So many organizations have turned to platforms like Lumavate to help increase their utility app development and output.

App Development Companies

App Development

We get it, app development is hard. Especially when you’re looking to do it yourself! You may be looking to hire an app developer for your team, but mobile app developers are expensive, and they likely only specialize in either iPhone or Android development, which means you need not only the best mobile app developers for iPhone, but also for Android. That’s why so many organizations have turned to platforms like Lumavate to help increase their utility app development and output. And, Lumavate takes it one step further by enabling every app you build on the platform to be delivered as a Progressive Web App. Famous app developers like Google’s Alex Russell and Microsoft’s Jeff Burtoft have spoken on PWAs and believe that they are the future of mobile.

Listen to Alex and Jeff on the Mobile Matters Podcast 

App Development Companies

If you’re looking for a cheap app development company, look no further than Lumavate (really, you can see our pricing right here!). And here’s where Lumavate stands out: instead of just being a mobile app development company or a web development company, Lumavate is actually one of very few web and app development companies. When you build apps using the Lumavate platform, your apps are delivered via the web, which means they can be accessed on any device. And, while Lumavate is a software development company, we’re actually built by and for marketers. The Lumavate platform’s app development studio enables marketers with no development experience to build apps faster than ever before. If you’re looking for a mobile app development companies list specifically for marketers, we’re the only ones on it! (Which, in our humble opinion, should put us in the top 10 mobile app development companies).

Designing Apps with Lumavate

One of the unique things about Lumavate is the ability for marketers to own the app building process from start to finish–this includes designing the app and its UI. We’re truly enabling all marketers to become app designers! With our easy WYSIWYG platform, you won’t need to outsource an app design company to handle your UI. All you’ll need is an eye for design, and a few best practices to guide you. Luckily, we’ve got you covered in that area. Check out our Mobile Design Swipe File eBook for some serious app design inspiration. 

Should I Look for An App Developer Near Me?

If your company does choose to outsource app development, proximity to the team is important in order to keep tabs on how the progress of the app build is going. You may find yourself Googling for “app developers near me”, or “app development companies near me”. But with Lumavate, app development is finally in your own hands and under your own roof. This enables you to cut the middle man and create apps fast.

App Development Around the World

The need for mobile apps is universal–not only among all brands, but also among all consumers! When you choose to build a mobile app, you’ll want to ensure that you develop with a worldwide audience in mind. In order to do this, some companies may focus on outsourcing to app development companies in the UK, or looking for the top mobile app development companies in India, or even cast a wider net for the top mobile application development companies in the world! With Lumavate, every app you build is delivered as a Progressive Web App, which means it’s going to be accessible no matter the device or browser. This means you can be confident that you’re reaching your audience with the best mobile experience, no matter where in the world they are. 

Mobile App Development in the USA

We consider ourselves lucky to be headquartered in Indianapolis. As app developers in Indianapolis, our team works hard to serve not only our community, but also our worldwide customers. Mobile app development companies in the USA are typically focused on serving apps to American users, which have some of the most advanced smartphones and networks in the world, however Lumavate is aware that in order to reach a worldwide audience, we have to ensure that our mobile apps and mobile experiences are accessible even in low-service areas or on outdated devices. That’s why we chose to have every app built on the Lumavate platform delivered as a Progressive Web App. 

Listen to our VP of Marketing, Stephanie Cox, chat with Microsoft’s Aaron Gustafson about the importance of mobile accessibility.

App Development Companies in NYC

If you’re looking for cheap app developers in NYC or an app development company in New York, we are not it. Sorry. But good news! Lumavate likely costs a lot less than any app development companies in NYC, or even freelance app developers in NYC. Check out our pricing page to see our pricing options.

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