What is the best enterprise app platform for my business?

Enterprise App Platform

Software Company

If you want to build an app, the first thing you might think of doing is looking for a software company. With a software company, you'd go through your application specifications — what you want your application to do — and they'd develop an app for you. A software company description is just any company that creates software, whether they're native applications, web apps, or even desktop apps.

The top 10 software development companies world include 10 Pearls, Avenga, Eleks, and Fingent. The top mobile app development companies in USA include SEM Nexus, Tonic, and Turing. Understandably, it's really expensive to work with any of these companies. If you look at the about us software company, you'll generally see that they've been in the business for many decades.

Some enterprise software development company are going to be expensive to work with. And the enterprise software development process is going to take a long time. But the truth is you actually don't need to work with a software development company or a software solutions company like Fingent enterprise software. That's because there are actually utilities available today that make it possible for you to do your software application development on your own.

With low code or no code apps you can do enterprise software development in-house. Lumavate is built specifically for enterprise organizations so they can scale app development from one to a hundred apps or more. Lumavate is a no code app builder, so you can develop apps without programming a single line of code. Even better, Lumavate is designed with templates, design elements, and components, so you can easily drag-and-drop particularly robust features into your app.

If you want to develop apps from scratch, you can do so. But it's going to take a lot of time and money. If you want to develop apps, Lumavate can help you start right away. Enterprise apps, in particular, are expensive. And most software development companies are going to charge you for all the updates that you need to make to the system — which can be considerable.

An issue with enterprise apps is always going to be continued maintenance. People need to pay to continually maintain their app and their app has to grow and develop over time. Because of that, you're going to need to constantly be revising and reiterating your app. And that's not something that every company wants to pay for every time they want to modify their app.

With Lumavate, you're in control. You can modify and improve on your app at any time thanks to PWA software!

App Development Companies

There's an interesting thing happening in the app development companies industry today. A lot of people aren't working with the top 10 mobile app development companies. Instead of procuring app company, they're instead developing their own apps. It makes sense.

For one, an enterprise development company can cost around $100,000 for a regular app. While companies can pay that amount, most of them don't want to, especially if they can develop something in-house. The top mobile app development companies in USA may be exceptional companies, but most companies can do with a low code or no code app builder that helps them create an app themselves.

Second, a lot of people don't want to have to turn to an enterprise mobile app development company every time they make modifications to their app. They want to be free to modify their app on the fly, which isn't something that can happen if they have someone else standing between them and their app software.

Enterprise organizations have a lot of mobile apps they may want to build. Internal apps for teams, customer-facing apps for products and services, and more. You can look at the Lumavate App Gallery to see the wide array of apps that an enterprise might want to support.

So, companies are now turning to sites like Appian, Appery, and Lumavate, so they can create their own apps, support their own apps, and change and modify and update their own apps as needed. This frees them from having to pay the high rates of other app development companies and also makes them significantly more agile when it comes to making the chances they need to support their clients and their customer base.

Lumavate’s Enterprise App Platform

Lumavate was built with enterprise organizations’ requirements in mind — such as security, scalability, and ownership over app distribution and publishing. Lumavate's App Gallery shows off some of the incredible possibilities for apps that enterprise clients can build with Lumavate.

The Internal Communications Starter Kit can be used for an enterprise app platform that frees companies from Sharepoints and email blasts in favor of personalized mobile news hubs, which can keep employees informed wherever they are.

The Wayfinder Starter Kit is perfect for healthcare and entertainment organizations, who need to show visitors how to get around quickly. And the Internal Tradeshow Starter Kit enables larger teams to keep all the most important brand and booth information in one place, so employees attending a show can be informed and ready to capture as many leads as possible.

What is enterprise application development? Usually, it means that an app is developed from scratch utilizing technologies such as React JS or jQuery. But not everyone wants to develop an app from scratch. Application development can also be the no code platform of Lumavate — a no code, WYSIWYG environment that makes it possible for companies to develop an application without taking a full enterprise application development course.

Lumavate is a full enterprise application development platform, paired with complete enterprise application development services. It embraces the open source philosophy with the Lumavate Library, a sequence of code snippets, components, and functions that can help add more functionality and features to any app. Lumavate is one of the best, most robust enterprise application development technologies out there, specifically because it's not just a no code environment, but a no code environment for PWAs.

PWAs are becoming the most important enterprise application development tools. You don't need to look into what is enterprise application in Java, Java enterprise application development, or expensive enterprise app development services. Instead, you can just focus on becoming a great enterprise app development company that's driven by marketing, data, and advertising, rather than needing to know in-depth programming information.

There's a reason why Lumavate is the best. Not only is it no code, but it supports PWAs. Many believe that PWAs are the future of the web, because they are web apps that can directly access core functions that were previously locked behind native applications. While you can use HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS to create PWAs, you would need years of experience to create a PWA that would be sufficient for enterprise use.

Mobile App Development Platform

What is a mobile app development platform and how can it help a business get their app up and running quicker? On average, it can take from three months to nine months to develop an app. But with Lumavate, an app can actually be developed within a matter of minutes or hours.

Lumavate is the leading no code Progressive Web App platform that can create apps that work across all operating systems and devices. Lumavate allows marketers to be agile in the app development space by having the ability to create no code Progressive Web Apps within hours rather than months. In Lumavate, you are able to update and edit your application at your own pace.

Of course, you might still want to learn more about mobile app development, apart from just using a mobile app development platform. A MADP is one thing but the theory behind user design, features, and functions is different. Apart from looking into a mobile enterprise application platform, you can read MEAP books and consult sources such as HubSpot, Thinkful, and Codecademy. In addition to studying a MEAP Stack or MEAP Region, you can find out more about the philosophies and principles behind mobile engagement.

The bottom line is that it's really hard to develop an enterprise app from scratch, even for professional developers. For marketers, it can be almost impossible. Marketers need a low code or no code environment so they can test out ideas, react to their users (and their employees), and ensure that the app is able to properly drive engagement. Even when apps are being used internally, they need to be engaging, useful, and usable.

With Lumavate, you don't need to read a stack of enterprise application development books. You need to focus on what users are looking for in their mobile technology platforms, what your mobile consumer application platform can deliver to them, and how you want to program your mobile consumer application program to serve them. Lumavate frees up companies to create robust apps without having to go through the entirety of the development process — and without having to continually optimize, refine, and configure performance. Most marketers don't study about mobile application development — they want to learn about mobile application use.

Are you ready to get started developing a new app? You can make an app within just a few hours with Lumavate — and start testing it out right away. Check out the free mobile app development platform of Lumavate today.

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