What Are No-code Tools?

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Though the no-code revolution may be a new term you’ve added to your personal vocabulary, I’d be willing to bet you’ve been using no-code tools for many years now. Marketers are now all unicorns. We don’t just oversee five things. We have our hands in a million different buckets. Because we’re expected to have a marketing knowledge base the size of the New York Public Library, we need some help along the way. That’s where no-code platforms come in. No-code technology empowers us to be video editors, website developers, and app builders...all without needing specialized knowledge for each task. No-code tools take on a vast number of shapes and sizes, so let’s break down this emerging technology a little further. What Are No-code Tools? You might get to your answer a little faster if you reversed the question. In short, no-code tools enable users to build digital assets in a fraction of the time without modifying a single line of code. Let’s take a look at one of my favorite examples of a no-code tool - a no-code app builder. 😉 Unless you’re in the tech space, you may not realize a tool such as a no-code app builder exists. No-code tools accomplish your marketing goals in a fraction of the time it would take if completed the traditional route (not to mention they’re typically more cost-effective too). For example, with traditional app development, you’re looking at a six to eight month timeline...if you’re lucky. 😫 Some of the best no-code app builders can cut this timeline down to an hour. With no-code tools, there’s no excruciatingly long email chains about changes and no surprises at the end of the project when presented with the final product. You’re in complete control. Plus, if you’re anything like me and change your mind a million times a day, you can do that too. What are Examples of No-Code Apps? The sky’s the limit when it comes to things you can build using a no-code platform. And just because we have a soft spot for marketers here, doesn’t mean you can’t build other amazing apps with different use cases. Some of our favorite examples of no-code apps you can build using a top no-code builder include: The list goes on. Check out the other examples of things you can build using a no-code tool. Why Are No-code Platforms Important? I think we all can remember the spring of 2020 when our lives were turned upside down. We were forced to work from home and pivot our marketing strategies in under a day. Consumer behavior was changing faster than the speed of light, and iterating on our ideas became our M.O. Do I need to go on? For those organizations that used no-code platforms, adapting to this new way of life was made slightly easier. For one, no-code platforms are easy to use, meaning going into the platform and making changes is easier than selecting a show on your favorite streaming platform. This meant companies were able to pivot faster than those who had not invested in this MarTech yet. But perhaps the biggest reason why no-code platforms are vital to organizations is the freedom marketers have to accomplish even more with no-code solutions. I have zero coding experience, but with a no-code app builder, I can build an app from scratch in less than an hour. While there will always be a need for developers, I do believe there needs to be an even bigger adoption of no-code tools by marketers. Let these no-code tools do the work for you so you can have more time posting polls in your various Slack channels or perhaps finally reach the mysterious Inbox Zero everyone keeps talking about (I still think it’s a myth). Work smarter, not harder with no-code tools. Still wary of using no-code tools? Watch this less than two-minute video on how to build an app without coding.

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