Don't have time to learn how to code an app? No problem! No code web app builders are here for your easy access. Read along for more information on how to get started.

No Code Web App Builder

No Code Web App Builder

You want to create a web app. But you don't have the time to learn to code from scratch. A no code web app builder is a "WYSIWYG" (what you see is what you get) platform, under which you can create a complete, advanced web app without having to write a single line of code.

Without a no code web app builder, your options are to learn to code, hire a developer, or hire an app development company. A no code platform will ultimately cost you less in both time and money, paying for itself. And because you've developed the app yourself, you can also continue to support it yourself.

A no code web builder is different from a regular mobile app builder, insofar as it has a significantly reduced learning curve. For a traditional mobile app builder, you will need to have programming expertise and oftentimes you’ll need to learn how to program in a language supported by the platform. Even app solutions that include templates and code snippets will require that you understand the code involved before you're able to move forward.

Lumavate is a platform that allows marketers to build apps without any coding experience required. You can use drag-and-drop functionality to build an app without needing to write a single line of code. And a no code web app builder can build apps just as complex as a traditional mobile app builder, but with significantly less work on your part. And Lumavate isn't just used to create general web apps, but Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), which have increased functionality compared to traditional web-based applications.

In addition to having easy, WYSIWYG functionality, no code platforms also provide numerous third-party integrations, which can provide additional functionality with no programming at all. There are templates available for the most common types of apps, and there are ways to embed complex functionality (such as OCR or image recognition) without having to write a single line of code.

And, in addition to being an app builder, a no code solution can also provide database functionality. Without having to learn how to structure databases and program them, you'll still be able to collect and analyze information.

If you're looking for a great app builder 2019, consider the benefits of Lumavate. Lumavate makes it easy for you to get started immediately, and to develop exactly the app you want without having to pay a professional or having to learn to code from scratch.

App Creator

You're looking for an app creator in 2020. There are a lot of options for you. Appy Pie, the Decsoft App Builder, Wappler, Appgini, Zoho Creator, and the Caspio CRM — all of these are great ways to develop great apps. But they vary a bit in terms of the amount of experience and skill that you're already required to have. Among these, Decsoft App Builder and Caspio tend to be two of the favorites.

Decsoft App Builder is used by many industry professionals, as an IDE for Windows. But as an IDE, it's advanced to use; it has a lot of features that can be difficult for a newbie to use. The Decsoft app builder tutorial PDF can help, but may not be sufficient for those who are just now learning. Caspio is a better option for those who want to develop web apps without advanced programming knowledge, and many Caspio examples are just as advanced as those that can be developed in Decsoft, a Caspio alternative.

How long is a Caspio free trial? There is no obligation, no credit card, 14-day free trial for Caspio. You can log into the Caspio portal to determine whether Caspio might be the right solution for you by using Caspio for free. You can develop a Caspio mobile app without any programming, but there still are some features missing such as the ability to easily make Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Take advantage of the Caspio bridge download to find out more.

You're not going to find free app development solutions that are as robust as any of the paid solutions. And while these solutions are going to be complex, they may not always be accessible. They're going to require a lot of discrete knowledge regarding programming.

Lumavate is designed for marketers. Not only is there no coding required, but there's also the flexibility to bring in your own code as needed, deliver Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), and more. Lumavate also has a seven day trial period, for those who want to try before they buy. Try Lumavate today to see what it can do for you.

Database App

Today, data is king. A database app is any app that is focused primarily on maintaining a centralized database, such as a database of patients, customers, or products. The healthcare industry is one of the major industries that utilize database apps. Because this data is often extremely high in value, there are both benefits and risks associated with developing this type of mobile app.

By using an online database builder, you can create a web app that allows for advanced database functionality. That includes the saving, accessing, and analyzing of data through a web based database application. A free online database can provide similar functionality, but may not be as robust.

If you don't know how to create a web based database, a no code database platform can help. You can oftentimes get a database application builder free within a no code programming platform. You won't need to know how to create an online database website from scratch. The no code tools will be able to help.

No code open source and no code database features are the easiest way for low code app development Google. An open source web database application builder can be paired with a robust no code platform to create a solution that is advanced as any skilled app development team could create. Open source solutions are extremely valuable for low code app development, because app developers are able to leverage open source code for better and more robust features.

However, using free options can open up a company to potential security threats, which is something that has to be carefully considered. Even the best open source low code platform isn't going to have the security and support a commercial product has. Especially in areas such as finance and healthcare, it's important for databases to be entirely secured.

Desktop App Builder

A desktop app builder differs from an online app builder as the solutions are developed natively. It doesn't require internet access. Both Windows and Apple support desktop app builders, but their native app builders require that you understand their system architecture and their programming languages. There are some drag and drop app builder software for Windows, some of them focusing on specific areas such as games.

Using free app maker software for Windows or Apple has a few advantages and disadvantages. Generally, a desktop app builder isn't going to be a software builder without programming. It's going to require that you understand the intricacies of programming from the start. Additionally, a desktop app builder may be able to create a mobile-friendly solution, but it's not going to be able to create a mobile-first solution. That's a problem, because today more and more people are interacting and engaging through mobile devices, rather than desktop devices.

While a desktop app builder is a solution, it's a more advanced solution than a no code development platform. And it's not designed for mobile-first marketers the way that Lumavate is. Lumavate is meant to acknowledge the fact that mobile users are becoming more and more popular, and apps are very popular for their engagement. Native apps can't reach the levels or engagement that Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) can, due to both speed and convenience.

Web Application Builder

What's the difference between a web application builder and a native app builder or a Windows application builder? A web app is viewed through a browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. It adjusts regarding whether it's being viewed on a desktop platform or a mobile platform. Only a single web app needs to be managed and maintained. Meanwhile, a native app is an app that is produced for iOS, Android, or another operating system. It is separate from a web app and requires that multiple apps be maintained.

Using a web application builder without coding makes it possible for you to create a consistent branding appearance between platforms. You can get a web app creator free or a WordPress database application builder; there are many tools available for you to create a web app that can easily be translated from device to device.

A web app also differs from a Progressive Web App. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have special functionality such as the ability to push notifications, or the ability to save an icon on a home screen.

Today, an open source no code platform or an open source no code app builder is likely the easiest way for a marketer to start developing their programs immediately. From Mendix open source to open source low code platform PHP, there are options available for those who want to start developing right away, rather than having to learn everything about coding.

A no code web app builder open source lets you take advantage of already existing open source solutions.  The Lumavate platform uses pieces of open source apps to augment their existing templates and solutions, thereby creating more advanced functionality without the need for complex programming functions.

Best No Code Platforms

What are some of the best no code platforms of 2020? If you're looking for the best no code web app builder, there are a few different options available for you. The best open source low code platform may differ from a commercial one, and the best free no code app builder may differ from paid services. But the best no code app builder is going to have a blend of both cost and efficiency.

When choosing a low code platform, take a look at the functionality available. Does it have a large open source library of solutions available? How easy is it to learn? What types of apps have been created with it?

Lumavate is the best no code platform available, for many reasons, including the Lumavate Library. The Lumavate Library makes it possible for marketers to start developing solutions immediately, without having to learn additional skill sets. Create a free account on the Lumavate platform today.

Free No Code App Builder

It's time to get started with app building. There are no free no code app builders out there, or free online relational database solutions. But a no code PWA is incredibly important, and it's worth the cost. Ultimately, the cost of a free solution is going to be in time.

If you're looking for a free open source low code platform, you're unlikely to find one. It's difficult to create a low code or no code solution, and generally they are only available commercially.

A free web app builder may be available, but they usually don't have the solutions necessary. If you want a free web application builder without coding, you may be able to get a free trial, but you're unlikely to get an entirely free system.

We have many customers who have achieved excellent results through partnering with Lumavate. By investing in mobile, organizations are able to expand their reach and their engagement substantially.

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