Focusing on mobile should be a top priority for your business.

How to Start an App

How to Start an App

When it comes to marketing and reaching an audience, mobile platforms are what's trending. But to really succeed in this mobile-driven world, you need the right mobile strategy. From creating mobile-friendly websites to building apps, focusing on mobile should be a top priority for your business. And while you may think that mobile doesn’t really relate to your business, think again! Mobile is now table stakes for almost every single company across all industries! In fact, according to App Annie, 105 billion app downloads were made through the Google Play Store and iOS App Store in 2018. Just that stat alone shows you the importance of focusing on your mobile strategy!

What to Know Before Developing an App

Before developing an app, it’s important to understand the options you have when it comes to building. These include:

  • Using an in-house development team
  • Outsourcing to a dev shop
  • Purchasing app development software

While using an in-house team or outsourcing can result in amazing apps, technology has certainly increased for app development software. In fact, many of these software options don’t require that the users need to know any coding language!

How to Develop An App

When it comes to app development, it has been standard procedure for a developer to learn how to code an app or have them learn how to develop an app. And typically, this involves designing native apps. And without the use of any other software, these developers would learn how to create an app from scratch. But the key here is that native apps have a whole different building process. For example, if a developer learns how to create an app for Android, then they’ll also need to learn how to create an app for the iPhone. This causes a lot of headaches for companies and it can take a developer up to two full years to rollout both apps. There had to be a solution where people didn’t have to learn how to code an app for Android and learn how to code an app for iPhone. That’s where Lumavate came in to save the day!

What is Lumavate?

Lumavate is a platform that allows users to create an app once, then that app works on both Android and iPhone devices. You heard that right, all you need is one development process and the app can work on all operating systems and on all devices! And the best part is, users don’t need any coding experience to create apps!

How to Create an App without Coding

So you may be wondering how this is all possible. This amazing platform is made possible thanks to the amazing developers we work with. They’ve developed a sophisticated platform that allows marketers to easily place page elements and designs on to a mobile app builder, then they can watch their apps come to life! However, this solution isn’t anything new; many companies are jumping on board and providing similar services. From low-code to no-code platforms, these software solutions are allowing marketers to forget about hiring expensive developers and focus on making more money quickly with faster app development!

Accelerate Your Business

One of the top benefits of no-code software is that it allows companies to produce many apps in a short amount of time. So instead of spending over a year with a developer creating one app, you can now create one hundred apps in that same timeframe! This allows companies to really accelerate their app output, which could lead to more business and more revenue! Want to learn how to start your own app? Contact Lumavate today to get started!

Mobile is Worth the Investment

Although many businesses understand that mobile is currently trending at a rapid rate, many companies don’t make their mobile strategies a top concern, which could lead to thousands of dollars going down the drain. According to App Annie, 194 billion app downloads were made in 2018. Just that stat alone should have you calling your team immediately to implement new app creation ideas, including starting a contest for the best app idea submission.

Never Choose Free Options

If you do an internet search for mobile app software, then a lot of the results will claim that they can show you how to create an app for free. While you may feel very inclined to sign up for these services, you’ll just be wasting your time. While they claim to be the best free app builder, these platforms allow you to design the more basic apps known to man. And to make matters worse, some of these apps have terrible tools and ineffective security measures. So while you want to learn how to create an app for iPhone free of charge, these free apps won’t help you get anywhere. If you truly want to see results, then choose from Lumavate’s competitive pricing options to find a package that works for your needs.

Mobile App Development Process Steps

Lumavate is proud to provide the next generation of mobile app software. While we understand the frustration that comes from native apps, we have designed a platform that helps users design Progressive Web Apps. These types of apps are built to store data on website pages rather than smartphones. These apps are hosted on URLs, and cached data is stored while the app is being used, which provides users to use these apps when they’re offline. As for native apps, their data is stored on the phones of users, which can take up tons of valuable storage space. Furthermore, native apps are only compatible with the operating system they were built for. With Progressive Web Apps, these applications can be used on any mobile device and with any mobile operating system!

Mobile App Development Process Steps

When developing apps on Lumavate, it is a very easy and straightforward process. And to help you get started, we offer a wide variety of tools and resources so you can become an app-making pro in minutes! How are apps made with Lumavate? Keep reading to learn more.

I Have an App Idea. Where Do I Start?

Do you have an app idea? Not sure what to do next with your amazing idea? Well to understand the process, you’ll need to understand the steps to starting an app. See below for these steps:

Patent an App Idea

If you have an awesome app idea and you’re serious about designing it, then you should first patent your app idea. Given how this can take some time, you’ll want to do this step first. Be sure to research this step to figure out how to do it properly. Getting a patent is how to protect your app idea from being copied. And related to the patent, you should also learn how to trademark an app. Be sure to do extensive research on the mobile app copyright or patent steps to complete.

Register App Details

The next step involves a registration process. This should give you guidance on how to register an app idea. However, it's important to note that you can’t register ideas, but you might be able to register the details of your app as literary work. In addition, if you have certain drawings or interface layouts of the app that contains the requisite level of copyrightable authorship, then you may be able to register those app drawings. After you’ve developed your app, then there are more options when it comes to registering.

Buildout App

The next step involves finalizing your app if you haven’t done so already. However, this can take a lot of money and resources, so be sure that you have the right idea with the right resources to bring your app to life. If you need to learn to code, be sure to seek guidance on how to code an app for beginners.

Simplified Apps with Lumavate

If you don’t want to deal with registering, getting patents, and the whole app buildout process, then Lumavate is the solution you need. If you have an app idea, you can use our innovative tools and a wide variety of elements to create the app you've always wanted! And better yet, our apps work across all mobile devices and on any mobile operating system. Especially if you’re new to app-making, Lumavate is the perfect place to learn app building at its finest!

Build Your First App Quickly with Starter Kits

Want to get started on Lumavate? While you may be ecstatic about your new adventure as an app builder, you still may be confused about where to start. The answer lies with our Starter Kits! This is the perfect place to begin if you want to learn how to develop an app for beginners.

How They Work

Our Starter Kits work essentially like templates, which provides you with an app layout that is already designed—you just have to add in your own content and information. Furthermore, these templates can be edited to suit your specific needs. To make things even better, we offer a wide selection of templates so you’ll be sure to find exactly what you have in mind! These templates are perfect for those looking for how to make an app for beginners. Take a look at a list of our available Starter Kits:

  • Wayfinding
  • Content Distribution
  • Survey
  • Image Recognition
  • Internal Communications
  • VIP Events
  • Lead Registration
  • Internal Trade Show
  • And more!

Amazing Tools

Another reason why our app builder is exceptional is that it comes equipped with a wide selection of tools! These many tools are always available, which allows users to learn how to create a new app with ease. Whether you’re starting an app from scratch or you just want to use a template to learn how to make a simple app, our tools can help you get there.

Prototyping Feature

Another benefit of Lumavate involves our incredible prototyping feature! Here you’re able to preview your app as your developing it to see if it needs any adjustments before publishing. So now’s the time to learn how to create an app and make money fast!

Mobile Apps as a Business Opportunity

Given the extreme popularity with mobile apps in this day and age, mobile apps provide an incredible business app development opportunity. Whether you’re struggling to keep your business afloat or your company is succeeding, even one great mobile app can take your organization to the next level. In fact, many people see this mobile growth as the perfect opportunity to learn how to start a mobile app business or mobile app franchise. To better understand this growth, take a look at a few stats:

  • Since 2016, there has been a 75% growth in global app revenue, according to certain app revenue data metrics
  • iOS App Store 2018 revenue was around $46.6 billion, while Google Play revenue was at $24.8 billion

By reading these eye-popping statistics, it's pretty obvious why many companies are seeing mobile app development as a huge business opportunity. In fact, many entrepreneurs are constantly learning how to start app development software companies for themselves. This substantial growth means there is a mobile app business opportunity from many different avenues, which will lead to new software being developed at a rapid rate.

Lumavate is the Answer

Want to create an app for yourself? Want to see how Lumavate works? While you’re intrigued by the companies that show you how to start an app for free, it's important to understand that software never offers the tools and solutions you need to succeed.

To truly create apps that’ll turn heads, Lumavate is the answer. Create a free account today to become an app-building pro!


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