumers. If you didn’t believe it before then this should be the tipping point–it’s officially time to get on board with AR!

An AR Recap
Remember that ever-so-charming dancing hot dog you could add to all of your snapchats last summer? Well, that may have been many people’s first step into the world of AR. Fortunately, the capabilities of AR span much beyond a dancing hot dog (no matter how cute he was).

AR, in the simplest of terms, uses the device we’re already glued to (our smartphones) to bring elements of the virtual world into our real world. Thanks to AR technology, developers are able to create opportunities for users to bring new virtual aspects into their existing natural environment.

It’s More Than A Dancing Hot Dog
I know that we all loved that dancing hot dog, but AR is so much more. This technology is quickly becoming brands’ go-to way to “wow” consumers, and it’s proving some pretty big ROI for brands willing to dive in. Companies are tasked with engaging customers to create long lasting and lucrative relationships–here’s where AR can change the way your business has approached this challenge.

  • Engaging the consumer’s senses–It is scientifically proven that our senses help determine the decisions we are making. Sensory-inducing suggestions can have immense power because often consumers don’t perceive them as typical marketing and advertising being thrown at them, so there is much less resistance.
  • Tapping into consumers’ emotionsEmotional connections are equally as important as creating a logical use case when convincing people to pull the trigger and purchase.

By tapping into the senses and appealing to consumers’ emotions, AR-driven marketing efforts are sure to yield some serious results–and Google’s ARCore release is making it even more accessible for brands to build these experiences and “wow” their customers!