Which no code app builder is the best tool for your next digital experience

What is the Best No Code App Builder?

What is the Best No Code App Builder?

Every modern business needs an app. But not every modern business wants to spend tens of thousands of dollars outsourcing the development of one. That's where a no code app builder comes in. A no code app builder is a platform that a business can use to generate an app, custom-designed, without a single line of code.

That being said, a business will still need to answer a few questions. What are the best app builders? Should they use a free no code app builder? Should they hire an in-house development team? Should they outsource the development of their app?

Today, there's a trend of marketing teams creating apps with a no code app builder. Marketing teams understand the company's messaging better than an outsourced app development company would. They are able to develop apps that are smooth, efficient, and effective. And they can do it all with a no code platform that doesn't require them to learn how to program or develop apps.

What can you build with no code? Very advanced apps. Apps, essentially, are just logic based. By creating a system that lets users input their own logic and designs, no code app developers are able to facilitate the development of apps with very little technical knowledge at all. Users are able to drag-and-drop in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) environment.Some of the best no code app builders deploy Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) where there are multiple ways for users to access the app. 

Is no code better than code? It depends. If your app needs to have a ton of custom code written in,, you may need to hire a programming team to create unique functions. But for the most part, anything that can be done in a "coded" app can be done in a "no code" app, given the right customization and the right logic. Some no code apps are more basic than others — and free no code apps give users a trial of what’s possible using a specific tool. 

That's where Lumavate comes in. Lumavate makes it possible for businesses to create beautiful, feature-rich digital experiences without any code at all. You can create a free account and start building a no code app with Lumavate right away.

What is the Best Platform to Build an App?

What criteria should you look for when trying to partner with an app builder? First, consider that it is a partnership. As your team works to build your no code app, you may find yourself needing technical support, documentation, templates, and tutorials. You want to work with an app builder that provides you with the resources and communication you need.

There are a lot of services that claim to help you build mobile apps. But rather than being true no code app platform, they just generate generic apps for your business based on a template. To find the right no code web app builder for your organization, you need to consider things like price, how many apps you are permitted to build, how many components and features there are, and how much documentation there is.

A no code app builder needs to be able to produce the app that you want. Have your marketing team draw up a plan for how an app should look and feel and consider whether the tool will work for you. Which no code app builder is the best? The one that fulfills your needs.

You can start with a list of the Best No Code App Builder 2021 platforms. But you'll likely find that Lumavate is the best no code app builder out there. Lumavate's pricing structure is incredibly competitive with other mobile app platforms. It's drastically cheaper than developing in-house. But more than that, it also gives you access to the complete Lumavate library.

The Lumavate Library includes a huge breadth of components and integrations. With the Lumavate Library, your team will be able to create extraordinary apps with no experience at all.

What Are Some No Code Tools?

So, we've discussed a no code app. But what about a no code website builder? What's the difference? What are the best no code tools? And are no code apps worth it?

Let's begin with: What is a no code tool? Traditionally, websites and mobile apps are designed using programming languages. Programmers use a language that computers understand to build out the functionality of their site. But a no code tool makes it possible for anyone, with no programming knowledge, to create an app just by clicking on buttons, dragging elements, and otherwise customizing their platform.

The best no code app builder can enable its users to transform their ideas into apps in just a few hours.. Mobile apps are very powerful. They live on a user's device permanently (until deleted), reminding them of the presence of the organization, its products, and services.

But, of course, most companies also need a website. There are a lot of no code tools such as Webflow, Formstack, Wix, and Lumavate. Marketers don't need to rely on developers; they can create, optimize, and improve an app at their own pace.

Of all no code apps, Lumavate is the best no code app builder for marketers. It is designed specifically for marketers. Marketers are able to customize apps to their organization's branding and use a long list of third-party integrations to edit and customize the app. Further, marketers will be able to make changes and updates to the app in the future, without having to rely on an outsourced (or even in-house) team to make these changes.

Marketers today have to be exceptionally flexible; they have to be able to pivot with ease. Lumavate makes it possible for marketers to not only create their own apps, but also to maintain them.

What is the Best Free App Builder?

What is a free app builder? You can look up the best free no code app builder or the best free app builder if you want to design a simple app. But some free app builders, even the best free app builder 2021, won't have advanced features. Many of them will be branded by the company that provides the no code mobile app builder free. That’s why it’s so importing to look at what’s included in your free subscription plan when using a free app builder.

What is the best free app creator? There are many out there.While many claim to be the best free app builder out there, you really want a professional product that has a free tier, not an entirely free product. Lumavate gives free plan users unlimited apps, while also allowing users to pay for premium services.

In typical app development, a mobile app builder is used to create the structure of the app, which is then built separately for each operating system. But Lumavate makes it possible to build your digital experience just once and have it work on all devices. This is very important for those who are looking to expand their company's reach through apps.

Because Lumavate does have a free plan, companies can try out Lumavate and see if it works for them. Lumavate's extensive catalog provides the features that any company might need to improve their app development. And Lumavate has been designed for marketers, so marketers will be able to immediately start developing a Progressive Web App in Lumavate without advanced technical knowledge.

There are a lot of free no code apps. But an entirely free app isn't likely to do everything that a business needs it to do or accommodate how many users will need to access your app.. Before you start developing your app, consider which features and what functionality the app is going to need. You will need to compare different app development platforms to find the right one.

Open Source No Code Platform

Even if you aren't a programmer, you may have heard of the trend of open source development. Open source development occurs when a program is developed with its source code free to use and to modify. An open source no code app builder would be a free app builder that is supported by a community.

There are a lot of benefits to open source. Open source communities do a lot of work. They quickly release updates and features. Any security issues or bugs are quickly resolved. Lumavate borrows from the idea of an open source web application builder by making it possible to use elements from the Lumavate Library.

Lumavate is the best no code platform; it has more than 35 app templates that can get people started building their apps quickly. There are more than 100 items in the Lumavate library, which is more than even many no code web app builder open source platforms. And the downside to an open source WYSIWYG app builder or other open source app builder is that you generally don't have direct customer support, however Lumavate provides top-notch customer support (just look at our G2 reviews!).

With the Lumavate Library, templates, Components, and integrations, Lumavate can provide some of the major benefits of an open source no code platform, while still providing the advantages of technical support. You can see how this works on the Platform page. Lumavate, as a WYSIWYG platform with drag and drop functionality, is one of the easiest systems to use, and still provides companies with everything they need to get going fast.

What is the best no code platform? What is the best drag and drop app builder? While it may seem that a free open source no code platform or an open source rapid application development platform is the best bet, it's usually the case that Lumavate has everything you need.

Free App Maker

There are many types of app makers out there. You can get a free app maker for businesses — or a free app maker for students. Many app makers just come with varying subscription levels, including free trials. Some like Adalo and Bubble have free subscription plans. Adalo's apps are deployed as native, mobile apps; they are a free Android app maker.

But the problem with app makers that are purely free is that you usually don't have the option of getting support for them. Unlike the others, Lumavate has a ton of on-demand help and connects users on any plan with its customer success team.  If you find that you need help, it won't be an option. Lumavate has a free plan, which allows you to create and launch unlimited apps. Lumavate is a great free app maker for students; Lumavate has a ton of pre-made app templates for students who want to get started quickly.

Students of business might want to create an app for their company, or they may want to create a an app for their final project at the end of a semester. Students in science may use apps to collect data but may not be focused on programming. Lumavate's premium features can be beneficial for businesses and marketers — and businesses can start with the free version.

No Code Movement

What is the no code movement? As mobile apps have become ubiquitous, no code platforms have also become more common. The no code movement is a movement that has supported the development of no code platforms. Lumavate is a leader in the no code movement.

Have you ever thought, "I have an app idea but no programming skills"? No code requires no programming at all; users are able to create sophisticated apps through a drag-and-drop interface. If you're wondering how to make an app without coding for free, it'll be one of these no code platforms.

A lot of people have great ideas for apps, but they just don't have the ability to program the apps themselves. And no code isn't just limited to apps; there are many other no code projects out there. The No Code Devs project highlights companies in this space. Lumavate was mentioned in a past newsletter.

So, how can I make a free app without coding? How can I make a mobile app for free? How do you create a web app with no code? The answer to all these questions and more will always be a no code platform.

Best No Code Tools

G2 ranks the best no code tools available, based on reviews gathered from the user community. On G2, you can look at many examples of nocode tools and compare the software solutions on the no code tools list. Some no code examples include Appypie and Jotform tables.

On G2, Lumavate is ranked as one of the best no code tools available. It is a leading no code platform for marketers. As a high performer in G2, Lumavate has this badge and more. Very few no code tools have ratings that are as high as Lumavate. And because these ratings are influenced by reviewers, it shows that people genuinely enjoy the product.

Lumavate provides beautiful, digital experiences as Progressive Web Apps, which can be viewed on any platform. Reviews show that Lumavate is a great app for designers and marketers, is affordable and effective, and is easy to get started with.

For those interested, you can create a free account and start to build a no code app with Lumavate now. As an intuitive, easy-to-use no code platform, people can get started with Lumavate right away.

What is the Best No Code App Builder?

How does Gartner analyze and rank no code platforms? Gartner's Magic Quadrant is used to rate more than just the best no code platforms. In addition to the No Code Platforms Gartner ratings, there are ratings of different SaaS solutions, CMS solutions, CRM solutions, and more. When it comes to no code platforms Gartner tries its best to rate on a few important factors.

Gartner is looking at how well a no code platform works, how its vision for the future is, and how its growth potential is. When it comes to low code and no code platforms, the Gartner Magic Quadrant can be an excellent way to assess a product. The Gartner platform includes challenges, leaders, niche players, and visionaries. This includes their ability to execute and the completeness of vision.

Through the Gartner Magic Quadrant, you can assess each platform's ability to execute its vision within the marketplace. The more information you have about an organization, the easier it will be to assess whether it's the right no code or low code solution for you.

No Code Tools List

Now, let's take a look at some no code builders. There's Adalo, AppMakr, Andromo, Thunkable vs Adalo, Draftbit, Appy Pie, Betty Blocks, and Bubble Nocode. If you want to know how to make an app without any coding knowledge, many of these can help.

But Lumavate is different.

Take a look at Betty Blocks. It provides a no code service, but it doesn't have the extensive  library that Lumavate has, nor the extensive templates provided through Lumavate's platform. Further, Betty Blocks requires more general knowledge of development and programming than Lumavate does. Lumavate requires no prior knowledge and is built for marketers.

Similarly, AppyPie. Is Appy Pie App Builder free? It's free to try and start working, but it will cost money to get a business-grade product. AppyPie doesn't provide the customization that Lumavate does. It doesn't have the library that Lumavate does nor the add-ons and other essential integrations.

Draftbit lets users create an app for free, but costs money to launch it. But once again, it's a fairly simple product that doesn't include all the bells and whistles of Lumavate. You can build your own blocks and insert your own code, but there isn't the huge library of design tools and integrations that Lumavate offers for marketers. 

As you can see, Lumavate provides unprecedented accessibility and ease of use. Create a free account to try building a no code app with Lumavate today.

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