What Is a Mobile Marketing Strategy?

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: May 11, 2023

Building and executing a mobile marketing strategy is not a simple task. You must set clear goals and realistic plans to achieve them. Customers are spending more and more time on mobile and your brand needs to be there too. 

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a type of marketing in which companies promote their products or services on a mobile device. There are a lot of different ways marketers can take advantage of mobile marketing. Tactics include mobile advertising, SMS campaigns, mobile apps, mobile push notifications, QR codes and more. It is important to keep in mind that not every type of mobile marketing will work for your target audience.  There are many mobile marketing software platforms available to help you and your team manage and build a strategy. These platforms can help with tasks such as building mobile apps, creating SMS campaigns, sending push notifications, and much more. Give your team the tools to be successful.

What Is a Mobile Marketing Strategy?

A mobile marketing strategy is designed to take advantage of mobile channels such as mobile apps, mobile advertising, SMS, mobile search and more. Mobile strategy should combine the types of mobile marketing your customers frequent most to ensure you reach them. Mobile marketing campaigns are just a potion of your overall marketing strategy. Mobile marketing strategies should work alongside traditional marketing campaigns such as TV, print or radio.  Like any strategy it is important to set goals for yourself and your team from the beginning. Clear goals for what you want to accomplish will help guide your efforts and help your team achieve more. 

What Is an Example of Mobile Marketing?

The best mobile marketing campaigns take advantage of multiple mobile channels. One campaign could include components of email, SMS, and mobile app marketing. Most companies utilize marketing software to help manage all of the moving parts of their campaigns. This software helps with the promotion of the company’s products or services to customers via mobile channels.  There are many types of mobile marketing, some are tried and true, simple email campaigns but others are innovative and attention grabbing.  A Burger King campaign really caught fire and the attention of their audience. Smartphone users were invited to download an Augmented Reality (AR) scanner to locate and virtually burn down their competitors ads to win a free Whopper. This interactive and exciting campaign really set the marketing forums ablaze.  Ford also threw their hat into the mobile marketing ring with a text campaign to promote two of their car models. Users could text “FORD” to a short code to receive information about the cars. By doing this Ford gained direct access to their audiences’ mobile devices and with an opt-in can now send marketing directly to the pockets of their consumers. This is critical first party data that can’t be beat.  Snickers teamed up with Spotify to call out users when they aren’t acting like themselves with Snickers’ successful tagline “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry.” When users are listening to music on Spotify that isn’t their usual taste a Snickers ad will pop up directing the user to a playlist called “Snickers’ Hunger Hits.”  Mobile marketing campaigns can be as simple as a text in campaign or as attention grabbing as burning down competitors ads to win a burger. Keep in mind your audience and what will resonate with them. 

Why Is Mobile Marketing Effective?

Mobile marketing is a growing and effective form of marketing. There are  3.6 billion smartphone users worldwide making access to mobile devices a large factor in the growing importance of mobile marketing. Your audience has access to information at their fingertips, and they expect to find the answers. The average smartphone user spends four hours and 10 minutes on their device every day. Give your customers answers where they want them, on mobile.  Marketing advertisements aren’t the only form of mobile marketing, think about messaging too.  Ninety-seven percent of all SMS messages are read within 15 minutes of being received. Being able to engage 97 percent of our audience is almost unheard of. These open rates are second to none.  There are many mobile marketing advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages include the skill gap that comes with learning something new and fighting to be noticed in a noisy space.  The advantages of mobile marketing feel endless.  One benefit of mobile marketing is the board access. There are 307 million smartphone users in the United States. Most adults in America have a smartphone in their pocket; this makes it a great avenue for marketing. Your audience is already spending time on their device, it is a natural fit to add in your marketing.   The next greatest benefit of mobile marketing is immediacy. As shared before when a smartphone dings, it gets checked. The likelihood of your audience seeing a mobile messaging campaign is high.  The third benefit of mobile marketing is the amazing open rates. As stated earlier 97 percent of SMS messages are read within 15 seconds of receipt. No other method has that kind of engagement. As marketers, you are always being asked about the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing efforts. With statistics like 97 percent, that ROI speaks for itself.  The fourth benefit is the possibility of going viral. While there is no guarantee your marketing content will go viral, no matter how much we wish, the content that goes viral is most often shared on mobile. Begin interacting with your customers on mobile and see where it takes your brand. If not viral, at least increased engagement.   Last but not least, the fifth most valuable reason to begin a mobile marketing campaign is cost savings. Mobile marketing is incredibly cost saving compared to traditional marketing methods like print ads, radio, or TV.  Let Lumavate be a part of your next mobile marketing campaign. Make interactive digital experiences and a mobile messaging campaign, book a demo today!

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