Many organizations use a mobile app builder to create apps.

Mobile Software Apps

Mobile Software Apps

When you pull out your cell phone, what do you do first? Well, if you’re like most people, then the first thing you do is open an app. In fact, other than calls and texts, using apps is one of the top reasons we use our phones. And given the world of capabilities of mobile apps nowadays, the possibilities are endless. But as more and more people are using apps, businesses everywhere are looking to build new apps to drive brand exposure, increase their sales, and promote their products and services. And while the cost of hiring developers to build these apps is growing, many organizations use a mobile app builder to create apps. But to find the best app builder, it’s important to understand that you need to look for either an Android app builder or one for iOS devices. However, there are now platforms that allow you to create mobile software apps that will work across all operating systems. One of those solutions is Lumavate.

What is Lumavate?

Lumavate is a platform that allows users to build customizable apps in a fraction of the time it would take for a developer to design them. That’s because no coding experience is required! Lumavate creates Progressive Web Apps, which are apps that use web pages for their functionalities and stored data, instead of the storage on your phone.

Ditching the Software Updates

With apps and web technology growing at a rapid rate, new software has been invented that allows users to build and use mobile apps like never before. And one of those software types involves Progressive Web Apps.

What Are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

Progressive Web Apps use the power of web pages and mobile apps to combine for a one-of-a-kind mobile experience. Users are able to find one of these apps and start to use it immediately. This takes away the need to install the app through an app store, and it even takes away the need for a software update. With the native apps you’re used to, the user has to go through the lengthy process of searching for an app, downloading it, then finally opening it on the phone. Furthermore, the user has to make sure to have enough storage space on their device, which could be an issue. After that, the user also has to worry about getting an iPhone software update or go through a software update download for Android to ensure they have the latest app functionalities. But with Progressive Web Apps, an Apple software update isn’t needed since the app has a home on URLs instead of the phone itself!

No More App Store

Using Progressive Web Apps means that you never have to go through those Android or Apple software update stores again. PWAs are hosted behind URLs so they work like normal websites, but they are also displayed like the normal apps you’re used to—you won’t even know the difference! Typically, mobile users have to install a software update checker to make sure they have the latest version of their apps. But with PWAs, say goodbye to an Apple or Samsung mobile software update and experience the latest version of your app at all times!

Lumavate’s App Building Software for Marketers

If you’re looking to create an app, then you typically have to find a developer, hire them, then pay them tons of money to create an app that may not even work the way you want it to. But in this day and age, you can now design an effective app yourself! And better yet, you don’t even need coding experience! This is the power behind Lumavate, a mobile app building software that builds Progressive Web Apps. Lumavate app development software for beginners is ideal for marketers thanks to our easy-to-use platform and ability to crank out multiple asps quickly.

What Separates Lumavate from the Rest?

While Lumavate specializes in offering no-code software for building apps, we aren’t the only company that offers this type of software. However, what differentiates us from other companies is that we’re the only platform that provides Progressive Web Apps via a no-code platform. And better yet, you can even choose from our many pre-designed templates to build apps in minutes!

Choosing the Best Mobile App Development Software

If you’re in the market for mobile app development software, then it's important to understand that there are many options out there. That being said, it’s best to consider your needs, then do research on what type of software will best solve those needs. But although many types of software don’t require needing coding experience to design apps, Lumavate is the only no-code platform that allows you to create Progressive Web Apps. This can result in more responsive apps, the ability to use these apps offline, and many other benefits. Progressive Web Apps are the perfect combination of websites and standard mobile apps. Just like websites, no updates are required to use the latest features of the website. And for mobile apps, the features and capabilities can’t be beat. This is the idea behind Progressive Web Apps; they work just like websites, but appear and work just like the native mobile apps you know and love!

How Lumavate Stacks Up

Now that you understand a little more about Progressive Web Apps, now let's talk about some of Lumavate's competitors. These software companies do offer many benefits and features, but there are some differences to point out.

The PWA Difference

While there are some similar features offered with many no-code app building platforms, the key difference is that Lumavate delivers Progressive Web Apps while others don’t. Appy Pie and Mobile Roadie are perfect examples of amazing software options that do offer amazing features like a no-code platform and templates, but they don’t deliver Progressive Web Apps. You may also see many options that offer free software. However, while they may claim to be a website to app free software service, you won’t receive Progressive Web Apps and the features provided are extremely limited.

No More Separate Development for Android and iPhone

The types of apps that we are used to are called native apps. But the problem with these is that they have to built separately for both Android and iOS. For many years, this was the only way these apps could be built. This led to a lot of frustration and time-consuming processes where organizations had to go through two separate development projects to create Android app development software on Android devices and iOS app software for Apple devices. But given the lengthy process of development, including the need to go through an app store for an Apple or Android app download, something needed to be done to simplify it all. That’s where no-code app development software came into play. This software allows users to design apps from scratch while needing little or no coding experience at all to design these apps.

Cost-Effective Development

Hiring an app developer is costing more and more by the day. But with app builder software, creating apps is a lot more affordable. In fact, you can even find an Android app maker software free download. However, these free options don’t offer many capabilities and the user has many limitations. If you’re looking for the very best Apple or Android software for PC, Lumavate is here to help!

Mobile Is Worth the Investment

While the typical way to build an app was through the help of an app developer, you wanted to choose the best app builder you could find. But the problem is, the best app developers are the most expensive to hire. So as organizations still wanted a great app but didn’t have the money to pay these developers top dollar, something had to be done to fix the problem.

Eye-Popping Stats

According to, in 2018, the total daily time spent on a mobile device in the U.S. by adults was 203 minutes. This is pretty crazy to think about how adults spend over three hours on a mobile device every day! But given this statistic, that means that mobile should be a top concern in your marketing strategy. That being said, spending valuable resources on your apps and mobile strategy altogether is very worth it.

Stray Away from Free Options

If you do a quick internet search for the best app builder 2019, then chances are that you’ll see search results that include many free app development software options. While you may be inclined to choose one of these app creator software free download options, you should be extremely cautious before doing so. That is because a free mobile app builder doesn’t come equipped with many features and options when it comes to building. So although Lumavate isn’t free, we offer multiple pricing options and the possibilities with our platform are endless!

Get Started Quickly with Mobile App Design Templates

If you decide to choose an app building software to design breathtaking apps, then Lumavate is an exceptional choice. From our easy-to-use interface to the many tools and features at your fingertips, designing apps is easy with us! But even if you decide to utilize our software, you may still be a little confused on how to get started. Well, that can all be changed with the help of our Starter Kits!

What Are Starter Kits?

Lumavate’s Starter Kits are the perfect tool for getting started on our platform. These kits are essentially templates that users can use to quickly plug in their own information to design an app in minutes! Check out some of the available templates to choose from on our platform:

  • Wayfinding
  • Content Distribution
  • Survey
  • Image Recognition
  • Internal Communications
  • VIP Events
  • Lead Registration
  • Internal Trade Show
  • And more!

Mobile App Prototyping

Another great feature of our templates is that they come equipped with a prototyping tool! This allows users to preview their app exactly how it would appear on a mobile device before it’s published!

UI Design Tools

This can serve as an Apple or Android UI design tool online free of charge! Our wide selection of tools can help you design the perfect app you’re looking for! Furthermore, our platform can even provide you with a mobile app mockup free of charge!

The App Builder You Need!

While you may see many options on the web that say that they offer the best app development software for beginners free of charge, you should know that they don’t provide the high-quality software as we do here at Lumavate. Although Lumavate isn’t free, we do provide state-of-the-art capabilities and a pricing structure that works for your specific goals.

Free Mobile App UI Design Tool

Although there are many app builders out there that provide a sophisticated platform, many of them don’t have a very effective preview tool. But if you really want the best free app builder 2019 has to offer, then you’ll have to find a platform that comes equipped with a preview tool. Here at Lumavate, our free mobile app UI design tool is one of the most useful tools on our platform!

Preview On Most Devices

Another amazing feature of our preview tool is that you can see how your app appears on most devices before it’s published! So instead of only seeing how it shows on an iPhone display, our tool allows you to get a glimpse of how your app will appear on larger screens like tablets and iPads!

Lumavate is Worth Every Penny

While the best free app builder 2018 had to offer was used by tons of companies, these businesses didn’t have access to all of the amazing features that Lumavate provides. Although many free options claim to be the best free app development software that includes many capabilities, you should do thorough research before choosing one of these businesses. Although Lumavate doesn’t offer mobile app design software free of charge, our cost-effective pricing options are worth every penny.

The Trend Toward Open Source Development

While there is a growth in mobile application software, there is also growth in another similar type of software: open source mobile app development software. Open source mobile app builder software is designed to be used and modified by anyone. The copyright holder grants permission to anyone to use this software how they wish. This is trending at a very high rate in business development today, and many companies are developing open source software to sell to organizations everywhere.

Lumavate is Jumping on Board

Lumavate’s platform works in a similar fashion to open source software. This is done through our use of tools, which allows users to reuse and modify how they wish. In addition, app-makers are able to design their own tools, which can then be added to our Lumavate Library so others can use them.

No Update Needed

Another top feature of Lumavate is that the user never has to update their software. Say goodbye to choosing the mobile software download free full version Android devices, and say hello to never dealing with an iOS or Samsung Android software download ever again! This update is a software update download only compatible with the operating system you’re using. With Lumavate, you never have to deal with updates again and all apps work on every mobile operating system!

Create a free account on the Lumavate platform today and see just how easy it is to build an app!


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