3 Must-have Components to Creating the Best No-code App

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Have you ever brought a dish to a dinner party (because we can do that finally!), and everyone asks you, “What’s your secret ingredient,”? Nine times out of ten, it’s usually an obvious ingredient, but for some reason, the thought of adding it to the meal escapes us. The same can be said for creating an app without code. What will resonate with users? What will keep them in the app? How will we provide value? These are all questions that the best no-code app builders ask themselves before creating an app from scratch. Sit down and buckle up - we’re going over the three must-have Components you need to add to your app if you want to become the best app builder. 🏆

Social Media Components

Social media is the main reason why I can’t put my phone down. What if I miss a post on Instagram? What if there’s a funny Twitter thread I’m missing out on? Social media is a trivial part of my life at best, but mindlessly scrolling on TikTok eats up around two hours of my day. I’d be willing to bet it consumes a large portion of your users’ days as well. This is why adding one of our Social Media Components is crucial for being in the running for developing the best no-code app. So instead of linking users outside of the app to visit your social media profiles, add one of our Social Media Components to your app for some ✨ pizazz ✨. In the Lumavate Studio, search ‘social’ in our Component Gallery to browse the various social media integrations we have. We have everything from TikTok, to Instagram, to Twitter, and more. And let’s not forget about LinkedIn (every marketer’s favorite 🙄 ). You can mix posts from different people as well as company pages. 💡 Pro-tip: use our Social Fab and easily link to all of your social media profiles. Audio Components If I asked you, “What’s your favorite podcast,” I think you could rattle off at least three shows (hopefully one of them is Real Marketers 😉 ). Why not include your brand’s podcast or a few of your favorite soundtracks in your app! For my fellow content marketers out there, our Spotify and Casted Components are sure to speak to you. Highlight your brand’s robust library of content so your app users can listen to directly within your no-code app...because let’s be honest, everyone has a podcast these days! Image Components You know the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, your app users agree! And boy, do we have plenty of options when it comes to adding images in your apps. Many Components in the Lumavate Library have options for including images or graphics into your app. Starting off with the basics, the Image Component allows you to add any PNG or JPEG file. And fun fact - the Image, Slides, and Card Components can also use GIF files. Perhaps my favorite one in the Image Component Set is Interactive Image. If you’re an event marketer, product marketer, or simply want to level up your app, this is pièce de résistance. Plot any interaction point you want to call out on an image for users to click on to read dynamic text about these points of interest. It’s perfect when calling out specific product features or areas on a map. 💡 Pro-tip: For those SEO savants out there you may already know this, but make sure to add Alt Text that describes the image. Craving more ways to become the best no-code web app builder in the world? Easy. Browse our complete library of no-code app resources that are sure to strengthen your skills as an app builder. 💪

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