From Progressive Enhancement to Progressive Web Apps

Episode #017: Aaron Gustafson, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft

As we’ve discussed in previous episodes on Mobile Matters, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are an evolution of numerous technologies that have enabled PWAs to bridge the gap between native mobile app functionality and the web. In it simplest definition it’s about designing an experience that is accessible to everyone and influenced the “progressive” in PWAs. In this episode of Mobile Matters, we talk to a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, Aaron Gustafson, about progressive enhancement, the skills needed to develop PWAs, why it’s time to start experimenting with PWAs, and what’s really happening with Microsoft Edge.

Key Takeaways

  1. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are an evolution of multiple technologies and one of the influencing factors was the concept of progressive enhancement.
  2. One major benefit of PWAs that is oftentimes overlooked is the skills needed to develop a PWA compared to native mobile apps. Since PWAs are delivered on the web, there is a significantly larger talent pool than what exists with native mobile app developers.
  3. If you haven’t already created a PWA, then it’s time to build one. The only exception is if you’re in high-end gaming then native mobile apps are still the best option for you.

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