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Building Android Apps and iPhone Apps with Lumavate

One of the benefits of building apps with Lumavate is that you only need to build once, and the mobile app works seamlessly across all devices and browsers. Typically, native apps for Android and iPhone are developed separately, which means you’ll need to develop twice (once for Android and once for iPhone). But since Lumavate delivers all apps as Progressive Web Apps, there’s no need to develop twice! 

Just so you know what you’re getting yourself into if you decide to develop a native app, let’s dive into developing an Android app, since there are over 2.3 billion Android users worldwide. First, in order to create an Android app, you’ll need to decide whether or not you want to develop in-house using an Android app builder platform or Android app development software. Android software development requires expertise in APK, as well as publishing through the Android Studio. You may choose to use an Android app maker software offline as well. For Android development tools and an Android app development tools list, you can reference developer.android.com

And that’s just for Android! When developing for iPhones, you’ll need a software developer who is familiar with developing for iOS, as well as dealing with the App Store and all of its nuances. This will likely require another hire, separate from your Android app developer, since this is an entirely different development skillset. 

Ok...have we convinced you? Lumavate enables you to build mobile apps once, for not only iPhone and Android, but also for everything in between!

Mobile App Development Software 

Lumavate is the perfect app development software for beginners. It’s a no-code platform, making it the best app builder for marketers and those in your organization who aren’t software developers. While we don’t have an app creator software free download, we do have a free app development software trial available, which you can request right here

How to Create a Mobile App Using Lumavate

We’re making it easier than ever to build and publish mobile apps. With our Starter Kits–which include mobile app design templates, and mobile app development tools for free (like training videos, tutorials, and PDF resources)–you can build your first app in an hour or less! It’s the quickest way for marketers to get started with a mobile app builder, since it only requires basic computer knowledge (think: drag and drop, toggle on-and-off, click buttons when you want to do what the button prompts...it really is a no brainer. You can go ahead and return that “How to Make A Mobile App for Beginners” guide).

Lumavate Pricing

So, you might be asking yourself, “what’s the best free app builder?”, or “where can I find the best free app development software?”, or “is this mobile app design software free?”. Well, unfortunately Lumavate is not the free mobile app builder you seek. However, in our humble opinion, it just may be the best app builder of 2019, which is why it’s very well worth its price point. 

Whether you’re looking to build one app or one hundred apps, Lumavate has an option that will fit your business goals and your budget. You can explore our pricing page here. And in the meantime, we can offer you a few other things for free. How about some free mobile app UI design tools? Our Mobile Design Swipe File is perfect. Or if you just want some of the best mobile app development tools and resources, we can offer that to you free of charge on our blog. Not even a penny for our thoughts! (Though, it would probably be worth it...there’s a ton of good stuff on there.)

How Does Lumavate Work?

Within the Lumavate platform is the powerful Lumavate Studio, which is where all of the app magic happens. You–without any code required–can put together widgets and components to make up your app. And, with every change you make, your app preview panel updates live, which means you can see your changes as your user will see them on any device. This totally negates the need for mobile app prototyping! From idea to published app, your entire mobile strategy can live within the Lumavate platform. Although Lumavate is not an open source mobile app builder, it can integrate with open source mobile app development software. For example, Lumavate already utilizes Ionic’s framework and library, which are mobile app development tools for open source. 

Lumavate vs. Other App Building Softwares

Here’s where Lumavate differs from other app building software:

  • No Coding Required - Unlike Apache Cordova and Phonegap, Lumavate is a no-code platform for mobile app development, which makes it perfect for marketers who have no development experience and want to take app creation into their own hands. Other platforms like Appery and Mendix are low-code solutions, which mean some coding is required in order to build an app.
  • Delivering Progressive Web Apps - While other no-code platforms exist, such as Appy Pie, Buildfire, and Mobile Roadie, apps built on their platforms are delivered as native apps. Apps built on the Lumavate platform are delivered as Progressive Web Apps, which means they don’t require an app store download, and therefore are more accessible and yield higher adoption and engagement than their native counterparts.

See Lumavate in Action

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