A New Take on St. Patrick’s Day

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by Lilly Thuma | Last Updated: Mar 23, 2021

St. Patrick’s day is typically a day of celebration where friends get together for a beer at their favorite bar. Unfortunately, this year St. Patrick’s day also marks a year of living in a pandemic under COVID-19 restrictions. But, just because we can’t all get together at a bar yet, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate. Many brands have found other ways to make it a day worth celebrating while also “going green” and giving back. Budweiser’s “Green” Beer Budweiser is centering their St. Patrick’s day efforts on sustainability in the beer industry. The beer giant is pledging to donate enough Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to cover the amount of electricity to brew beer in the U.S. in one day. They’re also encouraging their rivals to come together and calling on them to commit to renewable energy as well. Some of Budweiser’s promotional materials include other major brewers like Molson Coors and The Boston Beer Company. Budweiser will also engage consumers in the campaign by using social media platforms to randomly select fans to award with a solar-powered cooler and “green” beer that is sustainably produced. Guinness Gives Back Guinness is striving to bring people together while also giving back to the community through their #AToastTo campaign honoring front-line workers. Guinness is among the many alcohol brands that shifted to primarily digital and mobile marketing efforts throughout the past year, so this campaign will be largely digital including social media giveaways, sweepstakes on Cameo, a celebrity video app, live-streamed bagpipe concerts, and more. Throughout the campaign, Guinness will encourage consumers to donate to charity, and the brand itself will be donating $600,000 to organizations fighting food scarcity. Carhartt’s #MakeYourOwnParade In addition to Guinness’s donation efforts, they have teamed up with Carhartt to create a new collection for consumers to wear while they celebrate St. Patrick’s day. This all falls under Carhartt’s #MakeYourOwnParade campaign which encourages people to celebrate the holiday and recreate their traditions but in a safe and socially distanced way. They are also encouraging everyone to share their celebrations on Instagram. Take the Day Off, Get Paid by Jameson Jameson is paying 1,000 people $50 to take March 17th off and will be making a $50 donation in the name of each worker to the Restaurant Worker’s Community Foundation. This campaign will also include digital content from celebrities that will be on streaming platforms, Hulu, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Plus, each winner will receive an at-home bartending kit, plus a personalized out-of-office message and Zoom background. This campaign comes as we close out a year of COVID-19 being classified as a pandemic and strives to help give workers a break after this crazy year. This St. Patricks day we saw a lot of brands try to still have some fun, while also giving back to the community after a long and challenging year. And because we still can’t gather like we would like to, digital and mobile platforms are coming in handy once again for brands to deliver their messages and connect with consumers.

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