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What is Mobile Marketing?

A lot of people wonder ‘what is mobile marketing’ exactly? It’s important to first understand digital and mobile marketing meaning and types. Digital marketing is an umbrella term that incorporates any marketing that happens on any digital channel to reach your customer. You can think of it as websites, social media, SEO, email, SMS and many other types of marketing but it is not specific to a device. Whereas the meaning of mobile marketing is that it is part of digital marketing but is focused on consumers who use their mobile devices or tablets to access the information. Mobile marketing channels include mobile devices, wearables, voice, tablets, etc. There are also many types of mobile marketing such as SEO, SMS campaigns, app-based marketing, location-based marketing, push notifications, QR codes and many many more. Now that we are clear on the meaning of mobile and digital marketing let’s dive a little deeper into the features of mobile marketing and mobile marketing examples. 

If you are reading this you probably already know the importance of mobile marketing but let’s look into some staggering key mobile app growth statistics on why mobile marketing has become so integral to your marketing efforts. In just four years from 2016 to 2020, Statista reports that the number of smartphone users increased by a billion users, from 2.5 billion to 3.5 billion users! The question is no longer what are the benefits of mobile marketing but how to take advantage of the mobile marketing growth and be sure to incorporate it into your marketing strategy from the beginning. With mobile marketing statistics as staggering as the fact that over 40% of mobile transactions happen on mobile - it is crucial to figure out how your brand will leverage the mobile marketing channels to your full advantage. There are many advantages of mobile marketing such as easy access due to phones constantly being by our sides, instant transactions occur (no more needing to drive to the store), local targeting and personalization - and that’s just naming a few. The digital age has created a scope of mobile marketing that can reach people at any time and in most places. There are many mobile marketing agencies and mobile marketing service providers that can assist your team to start or maybe evolve your mobile marketing strategy. Below we will talk more about your options!

Mobile Marketing Strategies

As you can probably tell there are many different types of mobile marketing strategies and it honestly will depend a lot on your brand voice and whether you are a B2B, B2C, or B2B2C company. Mobile marketing strategy 2019 does not look the same as mobile technology trends in 2020. Let’s look at TikTok for example. TikTok was a rising app and social media platform in 2019 but due to a worldwide pandemic and most countries having a quarantine put in place this platform skyrocketed. “TikTok was the most popular non-gaming app worldwide in February 2020, ahead of big names like WhatsApp and Facebook and marking the app's best month ever,” states Business Insider. 

How to do mobile marketing will always be evolving and it will always be important to understand how many shiny objects your company will chase annually and stay up to date on new trends. There are tons of mobile marketing articles and news resources, such as Medium, to keep a pulse on the trends in mobile marketing. Lumavate also has created a helpful mobile marketing pdf to download to help answer some of the big questions surrounding how to evolve your mobile marketing strategy based on current trends. One other key item to keep at the top of mind is allowancing your team a certain amount of your budget set aside to test out new trends or the next up and coming social platform? Mobile app marketing campaigns will need to evolve with the trends and if you aren’t putting money to test the new platforms or technologies your brand may be left behind. 

Digital Marketing Agency

If you do not have an internal digital expert employee who knows all things digital and marketing platforms, it would be a good idea to look into digital marketing agency services. You can look for full-serviced marketing agencies or purely digital marketing agencies. Let’s looking into what a digital marketing agency is and how it differs from a full-service marketing agency. A digital marketing agency is a little different than a traditional marketing agency because they are completely focused on the digital-world results. Whether you are looking for a mobile growth agency or for help on application marketing, they can help your team develop an online brand and lead generation plans on digital channels. Companies looking for mobile marketing services can find help with search engine optimization (SEO), SMS strategy, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, and many other services that digital marketing agencies can provide. Some of the top marketing agencies names in Indianapolis that you could look into are the following:

  • Ratel SEO - Indiana Digital Marketing Agency focused on SEO strategy. 
  • Hanapin Marketing - specializes in SEO, PPC, and digital strategy. 
  • Firebelly Marketing - full-service social media marketing agency
  • Arcalea - digital agency helping with web development, SEO, email marketing, content marketing, web design, and PPC. 
  • Moburst - is a global mobile success company. They help lead brands and startups within the mobile landscape. 

There are many other mobile marketing or digital marketing agencies that you can look into that may be in an area near you or be online and be able to provide services virtually. 

Mosaic Studios Marketing Agency

Studio Mosaic is known as one of the best app marketing and growth agencies. Mosaic Studios is an AppStore specialist who helps mobile app companies grow users and revenue. Studio Mosaic LinkedIn profile can keep you updated on news for the company from awards won, to updates on social platforms, and much more helpful information. You can see Studio Mosaic reviews on G2 and Cluth to get a better understanding of what the marketing agency has done for other companies. 

Advertising Agencies Indianapolis

We’ve spoken to well-known online marketing agencies that can help you virtually. But we’d also like to point out a few advertising agencies Indianapolis has to offer. Most of these companies offer marketing and advertisement services in the Indianapolis area and beyond. Lumavate is headquartered near Indianapolis in Carmel, IN, and wanted to share the knowledge of some wondering companies in our area. 

  • Well Done Marketing - Well Done Marketing is an advertising agency in Indianapolis. They focus on advertising, PR, branding, digital, design, and content. And we've even had its President on Real Marketers
  • Willow Marketing - Willow Marketing is an Indianapolis-based marketing agency that is focused on helping businesses with identity, visual communication style, digital marketing, and brand storytelling. 
  • Kicks Digital Marketing - Kicks Digital Marketing is a digital marketing agency Indianapolis-based. They help your team strategize, create and deliver digital experiences! Kicks also helps with website design in Indianapolis as well.

App Marketing Services

Now at a high level, there are many digital and mobile marketing agencies and services that can help your brand build an exceptional digital presence. But if we wanted to drill in you’ll also find many services that are niche to a specific area such as app marketing services. Mobile app agencies exist to help you and your team develop, grow, and promote your app. There are some mobile app marketing agencies, like PreApps, that help app businesses launch and market their app. There are all kinds of mobile app marketing services such as launching, promoting, go-to-market strategy, app store optimization, and even ongoing customer marketing. The agencies should help your team come up with app marketing ideas from the very beginning. It is crucial that app marketing companies are brought in from the get-go to help make your app as successful as it can be in the app stores. 

There is also an alternative from the normal native app marketing that you and everyone else are probably thinking about while reading this article. There are also Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that do not live in the app store and you don't have to worry about customers rummaging through the app stores to find your app. Using PWAs has many benefits but one of them is that they help with SEO ranking and can rank themselves so if you want to do away with the app store completely you may want to look into this mobile app marketing guide to see if PWAs are what makes the most sense for you next app!

App Promotion

Speaking about app marketing services let’s dive into a specific service we all are familiar with - app promotion. App promotion is one of the highly sought-after product growth strategy after you’ve launched an app. But hopefully, if you find the right app promotion company beforehand you will have a strategy put into place before even hitting the go-live button. Whether you promote an android app on Google Play app store or are promoting an iOS app on the Apple App Store, it is crucial you know how to bring an app to market before you actually go to market. Phiture is an awesome example of a business that offers app promotion services but from the ground up. They focus on App Store Optimization, App Search Ads, user retention services, and even offer growth consulting. You will have to use paid app promotion more likely than not when working with these companies but they are experts and know as much as anybody can how to use the paid ads and algorithms to your full advantage. If you want to get app installs, focus on app promotion from the very beginning. Not just when times get tough. Now let’s look at a few other app marketing companies that can help your team hit the goals you want with your app. 

App Marketing Companies

There are app marketing companies to help with any app marketing services we spoke about above. They could be app marketing companies in India, app marketing agency UK, or even an app company in the same city you live in. Luckily with the advancement of virtual offices and virtual meetings you are able to work with any app company that meets your needs (from around the world!) Let’s look into a few of the top app marketing companies and how they can help your company with your upcoming app. 

  • PreApps - PreApps helps app businesses launch and market their apps to millions. They can help launch, promote, create video marketing, and help with App Store Optimization (ASO) for your team. 
  • Yodel Mobile - Yodel Mobile is a mobile marketing agency that can help you establish a blueprint for the launch of your app or help scale your app with their growth team. 
  • Gummicube - Gummicube is leading in App Store Optimization and App Store Intelligence software and service. They help drive growth through ASO and technology.
  • App Radar - App Radar can help you with App Store Marketing such as (ASO software) and Apple Search Ads campaigns (ASA). 

App Growth Summit

Lastly, you may have a wonderful app company or marketing agency you work with but it’s also important to stay up to date on the latest and most current and effective strategies. The App Growth Summit is an invite-only conference series that works with top mobile app publishers and brand marketers to continue to stay up to date with best practices for mobile app growth and sustainability. If you are interested in joining the App Growth network you can go onto their website and request an invite to one of their events near you or if it’s happening virtually. There are also many other conferences that you can join to stay up to date on the latest ideas and technology when it comes to app growth strategy.

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