Everything you need to consider when making your mobile marketing budget.

Mobile App Marketing Budget

The Real Cost of Mobile Marketing

If you have read any articles on our mobile marketing blog, then you’ll know the importance of mobile marketing. The cost of mobile marketing is significantly less than not investing in a mobile marketing strategy. Try to name one person without a mobile device. Still thinking? Consumers want to interact with your brand on mobile. Many people think of mobile marketing as simply app marketing, but that’s simply not the case. There’s a ton of channels on mobile that you can engage with consumers on, but let’s talk about mobile apps first. Building an app is a great way to engage with your audience on mobile. Many marketers like to have a mobile app for their brand because consumers can save the brand’s mobile experience right to their home screens. When they save the mobile app to their home screens, the brand is always at top of mind for these consumers. While having a mobile app is great, there are some things such as app launch marketing costs that could be a deterrent for many companies (especially if your app startup marketing budget has minimal resources). We’ll discuss more about how much building a native mobile app will cost you, but for now let’s take a look at the cost per download app marketing. One campaign marketers may choose to run is a cost-per-install campaign for mobile apps. The main goal with this type of mobile marketing campaign is to drive app downloads. But that’s not the best way to measure success for your mobile app. The best way to measure success for your mobile app is through engagement. You want your users to continuously return to your brand’s mobile experience, and the only way to do this is to provide an engaging experience with meaningful content. You’ll also want to make sure the speed of your app is up to consumers’ standards. Check out our full guide to improving your mobile app engagement in this blog post. 

Now that we’ve talked about one mobile marketing channel, let’s discuss some other digital experiences that fall under that umbrella. Did you know that your voice assistants and your smartwatches are considered mobile? Other mobile marketing articles you may have missed if you have read our blog is the article where we answer the top questions surrounding mobile marketing. Mobile marketing 2020 is so important because not only is mobile the device we love the most (consumers are even canceling their subscriptions to cable because they stream videos right on their phones), but it’s also become the way we shop now. If your organization is in the retail or CPG industry, then you’ll want to rethink how you’re conducting mobile app marketing 2020 with implementing a Progressive Web App (PWA). PWAs have taken over the mobile eCommerce industry because consumers love them! They don’t have to go to the app store to download another native mobile app. Take a look at some examples of retailers who have seen an enormous amount of success with their PWAs. Alibaba saw an increase of 76 percent of conversions with their PWA. Imagine what your brand could see with a PWA developed with the Lumavate platform. 

Mobile App Marketing Budget

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had an unlimited mobile app marketing budget? The cost of mobile app advertising rates and the cost of advertising an app wouldn’t phase us at all because we would have unlimited resources to promote our mobile app. But alas, none of us have unlimited marketing budgets, so there are some constraints on the cost of mobile app marketing our organizations can take on. One of the more popular mobile app advertisement methods is to advertise your app on the App store. How much does it cost to advertise on an app, you may ask? The answer is: it depends. It’s going to be difficult to tell you one sure way on how to estimate budget for mobile app marketing because it will depend on the type of campaign you want to run. There’s cost-per-click, cost-per-impression, and cost-per-acquisition. Another thing to consider when deciding how much does marketing cost for app advertisement is the sheer amount of companies running in-app advertisements. So if you want your advertisement to be viewed by your ideal customer profile, it’s probably going to take a decent chunk out of your mobile marketing budget, as mobile app advertising rates 2020 hover around $5 if you’re running a CPM campaign for iOS

How Much Does It Cost to Make an App?

Let’s be honest, you’ve got to be an innovative thinker and not shy away from adversity when you decide to build a mobile app, which is why so many people search, ‘how much does it cost to develop an app’. There’s no shying away from the fact app maintenance costs are high when you build a native mobile app. If you’re interested in building a native mobile app, it can be expensive and timely. The average salary for both an iOS and Android developer is around $116,000. And your budget could quickly dwindle if you decide to take on aggressive app promotion services. No matter if you search for ‘how much does it cost to market an app UK or any other place in the world, your mobile strategy will be much better off if you decide to build a Progressive Web App (PWA) instead. 

With PWAs, you’ll learn the answer to the question ‘how much does it cost to make an app’ is much less than what your answer would be with native mobile apps. And we’re not just talking about money. When you ask ‘how much does it cost to maintain an app’, you’ll also want to factor in the cost of time for your mobile marketing project. How many times have you had to wait on IT to get to your request? You’ve probably lost count at this point. Have you ever stopped to think about how much these delays from IT can hurt your business? Wouldn’t you like to be in control of your brand’s mobile app experience? 

When it comes to building the mobile apps of today, we now have many options at our fingertips. While there used to be only one long, drawn-out method for creating apps, now mobile apps can be built extremely fast. This is made possible with app-development software. And better yet, now you don’t even have to know any coding language to build apps! With the low code platforms we have today, building apps has never been easier! If you don’t have any experience with coding but you still want to create mobile apps, then Lumavate is the answer! We work directly with marketers to empower them with the tools needed for app-building success. So what are you waiting for? If you want to take back control of your brand’s mobile experience, try out the Lumavate platform now! Starting an account is free and you could have a mobile app built in just a few hours. 

Mobile Game Marketing Course

This isn’t going to be a mobile game marketing course or a mobile game marketing case study, but what we will be talking about is some of the best mobile game marketing campaigns and what your mobile game marketing budget would need to be to be considered one of the top indie game marketing names. When you search for ‘how much does it cost to advertise a mobile game’, you may get a few results indicating you should partner with a mobile game marketing agency. Android game marketing is very popular these days, and many marketers who want to enter the mobile app gaming industry want to be the best. But what if you didn’t have to outsource your mobile game? What if you could build your own mobile game using a low-code platform?

Utilizing a low-code application development platform, users can build apps quickly, while only using a little bit of coding language. Low-code app development platforms are important because they really speed up app development. Before low-code platforms were around, developers had to build apps the standard way, which included using coding languages and many complex processes. Today, there are many low-code integration platform solutions that make app-building a breeze!

And no matter if you are building a mobile game or building an internal communications app for an enterprise company, there are a lot of design considerations you need to be aware of. Because we want users to actually engage with the app we created, and not just download it once to never use it again. Lucky for you, we put together a whole guide to mobile design trends. You can check out our mobile app marketing guide here. 

The Average Cost of Facebook Ads

Okay, so you’ve read some of our blogs and determined that you need to have a mobile marketing strategy, so you’ve decided to investigate ‘how much does it cost to advertise on Instagram’ or ‘how much does it cost to advertise on Facebook Marketplace’. Let’s dive a little bit deeper on the average cost of Facebook ads. To answer your question, how much do Facebook ads cost 2020, they’ll set you back around $0.95 on average. According to a Facebook ad cost calculator, the average cost per lead Facebook 2019 was actually higher than in 2020. To answer another question you may have, how much do Facebook ads cost 2019, the average cost-per-click was around $1.86

But a better way to engage with your audience on mobile is to create a PWA using a digital experience platform, like Lumavate. Lumavate’s no code platform enables marketers to build a mobile app in a few hours, without needing to touch a single line of code! Or if your coding skills are above novice level, you can bring in your own code to the Lumavate platform to create a highly personalized app. And every app built on the Lumavate platform is delivered as a PWA. Numerous brands, like West Elm, Starbucks, and Pinterest, have all seen enormous success with their PWAs. Plus, you control how users access the mobile experience. You can create a QR code for consumers to scan on the back of packaging. Or your users can tap a Near-field Communication (NFC) enabled chip to access your brand’s mobile experience. Get started on the Lumavate platform today

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