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Low Code App Development Platforms

Low Code App Development Platforms

When it comes to building the mobile apps of today, we now have many options at our fingertips. While there used to be only one long, drawn-out method for creating apps, now mobile apps can be built extremely fast. This is made possible with app-development software. And better yet, now you don’t even have to know any coding language to build apps! With the low code platforms we have today, building apps has never been easier!

What is Low Code?

Low code refers to app builders that require little knowledge of coding in order to build apps. While mobile apps have always been developed through processes that involve tons of technical coding languages, we are now transitioning into a time when anyone can build an app!

What Is Low Code Development and Why Is It Important?

Still confused about low code app builders? Utilizing a low code application development platform, users can build apps quickly, while only using a little bit of coding language. Low code app development platforms are important because they really speed up app development. Before low code platforms were around, developers had to build apps the standard way, which included using coding languages and many complex processes. Today, there are many low code integration platform solutions that make app-building a breeze!

How to Choose

While low code platforms for business developers can be extremely beneficial, it’s important to know there are other types of builders on the market. The different options include:

  • Open source
  • No code
  • Open source no code platform

Not sure what option will work best for your company? Well, it all depends on the resources you have and your budget. If you have a team that isn’t very experienced in coding at all, then a no code platform may be the best choice.

Build with Lumavate Today

If you don’t have any experience with coding but you still want to create mobile apps, then Lumavate is the answer! We work directly with marketers to empower them with the tools needed for app-building success. So if you know nothing about coding at all, we would love to start a conversation to help you learn more about our platform.

Low Code Options

While you don’t need to know anything about coding to use Lumavate, we do also have low code options for building functionality-rich pages, components, and features using the preferred language. Then, these can be used across multiple apps.


Our pricing options are another great reason to choose us. In fact, we’re so transparent about our pricing, we’ll flat-out tell you you can get started with Lumavate for free!

iOS and Android App Maker

One of the leading benefits of choosing Lumavate is we help you build progressive web apps (PWAs), which allows users to create one app, then that app will work on iOS and Android devices.

Need more help understanding low code development? If so, be sure to look at low code development platforms Gartner reports. Now we’ll dive into some low code automation applications and low code examples.


One app builder is gaining in popularity is called Appian. Appian is a company that offers low code app development to a wide range of different industries. There are many advantages to using Appian low code solutions; some of which include:

  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Ability to build apps easily
  • Drag-and-drop features
  • The use of process models
  • Appian on premise, Cloud, and hybrid deployment options

One great benefit of using Appian is you can build an app once, then it works natively on all devices. The Appian hybrid cloud platform also allows users to build and save design patterns that can be accessed for future apps.

Lumavate Is the Better Alternative

While Appian is a great app builder that allows you to design amazing apps, they don’t have a long list of capabilities like the list you’ll see at Lumavate. While Lumavate does have the option to build on a low code platform, we also provide users with the option to build with no code!


Another reason to choose Lumavate over Appian is that we offer much better pricing options. Although the Appian pricing is relatively affordable, Lumavate still offers a much better deal. In fact, you can get started for free.

Useful Guides

Appian also does a great job at supplying users with the Appian low code guide, which talks more about low code development and getting started on their platform. Lumavate also beats them out in this regard. Be sure to check out our Marketer’s Guide that covers PWAs in-depth, including how these apps are tested and built.

Although the Appian low code pricing and the Appian trial are very intriguing, look up an Appian code example and you’ll immediately see why Lumavte is the better alternative!

Amazon Web Service - AWS for Everyone

When it comes to the web applications of today, many of them utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) - AWS for Everyone. AWS is the world’s most comprehensive cloud platform that offers 175 fully-featured services worldwide. AWS hosts tons of websites and platforms all over the globe, and many businesses are very happy with their solutions.

We Utilize AWS

Another reason to choose the Lumavate AWS low code platform is we’re hosted on Amazon AWS for Everyone! Check out a few of the many benefits of hosting on AWS:

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy-to-use
  • Flexible
  • Secure
  • Reliable

With all of these incredible benefits, our customers should rest easy knowing our Amazon no code platform is keeping them safe and in great hands. To learn more about AWS, we encourage you to look into the AWS Beehive forum and join a conversation.

Powerful Systems

Since AWS is involved with many businesses and processes around the globe, AWS is gaining a lot of popularity and power. But while there are many app builders that utilize AWS like Mendix AWS, no one compares to the power of Lumavate!

PowerApps vs AWS

A strong competitor to AWS is Microsoft PowerApps. PowerApps is an initiative that allows developers and other users to build mobile apps from an assortment of templates. These apps are then hosted on Microsoft Azure, which provides many benefits compared to AWS.

Real Marketers Podcast

On a podcast episode we aired last year, we discussed the importance of ‘Bringing the Web and App Space Together.’ We sat down with a special guest, Jeff Burtoft, who is the Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft. We discussed why Microsoft made PWAs a vital piece of their overall strategy, and we also covered what’s next for the world of progressive web apps.

Outsystems Review - Is it the Right Low Code Application Platform For You?

While Lumavate is the leading no code and low code app development platform on the market today, it’s important to look at the other sources out there to see how they stack up. One of those options is called Outsystems.

What is Outsystems Low Code Platform?

When it comes to an Outsystems low code review, many people claim the platform works very quickly. Users say the platform helps to develop apps extremely fast, and making changes also happens at lighting-speed. Outsystems works similarly to Lumavate, but there isn't a no code app development option.

Lumavate Wins from All Angles

Many people love Outsystems, but there are far more benefits when choosing Lumavate. For one, we’re the leading no code platform that gives users the ability to customize each app with low code options. Not only does this allow marketers to crank out app after app, but it also leads to very beneficial customization capabilities.

See the Lumavate Difference Today!

Still on the fence between Outsystems and Lumavate? Well, after doing a simple Outsystems Wiki search or looking at an Outsystems tutorial, you’ll immediately see why Lumavate is the better option. Not only do we offer amazing customization capabilities, but we also help users get started quickly with our Starter Kits! So after looking over an Outsystems low code tutorial, you’ll instantly see why they aren’t the ideal solution for you.

Google App Maker Examples and Review

Another solution to building apps is through Google App Maker. Given how this builder is developed by Google, many people are amazed at the capabilities. However, there are some pros and cons to weigh when it comes to this platform.

Google App Maker Review

Developed by Google, Google App Maker is a low code app development tool that is part of the G Suite family. This platform allows users or developers to build and deploy apps with ease. While users claim there are many benefits to using the platform, there are certainly some negatives to point out. Take a look at the pros and cons of the low code app development Google platform:


One of the top advantages of this platform is the drag-and-drop feature. This makes the platform extremely easy to use for just about anyone. The Google App Maker templates are also another benefit. Additionally, the Google App Maker training process is also loved by many users. They excel at getting users up to speed quickly. However, although there are many Google low code platform benefits, there are also some disadvantages to consider.


One of the negatives about this tool is that there is no free trial. This can make it difficult for users to get accustomed to what the platform can do for them. Another downfall is that the platform isn’t suited for medium type businesses; they only cater to small businesses or large enterprise companies.

Need More Insights?

If you want to dive deeper into more info about Google and progressive web apps altogether, then I invite you to check out the Mobile Matters podcast episode titled, Progressive Web Apps: The Future of Mobile Web. We sat down with Alex Russell from Google to go in-depth about PWAs and Google’s plans with them.

Lumavate Helps You Get Started

After looking over a Google App Maker tutorial and Google App Maker examples, you may feel inclined to give them a call. But while there are strong benefits to the Google App Maker deployment process, Lumavate is the solution you need. That’s because we make it super simple to get started thanks to our Starter Kits! These are templates that allow you to learn the ropes extremely fast. So even if you’re a Google App Maker expert or you’re considering the Google low code option, I invite you to give Lumavate a try for yourself!

Gartner - Research and Advisory Company

If you’re looking for the latest research and reports regarding many areas of business, then Gartner is the solution for you. Founded in 1979, the company provides senior leaders with exceptional business insights and advice that they can’t get from any other source.

Low Code Is Changing the Technology Landscape

If you don't know already, low code platforms are making huge strides in the technology industry. In fact, Gartner even renamed one of their reports from ‘Magic Quadrant: High Productivity Application Platform as a Service’ to ‘Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms’.

Key Mentions

As Gartner is known as a prestigious company, we are proud to say that Lumavate was mentioned in six different research notes by Gartner in regards to being a top PWA platform. Here are the following reports by Gartner with their corresponding links:

Gartner Low Code Magic Quadrant 2019

There were a lot of great insights from the Gartner low code 2019 findings. The Gartner Magic Quadrant 2019 Low Code platform report goes in-depth about low code platforms and explains some of the leading options on the market. The report, officially called Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low Code Application Platforms 2019, analyzed 18 different platforms. The Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low Code Application Platforms report is a great resource when comparing tools. If you want to see the report for yourself, try doing an internet search for “Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms 2019 PDF” or “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms PDF.” Another great report to research is called The Forrester Wave Low-Code Platforms for Business Developers Q2 2019.

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