The Rise of the Free App Maker

Create Android App Online Without Coding

Free App Maker 

Traditionally, if you wanted to make an Android app, you had to learn Java and code the app yourself. That meant months of writing code and debugging with a lifetime of updates and hassle. On top of that, you needed to already be an expert in app development.

Today, it’s not nearly as tough. You can use a free Android app maker, and the whole process can be done in a few days. In fact, you can make your Android app without writing any code at all.

When you do, you’ll choose between native development or third-party hosting. With native development, the app is made exclusively for use on Android systems. That allows it to be published on the Play Store, and it can leverage hardware resources on the Android device.

Another way to do it is to develop an app with third-party hosting. There are a lot of options, but a Progressive Web App hybridizes the idea of a website and an app. With this, you make an app that can be downloaded to the device. It provides a native experience, but the app is run through web servers, so it isn’t married to any one platform. Any device that can browse the web can use the app, so you don’t have to design for multiple systems.

So, if you’re looking for a free app maker without coding, you want something that can help with Progressive Web Apps, and that something is Lumavate. Whether you want a free app maker for students or a professional resource, it’s the way to go.

Create Android App Online Without Coding

So, creating a native app for Android has pros and cons. It’s nice that the app is streamlined for the Android experience and can potentially work offline, but if you want to use the app on any other platform, you have to completely rebuild it.

The better option is to go with a Progressive Web App (PWA). PWAs provide a native experience without getting stuck in the native development process. You can design a single PWA, and it will work on Android, iOS, Windows and mostly any other operating system. It can still work offline, and it can still work as an independent app that highlights the value of your device.

If you want to create an Android app without coding offline for free, then you just need a quality PWA app building tool. It will help you create your Android app online for free, and it will make the process easy and painless.

Can I make an Android app without coding? Yes. When using Lumavate, simply use the drag and drop features to build a PWA from scratch that you know will work well. Your free app maker online tools are also available offline for a seamless experience.

Android Apps

 Most business professionals have come to understand the value of custom apps. Those apps can be for customers to better interact with the business, or they can exist entirely behind the scenes to make work more efficient or effective. Regardless, if you want an app, you might find yourself asking, “How can I create Android apps without coding for free?”

The best way to do this is with an app builder. In general, you can use app builders in two ways. You can design native Android apps from scratch using any number of resources, or you can make apps that are compatible with Android. The second option saves time on app development if you would also like your app to work on non-Android systems.

So, how can I make a free app without coding? The simple answer is to download Lumavate and get started with the tutorials. The software will show you how to build an app from scratch. It will walk you through your first app, and you’ll see how easy it can be.

This is true whether you are asking “How can I create Android apps without coding offline,” “How Can I make Android apps for free without coding,” or “How can I make a free Android app online?” 

Lumavate works in all of these scenarios to help you build Android-capable apps that serve any wide or niche function in your business.

Best Free App Builder

What is the easiest app builder? In fact, what is an app builder, really?

It’s software that is designed to make app development easier, faster and more accessible. In general, app builders provide pre-rendered code that allows you to copy and paste functions into your app without having to figure out how to code them from scratch.

Major players like AppMakr, Appy Pie, Appery, Lumavate, and a ton more each have their own take on the process, but ultimately, you are building apps with their features and functions rather than writing raw code. 

So, if you want the best free app builder, then you’ll need to know a little more about how it all works and what to expect.

For starters, even the best app builder will have a few different pricing tiers. Many have free tiers with multiple paid tiers that you can choose. The paid tiers usually offer more features, more support and a larger capacity to distribute and run your apps. 

Along with that, the best free app builder 2021 had to offer was probably easy to use. That usually means that you can drag and drop app functions within some kind of dashboard. Most of the leading contenders for the best free app builder in 2022 and beyond work this way.

The infrastructure around the app also matters. You might wonder, “Does Google have an app builder?” If they did, it might seem compelling. Well, Google does have an app builder, but it is not a code-free option. 

And, that brings up the most important factor. Some app builders reduce the amount of code you have to write. Others, like Lumavate allow you to build your app without writing any code at all.

So, what is the best free app builder? It’s Lumavate. With many awards, a free version, no-code access, efficient design and a growing community that adds to your support and experience options, Lumavate is the best app builder.

Google Appsheet

What is Google Appsheet? It’s an app-development resource that is specifically designed to help you make Android apps. While it does allow for app development on other platforms, it is designed to integrate deeply with Google accounts and resources.

Compared to other major development tools like AppMakr, AppsGeyser and Andromo, Appsheet is a little more limited and laser-focused on what it provides. 

Meanwhile, you can compare any of these to Lumavate to see its real value. Lumavate focuses on building Progressive Web Apps. That simplifies development by allowing the designer to make a single app that works on any platform. 

Additionally, Lumavate is designed specifically for marketers. If you want to stay ahead in the extremely fast-paced world of modern marketing, you always need the latest tools and resources. With Lumavate, you can make those tools yourself.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is one of the best known app builders in the business right now. If you are wondering, “Is Appy Pie legit?” The answer is that it is legitimate software that can help you build your apps. 

Is Appy Builder free? There is a free version that uses ads, and it is very limited in what it allows you to do. For the most part, Appy Pie requires a paid subscription. With that subscription, you can build native apps for Android (and iOS with the highest tier of subscription). 

But, Appy Pie is not the only answer to “Is there a completely free app builder?” Lumavate also has a free tier, and that tier allows for unlimited app development. It also provides access to Starter Kits and the expansive Lumavate Library.

Is it possible to develop an app offline? Yes. Lumavate does have offline resources, so even if you are not actively connected to the internet, you can make progress on your apps. When you’re answering “Is there a free app creator,” Lumavate is more than just an answer. It’s the best option you’ll find. 

Appy Pie Pricing 

One of the best ways to understand the costs associated with app development are to look at different app builder models side by side. 

Appy Pie pricing is based on subscription models. For the most part, there are three tiers: Basic, Gold and Platinum. The prices for those tiers are $16, $36 and $60 per month, respectively. 

Each tier adds additional features and resources to the subscription model, so depending on what you want, that’s how the pricing works. Appy Pie also offers special discounts and offers that can come into play. For instance, the Appy Pie student discount makes a low tier available to students for less money.

Meanwhile, Lumavate operates on tiered subscriptions as well and believes app building should be affordable. There is a free tier that allows anyone to use the software as much as they like. You can build complete apps on the free tier, and there are no restrictions. 

If you’re working on an enterprise level, then the Basic tier provides access for up to 500 end users for your apps. Growing from there, you can expand end-user support and the capacity of your license as well. A single Enterprise subscription can provide access to everyone in your organization who needs to use Lumavate, and the end users will be supported for your major apps.

 What does Appy Pie do in comparison to Lumavate? Appy Pie is a way to experiment with app design. Lumavate also offers room to experiment, but it provides growth and scalability on a level that Appy Pie doesn’t even consider. That’s an important thing to remember the next time you look over an Appy Pie review.

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