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Web App Builder

Web App Builder

New app developers often don’t understand this core concept: when you use a dedicated Android app builder (or iOS app builder), you are only developing an app for one platform. You cannot take a finished Android app and simply port it to iOS. The operating systems are so fundamentally different that accommodating both essentially requires you to build two distinct apps, even if they serve the same purpose.

It’s clear that this is a waste of time and money if there is an app building software that can enable you to do the job with half the effort. That’s exactly what Lumavate accomplishes. By focusing on Progressive Web Apps, Lumavate consolidates the app development process into a universal process that can be accessed by all users. The key is to make the app available through standard web protocols. That gets around native environments and saves you from making multiple versions of your application.

When you take advantage of Lumavate, both Android and iPhone users will be able to access your app, without going through their app stores. You’ll also reach the handful of Windows, Blackberry, and other mobile users who don’t use the big two platforms.

Lumavate vs. Other Mobile App Builders

If you want the best app builder for 2019, it needs to meet three criteria. It should be free to use (or at least have a free trial), involve no coding, and support Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Typically, a mobile app builder will only meet one or two of these criteria.

Consider Appsheet, Appy Pie ,and Caspio. These are some of the most popular app builders in the world, and that’s largely because they minimize the coding necessary to make a new app from scratch. They also allow a fair amount of access to their software for free. That’s a big two out of three, but none of these builders support PWA development.

Another big name in the business is GoodBarber. GoodBarber has a free option, and it develops PWAs, but it’s not friendly to newcomers. There are no tools to completely circumvent coding with GoodBarber. Once again, it’s only two out of three.

Lumavate hits all three points. You can develop PWAs with no coding and we offer a seven day trial of our platform. This makes it uniquely powerful to marketers who want to take app development into their own hands. We handle the technical parts of app development so you can focus on what you do best. It’s this collaboration that makes Lumavate the best. You’re able to bring knowledge and expertise to the table that other developers can’t, and the bridge between these worlds is an app builder that was designed specifically for you.

Web App Builder for Marketers

Considering that Progressive Web Apps are core to our process, it would make sense to spend a little time explaining them. In general, you have two ways to deliver an app to your audience. You can do it through the native app store, or as a PWA. A native app is going to be coded specifically for an operating system (using Swift for iOS or Java for Android). When you create a web app this way, you have to start from scratch for each system you want to support. It’s very inefficient, even with the app builder of your choice.

A PWA delivers the app to users across standardized web URL. It skips the app store and makes the app universally available much in the same way websites are. PWAs are supported by all of the major tech players (Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc.).

This is essential to what makes Lumavate such a great no code app builder. Every app built with our system is delivered as a PWA. You get all of the web app builder widgets and functions but none of the extra headaches. It makes it an ideal web app builder for anyone who wants a competitive edge in their marketing campaign.

Looking for Free App Development Software?

After all that talk about free web app builders, you’re ready to get started, right? If you work in marketing, you should understand that free is something that always comes with limits. You’re either going to be limited to a free trial period, or you’re going to get limited access to the software until you pay some money.

Lumavate might be the best free app builder for 2019, but only if you work fast. After the free trial, we do charge for access to the best web app builder. The good news is that it’s completely worth it. App development is a veritable cash cow. Android app developers earn an average more than $116,000 a year. Your app can certainly exceed that if you have anything worth distributing.

So, you can stop looking for ways to go from website to app free, or for free web app builders. Great apps are an investment, and with the power of Lumavate, you can expect a good return on yours.

Lumavate’s No-Code Platform

A few years ago, everyone was telling you to learn to code. Coding boot camps were supposed to be the key to success no matter your profession. That changed quickly. Codeless programming is here, and it’s the way to go. A web app builder with no code is easy to find, and it can let you do everything with a drag and drop application builder.

The trick is that most web app builders will not be no-code. In fact, there’s really only one choice is you want a no-code Progressive Web Application builder. That’s Lumavate. You can do all of your work with our library and never write a single line of code. If dragging and dropping from the library is still too slow, you can make use of our Starter Kits. These are app templates that allow you to fully customize a functioning app in almost no time.

You can ditch your search for a free white label app builder. Instead of buying someone else’s app, you can make your own from scratch. You can do it without intricate tech knowledge, and you can customize it for the exact purpose you have in mind. You can also publish the app easily and distribute it across platforms without the slightest bit of extra work. Lumavate really was built specifically for you.

The Trend Toward Open Source Development

All of this talk about universal delivery and native systems brings us to an important point. Open source development is dominating the space. For years, software development in general has trended in this directly, and now almost everyone is looking for an open source web app builder. That’s largely because open source libraries allow developers to build off of each other’s ideas and push forward with new progressions.

One of the most prominent examples is HTML5. It was created as a superior alternative to Flash, and now HTML5 open source app builders are essential to web development.

The Lumavate Library was modeled after the open source concept, and it allows you to build off of what we have already created. You can think of Lumavate as your own personal open source mobile app development software. In fact, it is essentially an open source WYSIWYG app builder, specifically designed to eliminate the need for coding.

More on Web App Builders

Lastly, you need to know a little about the variety of web app builders running around. A web app builder for JavaScript is going to focus on Android development. These tools make native Android apps and can publish on the Google Play Store

Speaking of Android, open source APK builders have their place. APK stands for Android package. An open source builder will allow you to build packages while borrowing code developed by someone else.

Another important concept is a web app builder run as a service. This is what enables your PWA to work well with Windows.

Next you might need to know about webappbuilder dev edition. This is what you might use to make your own widgets, and web appbuilder developer edition tutorial will show you how to get it up and running.

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