What Is the Point of Registering a Product?

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by Averi Easley | Last Updated: Apr 26, 2023

As a consumer, you might find yourself wondering why you should register your product. The process has often been cumbersome and you may not understand the benefits of completing your product registration. Capturing product registrations can also be a pain point for marketers, as consumers often choose not to register their products.  Let’s discuss why registering your product is actually important.

What Is the Point of Registering a Product?

The point of registering products is to provide the manufacturer with your contact information. The main reason why this is important is in case of recalls or if they need to provide you with any safety notice regarding the product.  Product registration can also ensure any applicable product warranty is guaranteed.

What Are the Benefits of Registering a Product?

Registering a product has commonly been a cumbersome process for consumers. This often results in consumers not completing the product or warranty registration. While there are both advantages and disadvantages of registration, we are going to focus on the ways consumers and manufacturers can benefit from registering a product. Consumers can benefit from product registration in the following ways: On the other hand, manufacturers can benefit from product registration in the following ways:

How Do I Register a New Product?

Companies typically provide three ways for consumers to register new products. 
  1. The first option is the completion of a printed product registration form that is included within the product packaging. The printed product registration card can then be mailed to the company and generally does not require any postage.
  2. The second option is via the company’s website. With this option, there is typically one primary product registration form that you can use to submit your product information online. Some companies will include a printed notice within the product packing directing you to their online product registration website. This experience can be one of the more frustrating ways for consumers. The reason is once you are on the registration form, you are often required to search for the specific product that you purchased. This can take a substantial amount of time. 
  3. The third option is an online product registration experience that is tied to a QR code. This QR code would then be included within the product's packaging. This experience is the most seamless for the customer because it allows them to scan the QR code with their phone and immediately register the product without requiring them to find the page on the company website or mail in a printed card. 
By using a platform like Lumavate you can also embed the product type or even serial number in the QR code. When the QR code is scanned, that information will automatically populate the product registration form. This makes the process less time-consuming and will likely result in more product registration forms being submitted.

Is Product Registration Necessary for Warranty?

You may find yourself wondering if you need to complete the provided product registration in order for your warranty to be active. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this. It mainly depends on the type of product you purchased and the requirements tied to the product's warranty. This means that some products may not require you to complete a product registration in order to take advantage of a warranty while others may.  It is recommended that if a warranty registration card is included in the product packaging, it is best to complete this each time you buy an applicable product. This will ensure that you are covered, as the warranty registration law varies depending on the product you are purchasing. Ready to learn more? Book a demo now.

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