What Is a Product Information Page?

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by Lumavate | Last Updated: Nov 16, 2023

A product information page can be especially helpful to customers as they are preparing to make a purchase, as the details provided on these pages can help them make informed and confident buying decisions. Likewise, product information pages can be useful after the point of purchase, especially if a customer needs additional help or support with the product. Being able to find a useful how-to video or owner's manual on your product information page may answer questions a customer has without the need to contact your company directly.

In addition to being useful for customers while shopping around and after the purchase, product information pages can also serve as effective educational and reference materials for your employees. Specifically, these pages can serve as internal resources for employees to learn more about product specifications, features, use cases, and more.

What Should Be on a Product Detail Page?

If you don't already have a dedicated product detail page for each product your company sells, now is the time to make this a priority. In doing so, you can ensure that customers (and potential customers) have ready access to the information they need to make purchase decisions and get the most out of your products. Meanwhile, adding product information pages expands the access your employees have to quality product resources, which can help them perform their jobs better.

So, what exactly is PDP meaning—and what should be on a product details page?

In general, a product details page (PDP) should contain essential information about a product. At minimum, this should include:

Depending on the use case for the product detail page, you may also want to include some additional information that may be relevant. This may include links to related parts or accessories, product demonstration videos, owner's manuals, and even customer reviews.

It's best to think about a product detail page as an opportunity to share all of the relevant information you'd like for a user to consume at that particular moment of the customer journey.

What Makes a Good PDP Page?

Whether you're ready to create some product detail pages from scratch or are simply looking to improve upon some existing pages, there are a few product detail page best practices you can keep in mind to craft a useful resource for your customers and employees alike.

It can be useful to start by looking at some product detail page examples for yourself. This may include browsing competitors' PDPs as well as PDPs from major retailers. Looking at examples can help you get a better feel for the kinds of information that should be presented (as well as how it should be presented).

Consider, too, your overall product detail page design. You want to select a design that makes it easy for your audience to navigate and find the specific information they need. Once you decide on a design for your PDP, create a template that you can replicate and use again for all future PDPs. This will ensure consistency in your customer experience, which is important.

Above all else, remember that an effective product detail page should include all of the relevant information a customer could ever need to know about a product at that particular moment of the customer journey. With this in mind, it can be helpful to think about the specific moments in the customer journey where product information is most used.

For example, a digital product catalog is used in the purchase consideration process—so the product detail page should only include product information that would help a customer determine which product to purchase. This may include product features, specifications, pricing, and benefits. It probably will not include support videos or other less relevant information.

On the other hand, a product detail page for each product on your website might serve a broader purpose for both helping customers determine which product(s) to purchase and helping educate them on how to use or troubleshoot the product after purchase. This page may also serve a dual purpose of educating your employees on each product's features and use cases. With this in mind, the product detail page should include as much relevant information as possible—so long as it is presented in a cohesive way that's easy to navigate and understand.

No business should underestimate the power of a great product information page or product detail page. When carefully crafted and designed, these pages serve not only as practical sources of information but of education and empowerment for customers and employees alike. By taking the time to craft quality product information pages, you can help your customers make more informed buying decisions while ensuring they have the product support and information needed to get the most out of their purchase.

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