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Digital Marketing Strategy

What is Digital Marketing

Many people know the term “digital marketing”, but there are still people out there asking “what is digital marketing”. Digital marketing includes all marketing efforts that include electronic devices. A common misconception is that the primary function of digital marketing is the use of social media. While social media is one element of digital marketing, there are multiple digital channels that digital marketing. These channels include search engines, emails, websites, mobile apps, online paid advertisements.

So, for those wondering how to do digital marketing, you first must decide what digital marketing channels you want to focus on, and then develop a strategy of how you will coordinate your marketing efforts through those channels. As more and more people are finding themselves on the internet and owning smartphones, digital marketing is becoming increasingly important for marketers to increase discovery, adoption, and stimulate organic leads.

Another important thing to consider is where your target audience is. You need to understand who you are trying to market to and then choose the channels that they are already on. This is much easier than trying to market to people who aren't already in your target demographic.

Digital Marketing Mix

Anyone who has taken a marketing class knows that the marketing mix includes the product, price, place, and promotion. These four elements are also impacted by digital marketing, and therefore, has also been known as the digital marketing mix. For example, the product refers to ways in which the traditional product can be extended into digital environments. New pricing models may be constructed into digital marketing to account for online discounts, or as a reaction to the digital market. The place or distribution of the product will also be altered due to exposure to new channels that behave differently. Finally, promotion is also adjusted as digital marketing greatly focuses on inbound leads. Overall, the traditional marketing mix remains the same for digital marketing but slightly shifts to allow for new practices and channels that become relevant with digital marketing. 

Digital Marketing Examples

There are many examples of successful digital marketing campaigns. Lumavate frequently highlights outstanding examples of digital marketing on the Real Marketers podcast. Market leaders talk about how they use digital marketing and mobile marketing to improve engagement with consumers. 

If you are looking for other examples, think about the last time you clicked on an ad that came across your instagram stories or twitter feed. That is a perfect example of a successful digital marketing campaign. If you have bought anything from being digitally targeted, think about why you might not be tempted and think about different things that might entice you to buy something the next time around.

Digital Marketing Strategy 

In order to be a successful digital marketer, it is important to build out a digital marketing strategy or an online marketing strategy. In this day and age, if you want to be a modern marketer it is just as important to have a well thought out digital marketing strategy as it is to have a traditional marketing strategy. So, what is a digital marketing strategy? It is your plan of how you are going to market through digital marketing channels. In order to have an effective digital marketing strategy you need to think about what channels of digital marketing you are going to focus on. When deciding what channels work best for you, it is important to think about the crossover between where your digital skills lie, where your customers are, and what you are passionate about. You want to implement the channels that fall into all three of those categories into your digital marketing strategy. 

Once that is decided, you must consider how often you are going to post on those channels and how much time you are going to invest in them. It is best to have a plan of how frequently you want to use the channels rather than just winging it. If you don’t have a strategy here you will risk overloading certain digital channels, while forgetting about others. You also want to consider what your goals are for each channel, and how you will measure those goals to check your progress. These considerations will get you started with your digital marketing strategy. 

The next step is to create digital experiences for each of the channels you want to target. This means thinking about what would convert a view into a lead so you can get the largest ROI for your marketing efforts.

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy 

When considering how to create a digital marketing strategy, many people utilize a digital marketing strategy framework. Using a framework will provide you with a general structure of what your strategy will look like. There is also an option to use a digital marketing strategy template. Both a framework and template have similar tools, and you can use either to build your digital marketing strategy depending on what better fits your company.  One popular digital strategy example is RACE. This stands for Reach, Act, Convert, Engage. This framework helps marketers have a strategy for each stage of the buyer process, helps define goals of each stage, and KPIs for each stage. 

Digital Marketing Strategy PDF

There are many resources available to help marketers devise the perfect digital marketing strategy for their business. Many websites will provide digital marketing strategy pdfs that include resources to help you learn about digital marketing, as well as frameworks and templates. There are also digital marketing strategy pdf 2021 versions and digital marketing strategy pdf 2021 versions so you can stay up to date with the latest trends. Here is a website with a digital marketing strategy example pdf. Included are a digital branding strategy pdf, a digital marketing strategy template 2012, and a digital marketing strategy ppt. Many of these resources can be downloaded and frequently referenced. 

Lumavate also provides many digital marketing strategy downloads on its website. A main goal of Lumavate is to share resources with marketers to improve their marketing strategies. The following resources focus on how you strategies and tools you can implement to improve your digital marketing efforts: The perfect mobile solution for the customer obsessed, Pictures this: Image recognition + AR in your business, and what you need to do for your mobile strategy

Digital Marketing Jobs

As the field of digital marketing continues to expand, there are many digital marketing job opportunities arising. Some of these jobs include digital marketing strategist, paid digital media specialist, digital marketing manager, and some organizations are even adopting a chief digital officer. With more digital marketing jobs becoming available, some organizations are starting to see a deep integration between the marketing and IT departments. In terms of a digital marketing salary, a digital marketing position is pretty consistent with the salary of a traditional marketing position. Digital marketing jobs are a great opportunity for those who have a background in marketing, but also have an interest in the tech stack of the company, and how that tech stack can be used to increase inbound leads and sales. 

There are also many digital marketing start up companies that are popping up as digital marketing continues to grow. Additionally, there are many resources online to help build a startup company, like a digital marketing startup pdf, that gives advice on how to get started.  Lumavate is an example of a startup that works with digital marketing. At Lumavate, marketers are empowered to build their own Progressive Web Apps that they can use for marketing purposes or to better engage with the customer. There are also start up agencies that focus specifically on digital marketing. 

Digital Marketing Plan

A digital marketing plan is slightly different from a digital marketing strategy, but just as important. The digital marketing plan is a written document that outlines what digital marketing tools you will be using, and how you will use them. Within a digital marketing plan there can be multiple digital marketing strategies included, but a company will only have one digital marketing plan. This document should be a complete overview of the strategies of a given period of time. Some other things to include in this plan are your goals/metrics that should be met, your digital marketing budget, and development plan for the specified period of time. There are multiple digital marketing plan examples online that you can look to in reference when deciding what to include in your plan. 

Digital Marketing Plan Template

When writing your digital marketing plan, it might be helpful to reference a digital marketing plan template. One of these marketing plan templates will give you a general outline of what you need to include to ensure that you are not missing any key elements of your plan. An average marketing plan template suggests that you should first analyze the situation and current business environment. Then establish your digital marketing goals, strategies, and tactics to carry out your strategies. Finally, it is important to measure goals through established KPIs. If you are interested in having a template guide you, there are many free marketing plan templates available. 

Digital Marketing Plan Template PPT

Digital marketing templates are also available for download in various forms. There are digital marketing plan template excel sheets, digital marketing plan template ppts, and marketing plan template pdfs. You can also find digital marketing plans from different years to see how trends and strategies have changed. For example a digital marketing pdf 2021, 20120 or 2019. You can download whatever form best works for you and your company. Additionally, if you want your plan to be short and concise, you might want to consider writing a one page digital marketing plan. This would be something to consider if you are a start up business, or a business who is just getting started with a very focused digital marketing strategy. However, if you pursue a one page marketing plan, you want to make sure you are not forgetting an important element in the document. There are also resources regarding creating a digital marketing proposal pdf. This document will help you organize your thoughts around creating a digital marketing strategy, and help you propose it to leadership in your company. You can also learn more about digital marketing by reading digital marketing theory pdfs.

Digital Marketing Course

Due to the newness of digital marketing, many marketers did not have the opportunity to learn about the tools and strategies of digital marketing in school. However, that doesn’t mean it is too late to learn about the types of digital marketing and how to implement them. Despite not having exposure to digital marketing in traditional schooling, it is important that marketers are continuously staying up to date with the latest trends. 

Digital Marketing Online Courses

There are many online free digital marketing courses available. LinkedIn Learning is a great resource for classes, as well as the Digital Marketing Institute. Through these courses you can learn about multiple different strategies like social media, paid ads, content marketing, email marketing, web optimization and more. You can also get exposed to outstanding digital marketing examples, and companies that have carried out a strong and effective digital marketing strategy. 

Digital Marketing Resources

Digital marketing books are another great resource for learning. There are digital marketing strategy books that are great to read before developing your own digital marketing strategy, or if you are a beginner in marketing and digital marketing you might want to consider books such as digital marketing for dummies or a beginners guide to digital marketing. Books in those categories will give you a great base of knowledge. 

In addition to books, Lumavate also has a variety of resources that will help you learn about what’s new in digital marketing. Lumavate’s blog is updated constantly regarding new topics relating to different digital marketing strategies, what major companies are doing, and specific use cases of how you can improve your own digital marketing strategy. Lumavate also has a significant amount of downloadable resources including eBooks, infographics, and case studies. Additionally, the Real Marketers podcast provides great information of how marketing leaders are navigating the ever-changing digital atmosphere. 

Beginners Guide to Digital Marketing PDF

For those who are just starting to dip their toes in the water of digital marketing, starting at the basics will serve you best. To do this you can find digital marketing books online that are ready to be downloaded. Some recommendations for digital marketing novices are a beginner's guide to digital marketing pdf, digital marketing book pdf, and digital marketing for dummies pdf. It is easy to find all of this information on the web, there is no need to go to a bookstore and purchase these materials. 

Social media is a subset of digital marketing, and it is important that you find the right social media strategy for your company. Some resources that can aid in this process are a digital and social media marketing pdf and a social media marketing proposal pdf 2018, 2019 or 2020. It is okay to use resources from a few years back, but we all know how quickly social media trends can change, so make sure that the information is still accurate. Level up your digital marketing strategy by building an app without code using Lumavate!

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