Which app platform is right for your needs?

App Development Platform

App Development Platform

With how important mobile apps are in today’s world, it’s vital to take the time to really consider which app platform is right for your needs. There are many app building software options on the market today that all offer different price points, features, and capabilities, so it’s extremely important to understand your needs before starting your hunt for a mobile app builder. As you’re brainstorming and reviewing your needs, one of the first steps is to determine what mobile experience you want your users to have. There are three different options in this regard:

Native Apps

Native apps are the apps we are all familiar with. However, the reason these apps are called native apps is that they are truly “native” to the device they’re downloaded on. These apps sync with the camera, address book, and other areas of that specific device.

Mobile Websites

Mobile websites are just like the websites you see on a desktop computer, but they are optimized to work seamlessly on mobile devices. They are built in a way that makes them fully-compatible with how mobile devices work.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are apps that are hosted behind web pages. Instead of a mobile website or native app, these apps function on the web, which opens up the door for many benefits. If you want to build these apps for yourself, then Lumavate is a fantastic option. Not only do we provide some of the best mobile app development tools in the industry, but we are also the perfect app development software for beginners.

Lumavate Is the Best App Builder of 2019

Lumavate is changing the world of app-building forever. We provide an exceptional platform for creating the apps you’ve always wanted. And while the typical process of building apps has always including hiring an app developer, we simplify the process by putting the power of app building in your hands! And although we’re a great place to build one-of-a-kind Progressive Web Apps, we’re also the only platform out there that allows you to do it through no-code software! Keep reading to learn more about Progressive Web Apps, including more reasons why Lumavate is the best app builder 2019 has to offer!

What Are Progressive Web Apps?

When learning how to create a mobile app, people had to go through a long process of learning how to code. But with new app building software like Lumavate, no coding knowledge is needed! And while building native apps could result in pretty amazing app solutions, these apps would only be compatible on one mobile operating system. With PWAs, these work on all operating systems and on every single mobile device thanks to their cross platform app development process!

App Production Like No Other

Native apps are great and all, but they can take over a year to be implemented. But with Lumavate, one app can be built in a few hours. That can really ramp up the app production of your business, which could mean more money in your pocket!

How to Create an App for Android and iPhone

Building mobile apps has always been a lengthy and stressful process. From deciding on the app you want and hiring developers to dealing with revisions and managing the project altogether, it can all be very time-consuming and worrisome. And to make matters worse, the typical app development process was technically two app development processes; one for Android devices and one for iOS devices. And given how there needed to be two separate processes for Android software development and Apple software development, companies everywhere were looking for more cost-effective and faster solutions. That's where Lumavate came in to save the day.

Money Talks

Going back to the development of native apps, the developers making these apps are paid a hefty fee for their services. In fact, the average salary for both iOS and Android developers is upwards of $116,000. And given that these apps can take over a year to be built, that $116,000 can sometimes only result in one mobile app rollout. With Lumavate, you’ll get your hands on an iOS and Android app builder for a fraction of the cost. Say goodbye to Android Studio and choose Lumavate today!

Both iOS and Android App Development Software

Whether you want to learn how to create an app for Android devices or you want to learn how to create an app for iPhone, Lumavate is the answer you need. In fact, some say that we’re the best Android app development software on the market today. Not only do we provide a no-code platform, but we also provide an Android app maker software offline solution! So while we may not be an Android app maker software free download, we have the features you need to take your apps to the next level.

The Lumavate Mobile Application Software Difference

After a quick internet search, you may come to realize that there are many options out there that offer app-building software. After doing some digging around, you might also notice that they too provide a no-code platform. While you may be wondering about the differences between the companies, you should understand that the key difference to remember is that Lumavate is the ONLY company on the market that delivers Progressive Web Apps via a no-code platform. That’s right, if you love the benefits of no-code software and also Progressive Web Apps, then Lumavate is the only solution out there. And not only are we the perfect solution for learning how to create an app without coding, but we’re also the source for learning how to develop an app for beginners. With our outstanding functionality and amazing tools right at your fingertips, we’re the number one solution for learning how to make an app for beginners.


Another benefit of choosing progressive web apps over native apps is that they are more responsive and user-friendly. This happens because PWAs are hosted behind web URLs, which provides tons of room for storage and data. This means faster apps, happier app users, and more revenue! Learn how to create an app and make money today!

Mobile Application Software Comparisons

As you’re scrolling through the web looking for app making software, you probably came across many software options that work similarly to Lumavate. And while we hate to say this, many of our competitors offer a good platform for easily building apps. However, we’re also happy to say that no one does it like Lumavate does. From our amazing tools to our user-friendly interface, we take app-building to a whole new level. Take a look at some notable app-building companies on the market today:

  • Apache Cordova
  • Appy Pie
  • BuildFire
  • PhoneGap
  • Mobile Roadie

What Sets Us Apart

If we had to pick the biggest differentiator between us and our competitors, it would have to be the fact that we’re the only no-code platform that can build Progressive Web Apps. After only a few hours, you can take advantage of the amazing features of Progressive Web Apps while experiencing a platform that performs like no other. And one other huge difference is that we offer amazing templates! This can speed up the app-making process even more! Simply choose one of our incredible templates, input your own content, then watch your app come to life! This is just one of the many reasons why Lumavate is the best solution for learning how to create an app from scratch!

Mobile Is Worth the Investment

While building mobile apps can be pricey, it is well worth the investment given the extreme popularity of mobile apps. According to Statista.com, more than 143 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2016 alone. Today, those numbers are climbing even higher. So as these numbers are exploding at a very rapid rate, it just goes to show you how important it is to implement apps for your business. While it does depend on your industry and target audience, most businesses out there can benefit from a mobile app. But while it’s commonly understood that building apps costs a lot of money, we must spread the word about the cost-effective alternative: app-building software.

Free App Development Software is Not the Way

If you’re scouring the web for app making software, then you probably came across many options that claim they offer an “app creator software free download” or the “best free app builder.” Although we understand that these do sound very tempting, you should constantly fight that urge to sign up. While these companies do allow you to create free apps, a typical free mobile app builder only has a few tools and resources to use. And better yet, free mobile app development software is only “free” for a certain amount of time. So while you may be intrigued by the catchy words like “website to app free” or “free cross platform app development,” you should know that these builders will just waste your time. Instead, Lumavate is the option you need. Not only do we provide Progressive Web Apps, but we offer many mobile app development tools free of charge! Whether you're looking for free cross platform app development or app development software for beginners free of charge, the Lumavate platform is right for you. Create a free account today. 

The Trend Toward Cross Platform App Development

With the trend of Progressive Web Apps comes the trend in cross platform app development frameworks. Cross platform app development involves building apps that work on multiple mobile operating systems. While native apps can only be built for one operating system, cross platform is changing the mobile app game forever. Instead of building one app that only works on one operating system like Android or iOS, cross platform apps still only involve one app development process, but that one app can work on any mobile operating system! But as Lumavate is one of the best cross platform app development framework solutions on the market, there are other providers that claim to offer the best cross platform app development 2019 has to offer. Take a look at these other options below:

  • Flutter
  • Ionic
  • Xamarin
  • React native

While many of these options work amazingly at building cross platform apps, many of them don’t include the most advanced cross platform app development tools 2019 has to offer.

Lumavate Is All Onboard

Lumavate is a company that is taking the concept of cross platform development and running with it. But while other providers may offer the ability to build these cross compatible apps, none of them have the amazing features and tools like we do at Lumavate. In fact, many of our users say that we have the best cross platform mobile development tools 2019 has seen thus far. From teaching you how to get started on our platform to providing you with a library of elements that can quickly bring your apps to life, we’re here to make sure your cross platform app development 2019 strategy is hitting on all cylinders.

The Trend Toward Open Source Development

Another type of software that is becoming very prevalent in society today is called open source mobile app development software. The idea behind this software is that it is essentially shared software, where the copyright holder of the software grants permission for others to use it however they wish. This can shave months off of the development process given that a huge chunk on a mobile app can already be built out.

How Lumavate Can Relate

Lumavate borrows from the idea of an open source mobile app builder by providing the Lumavate Library of elements. Here is the home of the wide variety of elements that our users can choose from to build mobile apps. The Library consists of designs and elements created by others, and users are even able to add their own element creations to the library so others can take advantage of them in their mobile app development. This mobile app development tools open source solution opens up the door for many possibilities when it comes to app-making!

Looking to build your first app in the next few hours? Create an account for free and that dream can become a reality!


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