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Traditional app development has historically been reserved for businesses who could commission an IT agency or already had a robust IT department themselves. The level of specialization required to write programs and manipulate existing programs to work for the specific usages of your business is not something most people had access to. Is app making free? In today's world of software development, however, the hassles of the past no longer need apply. Writing an app on your own is as simple as using a software development platform that uses no code technology. 

No code technology is, as the name implies, the ability to write app programs without the necessity of prior coding knowledge. This is accomplished through the use of an intuitive drag and drop style where you take pre-programmed tiles and arrange them to be used how you see fit. No code technology is rapidly changing the way businesses and individual users integrate the convenience of apps into their routines. 

Although there are many app builders out there that allow you to code apps, these apps use the native programming language of the device you are on. To make these apps work across multiple devices (windows, android, iPhone, etc.), it would require reprogramming the app in all of the languages necessary for each device, even with the best app builder. Even after these apps are developed, the app store may still deny the developer the ability to market their product at all, so even the best free app builder 2022 might not be enough. This often happens without even having to state a reason for this denial. There is another way to build apps that can avoid these obstacles entirely, and you can still use the best free app builder without coding. 

Does Google have an app builder? Sort of, but it is still intended for native development. So, when you're learning what is the easiest app builder, or searching "Does Google have a free app builder," even the Google option isn't a clear winner. 

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are applications that seek to take advantage of the convenience of a web based app and the seamless integration of a native based app. Is there a completely free app builder for PWAs? Yes, and you'll see it in a moment. PWAs have the ability to be found in a search engine and also have installable software. Apps such as Spotify, Uber, and Pinterest are examples of modern and successful PWAs. These apps can be accessed by simply visiting their webpage or by installing software that unlocks a more integrated version of the software to your device of choice. 

Using the platform known as Lumavate (the best free app builder), anybody can build a PWA of their own without any prior programming experience. Lumavate can be used for free and provides the tools and guides needed to start this new style of app development. What is the easiest app builder? It's going to be a no-code solution like Lumavate. 

The Best Free App Creator for Students 

For students, Lumavate (a free app maker for students) represents an ability to make yourself stand out during presentations. Instead of just using slides with programs like PowerPoint, students can now have much more interactive displays with similar simplicity to designing slides for PowerPoint. Users can upgrade their work with this free app maker for students without coding. Adding features like a QR code so the audience can have their own interactive copy of the presentation you are giving is just one possible use (out of hundreds) for a no code platform like Lumavate. It's a free Android app maker. 

No code platforms, especially free ones like Lumavate, offer a much needed accessibility to programming and development tools for students. Something that has historically taken a large amount of resources, in the form of money and time, is now easily accessible and can be taken advantage of without any of the drawbacks of the past. Creating apps that remind you about due dates for homework, or consolidating and organizing your notes for easy access and readability; are just a couple of examples of how students can take advantage of these platforms. 

Students who take advantage of these platforms are also preparing themselves for their upcoming business ventures. Businesses are relying on no code platforms due to their low barrier of entry when it comes to programming apps. With an expectation for even more usage going forward. Familiarizing yourself with these platforms as a student is not only a great way to set yourself apart in class, but is setting you up for quick success when entering the business world after. 

The Best Free Android App Maker 

As mentioned, there are many possible options for free app makers. The problem most users will encounter when using some of these services is that you are limited between iOS and Android development to make a native app. PWAs allow you to bypass this by creating one app that works on all devices. 

The best service for you will depend on what type of build you need. For a large enterprise, you would require an app builder that allows you to create and integrate multiple apps to implement dynamic solutions as they arise. For a small builder, you may prefer an app building platform that has a lot of options and is easy to use so you can build an app that fits your unique needs.

 In either case, using an app development platform that allows you to make apps that act as PWAs is a great way to make tools for your business accessible across a variety of devices. You can also avoid having to hire expensive professionals for the often tedious and long work of software development. Giving you the freedom to focus your resources onto other necessary problems and solutions for your business.

Still, common questions arise. What is the best free app maker? What is the best free Android app maker? What is the best free app builder? What is the best free app creator? What is the best app maker? Lumavate is a quality answer to all of them.


Some mobile app builders to take into consideration when looking for your own mobile app building platform are apps like Appy Pie, Appmakr, and Google Appsheet. All of these apps are no code app builders designed to allow first-time designers the ability to create fully functional apps. 

Apple Pie is a platform designed for ease of access. It boasts a variety of affordable plans and unique features. There are also a lot of guides and help features on the site. This has made it a go to platform for new developers as well as small and medium sized businesses. 

AppMakr is another platform with very affordable programs, and claims to allow people to be able to build an app in 20 minutes. This is probably one reason that approximately 2 millions apps have been built on this platform. 

Google Appsheet is still a no code platform like the previous two, but has a focus on connectivity to other apps and data programs. The ability to easily use data sources such as Excel and Salesforce make this a great platform for industries like accounting, sales, and marketing. 

Lumavate is our no code app building platform. Initially adopted by marketers for their app solution needs, Lumavate is constantly bringing in new users from an expanding list of fields. Any app created in Lumavate is deployed as a PWA, making the accessibility of apps created on the platform very high. Anyone looking to find a no code platform for their business or personal use, can start a free account and try us today.

Educational Apps

The scope and variety of apps that no code platforms allow you to make is endless. This is also true when it comes to making apps for educational purposes. Students can use app making platforms for school projects, and teachers can make apps for their class to utilize. You can create an Android app online without coding, for example.

Students can integrate QR codes to give access to presentations to their entire class while making a free app for Android. Students can also make convenience apps such as homework reminders and live polling. These are just a few potential usages for app building platforms like Lumavate, one of the best coding apps for kids. 

Teachers can use tools that allow them to attach audio recordings to graded work and learn how to make educational software. Allowing much more concise explanations on point deductions or suggestions for a better answer. Apps for information regarding the class as well as material in the class (i.e., and interactive syllabus) can also be made.

Due to the fact that more and more of our daily lives interact with software, parents are pushing their children to learn coding. App building platforms are giving a great starting point for people interested in app development, and companies are taking advantage of the ease and convenience these platforms provide. No code development is allowing businesses to use less time and resources on expensive app development and bug fixing. Effectively turning any employee into a potential app developer for their company. 

Which app is best for school students? Lumavate shines here too. 

Free Apps

 Let's answer the final questions. Can I create my own app for free? How can I make my own app for free? How do I create an app for education? How can students create free apps? Can you create your own free app? It all comes back to Lumavate.

 With so many options available for no code development, choosing your platform is the first step in developing mobile apps on your own. Lumavate makes it as simple as entering the design studio and dragging all the different features and components you desire into the app. Whichever app development platform you decide to work with will allow you to create any apps you want. Convenience, security, fun, are some of the reasons to start making mobile apps now.

If you have any interest in no code platforms and mobile app design, Lumavate is a free platform that allows you to easily build mobile apps. With businesses relying more and more on these platforms for their internal business solutions, it is the perfect time to learn and familiarize yourself with these platforms and what they offer.

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