How Do I Register My Product?

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: May 11, 2023

Let’s be honest, collecting product registrations in the traditional sense is a cumbersome task for both the customer and the manufacturer. Printed product registrations are such an outdated process, customers are likely asking themselves, ‘How do I register my product?”.  There’s an easier way for your customers to register their products and for you to collect valuable customer data. Let’s dive into the world of product registrations. 

Should You Register a New Product?

Yes, you should always fill out the product registration form. Whether it’s online or on paper there are many reasons to register a product, from both a consumer and a brand perspective.  Benefits of Registering as a Consumer:  Because the manufacturer already has the consumer’s contact information, consumers can benefit from completing the product registration upfront by:  Scenario: Suppose you have a cooling issue with your lawn mower. You call customer support to resolve the issue. Because you’ve registered the lawn mower with the manufacturer,  the repair will come at zero cost and you likely won’t have to sit on the phone for hours with customer support providing details about your product since you’ve already provided this information when you registered your product.  Benefits of Product Registering as a Manufacturer: As a manufacturer, increasing product registration rates is likely a part of your job description. But do you know why collecting product registrations is so important?  Scenario: You’re a coffee machine manufacturer. A customer has just bought a new model for their home. Because they’ve registered it, you’ll be able to send them notifications when it’s time to buy cleaning pods for the machine. You’ll also be able to send emails or texts  (if they’ve opted-in to your brand’s mobile messaging program) with a  link to your brand’s specific cleaning pods to drive more sales.

What Is Warranty Registration?

Warranty registration is similar to product registration in that customers provide their contact information and details about their purchase to the manufacturer and receive warranty coverage for their products in return.  Some brands include their product registration and warranty registration in one form to make it easier for the customer, but not always.  Some companies require you to complete a separate warranty registration card in order to receive the full benefits of the brand’s warranty. Others provide the warranty without charge.  It varies from brand to brand so it’s best to check the process for the product you recently purchased to ensure you’re covered. 

Does Not Registering a Product Void the Warranty?

That depends on the products you bought and the manufacturer. Some might require you to register in order to take full advantage of the warranty. Other companies may give you the warranty regardless if you register or not.  It’s better to be safe than sorry, which is why we recommend you complete the brand’s product registrations each time you purchase a product.  You don’t want to find out later that the warranty registration is tied to the product registration and won’t be honored without it.  😠 

How Do I Register My Product

There are three common ways you can register a product: 
  1. Filling out the product registration card included in the product packaging. This first method requires the customer to fill out the printed card and mail it back to the manufacturer and is a cumbersome process for customers. 
  2. Completing product registration online.  This usually involves finding a registration link on the product's website. Or the link might be printed somewhere on the product packaging. Because this method is a printed notice within the product packaging that informs customers what page they should navigate to in order to complete the registration. 
  3. Using an online product registration experience that you can access via a QR code that’s printed on the box. This option is the most seamless for customers as it doesn’t require them to mail in the printed card or find the page of the company website. 
Scenario:  You work for a home appliance manufacturer. There’s a bit of a learning curve. You want customers to be successful without spending a ton of money on call centers for customer support.  Instead of filling out a card, customers scan a QR code on the box which takes them to the product registration form which includes a lot of helpful product onboarding content It’s a win-win.  Customers receive helpful onboarding information while your brand gets the contact information and purchase details from the registration.   Not only do QR codes lend to an increase in product registration since the process is simplified, but content that is accessed through the QR Code is also easy to update. Suppose you’ve printed your forms and packed them in with the product. Everything looks great. Until you realize that there’s a typo or inaccurate product information within the content. Now you have to reprint and repack them. With an online product registration experience, all you have to do is edit the text. Lumavate is a digital experience platform (DXP) that enables marketers to easily create and launch digital experiences, including digital product registration forms.  Brands can incorporate a QR code onto their product packaging so customers can easily scan it to register their products. Lumavate has a Product Registration Template that enables marketers to get a head-start on the creation process.  Using Lumavate’s Product Registration Template, brands can: 

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