What Does It Mean If a Product Is Registered?

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: May 12, 2023

What does it mean if a product is registered? How are manufacturers using your information? Does registering your products really matter? Let’s cover what product registration is and how you modernize the process for your customers.

What Is Product Registration?

Product registration is when a customer provides details about their purchase and their contact information via a form created by a manufacturer. Usually, the information on a product registration  form includes: Anyone who’s bought a fridge or stove has probably seen that little registration card in the box it came in. Even high-end fashion brands use registration when they buy new products.  Companies use this information to contact you in case they need to recall the product or provide a safety notice. They may also use this information to let you know of new products or when it’s time to perform routine maintenance. 

What Are the Benefits of Registering a Product?

There are many benefits to registering products. Let’s take a look at some advantages consumers can witness when they register their products.  Registration Benefits Scenario: You’re a fridge manufacturer. A customer has just bought a mid-tier model with a filtered water dispenser and registered it. Because they’ve given you contact information you can email them reminders when it’s time to buy a new water filter. 

What Does It Mean If a Product Is Registered?

When a product is registered a manufacturer now has information about the product that was bought and who bought it. They may also find out the location of the purchased product and the time.  This allows the manufacturer to enhance their marketing strategies now that they have a better picture of who is purchasing their products and where.  Another layer of product registration is that a consumer has also likely chosen to opt-in to receive marketing messages from the manufacturer. Brands can use the information they’ve collected from the customer to send personalized messages to customers with information regarding safety recalls, promotions, exclusive content, and more. 

How Do I Get a Product Registered?

There are three main ways companies can get customers to register. Let’s take a look at the ways customers can register their products. 

Printed Product Registration Cards

These are usually forms packed in with the product itself.  Considerations: 

Product Registration Online

The product registration online method is a little easier for the customer and the manufacturer. It’s the same form but online. This removes the need for manufacturers to print product registration cards and removes the need to purchase postage. This also removes the need for manufacturers to store printed product registration cards in hundreds of filing cabinets.  Considerations: 

Digital Product Registration Experience

Registration Software is like registering online but improved via a QR code. Instead of having to include a  link in the product packaging or have customers hunt it down, they scan a QR code that takes them to the digital product registration experience.  Reasons to Consider Digital Product Registration Experiences:  Registration software like Lumavate even has a Product Registration Template you can use. All you need to do is add the fields you want customers to fill out. 

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