Many companies are starting to realize the importance of app development for their business.

Create App Without Coding

Create App Without Coding

As apps are becoming more popular throughout the world, many companies are starting to realize the importance of app development for their business. But given the high cost of app development and the technical skills needed to develop these apps, this leaves many organizations with a lot of challenges on their hands. But as many app development software companies are realizing the demand for apps and understand that many companies don’t have the resources for coding, these software businesses are developing software aimed at providing a solution for how to create apps without any coding experience needed. The trending solution involves companies building apps themselves rather than buying. Take a look at some pros and cons of each method:


While learning how to create an app from scratch can be very difficult, there are many options out there that can help you through the process. And better yet, some of the best solutions don’t require the user to have any coding experience at all. If you choose to build an app, then it’s important to understand the following steps involved:

  • Identify software requirements
  • Assessing the team’s technical skills
  • Create a project plan
  • Develop software
  • Train team members on software
  • Rollout app


Buying an app can be a much faster solution. While having a developer create an app from scratch, that can take over a year for completion. But when you buy an app platform, this can be implemented in as little as a few days. Take a look at the steps involved with this process:

  • Planning app project
  • Training employees on how to use app
  • Launching app

Android vs. iPhone Apps

As the industry has recently introduced the idea of developing apps with platforms, many companies are joining the movement. There are many platforms on the market today that make it very simple to design apps, and users love that zero coding experience is needed.

No More Choosing

When companies want to create an app, they’ve usually had to go through the process of deciding if they should design an app for Android or iPhone. But to please everyone and not leave anyone out in the cold, many companies choose to create apps for both operating systems. However, building apps for both can be very expensive and the process can take years before the apps actually launch. While businesses are used to hiring a developer to create Android app from scratch, the world of app development software is changing the game forever. Today, you don’t even need coding experience to learn how to create an app for iPhone and Android.

Skills Needed for App Development

In order to understand how apps are typically built, let's take a look at the skills needed for app development. For building on iOS, a developer should be experienced with Swift or Objective-C coding language. For Android apps, a developer should have knowledge of Java or Kotlin languages. In addition, iOS apps must be uploaded to the App Store, while Android apps can be added to multiple app stores.


In order to build these apps, companies are willing to pay top dollar for their development. But while paying for one might not be too expensive, paying for an additional one on the other operating system can really rack up that development bill. If you’re paying a developer for one app, then that can cost upwards of $50,000 - $100,000+. But if you’re using an in-house team for the build, then these professionals make $113,000 per year on average. Given these high costs, that’s why businesses are learning how to create an app for Android and iPhone themselves.

Lumavate’s Mobile App Builder

The process of building apps can take years to complete. From finding qualified developers and explaining your focus to having the apps developed and making revisions—the whole process can be intricate, confusing, and very time-consuming. That being said, many businesses are learning how to create a mobile app with the help of a sophisticated platform. And many are choosing the best mobile app builder on the planet: Lumavate!

We Beat the Competitors

Here at Lumavate, we understand that we aren’t the only user-friendly app development software company out there. Some of our notable competitors are Appy Pie and Betty Blocks. But what makes us different is due to the fact that our apps are built as Progressive Web Apps.

What Are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are apps that are housed on URsL, not on the typical apps you’re used to. These apps don’t require a download in the App Store, but the functionalities are essentially the same as the native apps you’ve grown to love.

Access on Any Browser

One of the coolest benefits of Progressive Web Apps is that they can be accessed from any browser at any time. Whether you’re using Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, or any other browser, these Progressive Web Apps can be accessed on any browser you’re utilizing. If you want to learn how to create an app without coding, then Lumavate is the software for you.

Leads to Faster Results

Another reason why thousands of businesses love Lumavate is because they can build many more apps in a shorter amount of time. This can lead to more business, higher sales, and more money in your pocket! So if you want to learn how to create an app and make money without any coding experience, then you have to give Lumavate a try today!

Lumavate: Finally a Platform for Both Android and iPhone

The process involved with developing apps has always been long and stressful. From deciding which operating system to choose to finding and working with a developer, it can be a very time-consuming and worrisome process. And to make matters worse, companies would almost be forced to create two separate apps to please both Android and iPhone users. But just recently, a new solution has been introduced that has taken the industry by storm. This solution involves Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

How PWAs Work

Progressive Web Apps are very similar to standard apps, and appear very similarly, but an app download isn’t needed. Instead, these apps are hosted on the web, which provides easy access via any web browser. The functionalities are the same, the features are the same, the layouts are identical, but the framework of the app is different. This leads to some of the most advanced and sophisticated Apple and Android app development software on the market today.

Faster Development

Not only does our platform allow your apps to be accessed from any browser, but it also allows your team to easily create Android app online in as little as a few hours! While you may notice an Android app maker software free download, you should ignore it and take advantage of the amazing features on the Lumavate platform!

Is Lumavate the Best Free App Builder?

If you want to learn how to create an app for free and make money, then chances are you’ve done some internet searches for information. After browsing through your search results, there is a good chance that you came across a free Android app maker. While these services might sound intriguing, it's important to use caution before signing up for these services. While a free mobile app maker might allow you to create an app that can be beneficial, it's important to know that the features and capabilities while building the app on this platform might be extremely limited in certain platforms. So we recommend trying a few free app builders yourself to get a feel for what you can build!

Many Package Options with Lumavate

While Lumavate doesn’t offer free services, we do offer very affordable solutions aimed at many different types of businesses. From small businesses looking for only one app to large organizations looking for hundreds of apps, we have a solution for all types of businesses across every industry. So even though a company might offer solutions on how to create an app for iPhone free of charge, you won’t get the same capabilities and exceptional features as you would with Lumavate.

How to Create An App Without Coding Skills

Would you like to build apps efficiently and in a shorter time frame? Well that is all made possible with Lumavate. We show you how to develop an app for beginners, and zero coding experience is needed to design our apps.

The Lumavate Library

While our smart platform gives you the ability to create heart-stopping apps, you still may be confused on where to start. That’s where the Lumavate Library comes into play! This library is home to many different components and page elements that you can easily incorporate into your own app. This is fully customizable, giving you the power to use a little or use a lot! No matter your business needs, Lumavate is here to solve them with ease. Check out the Lumavate Library to learn more about how to create an Android app without any coding skills with all of the integrations and design tools at your disposal.

Build Only Once

When Lumavate teaches you how to make an app for beginners, you’ll have the ability to build an app once, then watch it reach audiences across any device on any operating system. That’s because the Lumavate platform is a web-hosted platform that can be accessed via URLs. Lumavate can provide a unique mobile experience on all form-factors. Call us to get information regarding how to create an app without coding skills!

Building Android Apps with Lumavate

One reason why thousands of marketers choose Lumavate for their app-building needs is due to the fact that apps can be built for both Android and iPhone users. In years past, businesses would need to purchase separate apps for Apple and Android users, which became very expensive and time-consuming. But today, companies like Lumavate allow the app-builder to create an app once, then watch it come to life for Androids, iPhones, and other devices using different operating systems.

The Other Ones

Although Lumavate offers pretty remarkable services, it’s important to note that we do have some competitors. These other platforms allow you to use an Android app creator APK to build apps for Android devices. However, many of the Android app maker software for PC solutions don’t come equipped with all of the amazing features seen with Lumavate. In addition, many of the other platforms don’t allow for Android app maker software offline solutions, which can provide many limitations. Take a look at a few more reasons why you should choose Lumavate for your Android app-building needs:

  • Works as an Android app maker software offline for PC solution
  • Provides the Android Studio without coding required
  • Ability to create faster apps
  • Provides a safe framework and top-notch security measures

If you’re seeing a lot of internet searches that talk about how to create Android app online free of charge, then it’s important to know that these solutions aren’t very reliable. The platform might let you create an Android app online without coding, but the capabilities and app-building options won’t be very extensive.

iPhone Capabilities

Another reason why many choose Lumavate is because of the iPhone compatibility. Our platform is unique, thanks to the fact that not many other companies offer app development for both Android and iOS. So in order to create the apps of your dreams, forget about searching for how to create Android app without coding offline free and how to create Android app online with coding, and pick up the phone and call Lumavate today!

How to Make a Simple App with Lumavate

Even though you might be interested about starting your app-building journey with Lumavate, you still might be confused on where to start. That’s where our amazing Starter Kits come into play. These kits are essentially templates that walk you through the process step-by-step to get you started on building an app. In fact, you can learn how to make a simple app in as little as a few minutes. Our expert program will be by your side every step of the way so you can feel comfortable with how to make a smartphone app. Take a look at the different types of Starter Kits we provide to our customers:

  • Wayfinding
  • Content
  • Podcasts
  • Events
  • Lead Registration
  • Tradeshow
  • And more!

If you’ve been dreaming about learning how to create your own software without programming experience, then your dream can now become a reality. Try Lumavate today and start building apps like a pro!

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