Where Can I Find Product Information?

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by Lumavate | Last Updated: Mar 14, 2024

What Is the Purpose of Product Information?

Product information refers to any relevant information about a product. This can include the product's SKU, pricing, features, benefits, dimensions, functionality and much more. Product information can also include any related digital assets. Some examples of these include product photos, how-to videos, owner's manuals, and spec sheets. The importance of product information is based on how critical it is to keeping any company that is product-based running. Everyone from marketing, to customer service to customers themselves need access to this information at some level. And it is so important for companies to be able to properly manage and keep up to date this information.

Where Can I Find Product Information?

Different companies have different methods of organizing and managing product information. Some companies choose to use a product information website to manage all of that information, others simply use an excel spreadsheet, while others choose product information management software. However product information is organized, it's important that a product information page is available either in digital or print form.

What Is a Product Information Website?

A product information website allows a company to create a repository for product information pages for the purposes of conveying pertinent product information. Each product should have its own product information page. This allows all relevant product specifications, images, descriptions and additional relevant information to be stored together and displayed in one place.

Product information pages are not just useful for purposes within a company, but can greatly improve customer satisfaction by serving as an invaluable resource for customers. A product information page is most useful to consumers when it contains information that can help both in selecting a product, as well as with post-purchase issues. This product information would include troubleshooting materials and owner's manuals.

Of course, product information pages are not just for consumers. They are a critical internal resource, allowing for the education of employees on specific products, improving customer service, and allowing for the best marketing endeavors as well as data analysis.

What Does a Product Information Management Software Do?

Product Information Management software, often referred to as PIM software, allows a company to centrally store all of its product information in one place and offers numerous product information management tools for best managing and accessing that product information. Product Information Management software should be equipped to store product data such as product descriptions, SKUs, pricing, features, benefits, dimensions and functionality.

Some software offers additional product information management tools allowing for the storage and management of related digital assets. This allows a company to include product photos, how-to videos, owner's manuals, spec sheets, and more stored and managed together with the rest of the product information. PIM software with Digital Asset Management functionality or DAM functionality, are the ones that offer this capability.

One major advantage to using PIM software is that it serves as a single source of truth for all product information. Most Product Information Management software allows multiple users to log into the software at once. This allows for real-time data updates and means that everyone, from consumers to brand partners to different departments will all be using the correct product information at all times.

What Is an Example of a PIM?

Today, there are numerous PIM software examples available on the market. Some PIM software examples include Plytix, Pimcore, Catsy, Salsify, Inriver, and Lumavate among others.

Top 10 Pim Software

10. Inriver PIM

9. Pimberly

8. Catsy

7. Acquia PIM

6. Pimcore

5. Akeneo PIM

4. Salsify PIM

3. Pimworks

2. Plytix PIM

1. Lumavate

If you're looking for the best product information management software, you'll want to choose the one with the best PIM tools in market. While all of the product information management software examples discussed will give your company the ability to centralize the storage, accessibility, and management of your product data, some of these PIM software examples are solutions that offer additional functionality. 

Lumavate is the preferred solution, as it offers the most robust functionality as a PIM and much more. Lumavate also provides a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. Additionally, Lumavate offers a digital experience platform (DXP). The Digital Experience Platform allows companies to gather analytics and provide a seamless customer experience like no other product on the market. And while all PIM software will help any company to organize, manage, and employ their product information to be most effective, having a full collection of PIM tools in market allows a company to go beyond utilizing product information, and leverage it to take your company to the next level. Lumavate provides that power.

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