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Progressive Web App

We live in a world that is flooded with mobile apps. From checking the weather to deciding on your next outfit, mobile apps are used for just about everything. But while many app users understand that there are tons of apps at our fingertips in this day and age, many people don’t realize how these apps are built and the different types of apps on the market. One type of app that is currently trending is called a Progressive Web App (PWA).

What is PWA?

PWA stands for Progressive Web App, and these apps are changing the app game forever. To better understand PWA apps, think of them as the same apps you're used to, only they’re delivered on the web. These apps operate on an internet browser, which means they can be used on any device and any mobile operating system!

History of PWAs

Progresive Web Apps have only existed for a few years. That being said, we expect them to take off in the coming years. Google was the first company to introduce Progressive Web Apps in 2015. However, the initial concept for PWAs happened back in 2012. It started thanks to conversations between Alex Russell and multiple other experts. They were discussing what we love about native apps, the web, and how we can blend the two together. To learn more about PWAs, including their history, be sure to listen to the Mobile Matters podcast episodes with Alex Russell.

PWA Technical Requirements

Wondering what’s behind the magic of PWAs? These amazing apps are made possible thanks to 14 key technical requirements. Watch this video here that covers all of the technical requirements that help to drive the functionality of Progressive Web Apps.

Google PWA Checklist

Google actually developed a PWA checklist that covers the unique features included with PWAs. From the ability to work on any browser and run offline to the responsive qualites no matter the screen size, you’ll find a list of great benefits by looking through this Google PWA checker list.

Up in the Cloud

PWAs are extremely useful and responsive thanks to their foundation in the cloud. The cloud supports PWAs, which leads to the ability to work from any browser with remarkable response times.

Need More Info?

We get it - understanding PWAs isn’t always easy. To better help you comprehend what a PWA is and how a PWA builder online solution works, then check out this tutorial on our website. After reading through our PWA support resources, you’ll be well on your way to finding a PWA builder Android and iOS solution to best suit your needs!

Progressive Web App Development

Still confused on PWAs? To help you better understand how these apps work, we’ll now dive into the PWA development process. There are many PWA platform options that help you build apps with ease, but we’ll provide some guidance on how these are built on the backend.

For a more in-depth video tutorial on PWA development, take a look at this video on how to build a PWA with Lumavate. We’re walking you through each step of the easy process! 

Create Amazing Apps with Lumavate

If you want to simplify app-building, then Lumavate is the answer. Our framework is geared towards marketers and geared towards building apps in a flash! And better yet, you don’t need any coding experience at all! 

Best PWA Framework 2019

To help you find the framework best suited for you, we’ll now talk about some of the frameworks that made the list for best of 2019. Take a look at the list here:

  • Ionic
  • Polymer
  • AngularJS
  • Vue.js
  • React
  • Lighthouse

Progressive Web Apps Technology Stack

In order to understand how PWAs work, it’s best to understand more about PWA stack. A PWA stack is a collection of software that’s needed to build a PWA. This typically involves an operating system, programming language, database software, and a web server.

Best PWA Builder

Now you might be wondering why someone would want to build a Progressive Web App rather than develop a native one. However, the answer really isn’t black and white; it really depends on what you're looking for and what you’re trying to get out of a mobile app. Keep reading to learn the benefits of both PWAs and native apps.

Why Build a PWA?

Progressive Web Apps are great solutions for many different types of apps. You may want to build a PWA if you:

  • Want to easily distribute
  • Are on a tight budget
  • Need to make fluid edits to your app
  • Need to get an app out quickly
  • Want to reach billions of people
  • Want to deliver an exceptional user experience

Why Build a Native App?

PWAs are great, but there are some instances where you may want to build a native app. You may want to build a native app if you:

  • Need to use Bluetooth
  • Want to develop a gaming app

One of the key reasons why organizations choose to build a PWA over a native app is because you’ll have to complete two separate development processes to build apps to work on both iOS and Android devices. Another advantage of PWAs is that someone doesn’t have to put the platform in APK format, so there is no need to convert a PWA to APK.

Build Flexible Apps in Hours

Lumavate is a powerful PWA building tool that allows users to create stunning apps in just a few hours. That being said, we are the best Progressive Web App builder because we are ideal for marketers. And better yet, you don’t need to know anything about coding at all! We have a ton of free app templates to choose from to further accelerate your app building. Get started on Lumavate today! 

Microsoft PWA Builder

Given how Microsoft is a huge tech player, they have to have a PWA builder, right? Actually, this is not the case. However, the enormous company has included PWAs in their overall strategy.

Web App Generator

Another topic that we’ll cover involves a web app generator. These are similar to PWA builders, but they allow users to build mobile apps (not PWAs) without needing any coding language knowledge.

Best Way to Create Web Application

If you’re looking for tons of features and sophisticated capabilities when it comes to app-building, then Lumavate is the solution you need. We have a Progressive Web App builder free of charge option and offer affordable pricing options that give you the best bang for your buck! To find the very best PWA builder Android and iOS solution, Lumavate has you covered! Check out our Mobile Champions eBook to learn more about PWAs and the mobile app landscape.

How to Convert a Website to Progressive Web App

A lot of organizations want to convert website to Progressive Web App. However, there are some hoops you have to jump through and many problems can arise. Also, you typically need additional software to make this conversion possible. That being said, it’s much more beneficial for you to build a PWA rather than trying to convert website to PWA.

PWA Example

To show you the benefits of building a PWA, we’d like to talk about one of our success stories that involves the pump manufacturer Warren Rupp. After their app was built, it added a certain level of power and convenience for users. Another strong benefit that Lumavate provided for the company was that we gave them the strategies and flexibility to plan for additional integrations in the future of their organization. If you want to create PWA solutions and watch your business grow to new heights, then give Lumavate a try today! 

Progressive Web App Tools

You can’t think of PWA platforms without thinking about the various tools involved. Ultimately, these tools are what bring these apps to life. But more than that, these tools can also involve educational resources to help you become a better app-builder and marketer overall. With Lumavate, you’ll get all of these tools and so much more. From blog posts and tutorials to templates and podcasts, we are focused on helping your business thrive with effective and efficient app-building resources. Here is a little more in-depth look on the various PWA tools that we provide:


Sometimes a simple infographic is all you need to understand something a little better. Here at Lumavate, we offer a wide variety of different infographics that help you become an app-building pro. Whether you want to understand more about PWAs or you need help building apps, our infographics are exceptional resources.

PWA Builder Tutorial Solutions

Our tutorials are another great resource for learning how to maneuver around our platform. These useful tutorials cover a wide range of topics to ensure you stay up to speed with everything going on with our tools. Our PWA tutorial point is unlike anything you’ve seen before and we put a lot of effort into creating these resources built for you! Be sure to look through our many simple PWA tutorial solutions for more info and don’t forget to also look at our Mobile Matters masterclass eBook!

PWA Template

Another reason why Lumavate beats out the competition is that we offer exceptional templates! Whether you’re looking for a certain PWA theme or you’re looking for a PWA template react solution, Lumavate is here to help. To get a glimpse of the many different Progressive Web App template solutions we offer, be sure to check out our App Gallery!

Other Themes Out There

Aside from Lumavate, there are some other app-building companies that provide various themes for their templates. In fact, there are even some that offer PWA eCommerce template options. Ionic and React are two other popular companies on the market that offer very useful themes for building apps. Want free Progressive Web App template solutions? Some providers actually might offer a PWA template free download, so these solutions may be worth looking into. Be sure to do more research on Ionic PWA template solutions, and also look for companies that offer Progressive Web App template free download services like Lumavate.

Build Your First App in Minutes!

Want to build apps quickly? Tired of spending thousands on native apps that take months and months for deployment? If you want to take the power of app-building into your own apps, then you have to give Lumavate a try. From our flexible pricing packages and useful tutorials to our amazing Starter Kits and PWA professionals waiting to help, Lumavate is here to take your organization to new heights. Whether you want to learn more about PWAs or you need more information on how to use our platform, start your app building journey with Lumavate now

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