What Does a Digital Asset Management Software Do?

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Images, videos, audio, and even documents are important assets that are necessary to create an engaging digital product experience for customers.

But when a manufacturer has hundreds of products, each coming with their own subset of digital assets, that can quickly become overwhelming to manage. 

That’s where a Digital Asset Management (DAM) software solution can help.

What Does a Digital Asset Management Software Do?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) software is a comprehensive solution used by organizations to store, organize, manage, and distribute their digital assets efficiently. Digital assets encompass a wide range of media files, including images, videos, audio files, documents, graphics, and more. 

Digital Asset Management systems are designed to streamline the management of these assets throughout their lifecycle, from creation and organization to distribution and archiving.

Is Dropbox a Digital Asset Management?

Dropbox is not typically considered a Digital Asset Management (DAM) tool, although it can be used to manage and store digital assets to some extent. Here's why Dropbox is not a dedicated DAM tool:

True DAM solutions are better equipped for organizations to manage their digital assets because they were built specifically for that purpose. 

Google Drive has a similar fate as Dropbox. Google Drive's primary focus is on file storage and sharing, meaning it was not designed to have all of the functionality necessary to meet manufacturers’ digital asset management needs. 

While Google Drive has search functionality and some filters, it does not have the capabilities to easily filter or tag content to a granular level that marketers need when trying to retrieve or access images, videos, or audio. Additionally, Google Drive does not seamlessly integrate to systems like a Product Information Management (PIM) solution or Digital Experience Platform (DXP), meaning it would be difficult for marketers to embed digital assets in landing pages, websites, mobile apps, etc. when using Google Drive as a DAM.

Overall, Google Drive is not the best DAM solution available, as there are other solutions that were purpose-built to help manufacturers centralize and manage their digital assets. 

Who Needs Digital Asset Management?

Who should use digital asset management tools? Short answer - all manufacturers. 

Manufacturers can greatly benefit from using DAM tools to streamline operations, improve collaboration, maintain brand consistency, enhance security, and reduce costs. Digital asset management can help manufacturers optimize their processes and better meet today's customer demands.

How Do I Choose a Digital Asset Management System?

Digital Asset Management companies all offer businesses the ability to organize their digital assets, but that doesn’t mean they all look the same. Let’s take a look at a few of the DAM solutions available: 

Cost and ability to onboard to the DAM solution are important factors to consider when choosing a solution, but there are other things to consider before you purchase a system. 

Let’s see what the other components are that make up the best DAM solution. 

What Is the Best Digital Asset Management Solution?

Lumavate is one of the best Digital Asset Management platforms because we offer more than just a solution that helps marketers manage their digital content. Below are the additional functionality we offer to manufacturers in order for them to easily create a consistent and engaging product experience for their customers

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