Brands Crushing Their TikTok Campaigns

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Mar 24, 2021

We’re here to talk about my favorite subject today - TikTok. Over the past year, TikTok has surged in popularity as it has become one of the few safe pastimes due to the pandemic. If you’re not on TikTok, let me assure you, it’s not just a platform where teenagers make up funny 60-second dances (although you can definitely find plenty of that). Before we get into some of the most creative TikTok campaigns, let’s talk a bit more about the platform itself. TikTok has more than a billion monthly users. And it’s not just Gen Z. 16 percent of TikTok users are between the ages of 30-39 and 14 percent are between the ages of 40-49. Users are spending almost 500 minutes per month on TikTok. To compare, users are only spending about 200 minutes on Instagrams per month. TikTok utilizes a lot of hashtags, some of the more popular ones being related to fashion, beauty, home renovation, and cooking. It’s basically become consumers’ new go-to spot for any entertainment, tips/tricks, and how-tos for anything they might need..,and I mean anything. Let’s take a look at some of the most creative ways brands are using TikTok. San Diego Zoo What do cute animals and catchy songs have in common? They make for great content on TikTok. The San Diego Zoo proves you don’t have to sell the world’s best mascara for users to be captivated by your content on TikTok. The San Diego Zoo accels by hopping on the latest TikTok trends quickly, pairing videos of the Zoo’s animals with catchy songs circulating the app, like this video here. I mean seriously, could it get any cuter? What Do You Meme? I’m willing to bet most of you have played this card game sometime in the last year. For those who were too busy making banana bread, What Do You Meme is a card game players can pair popular memes with funny scenarios. Again, this isn’t an obvious use case for creating a TikTok account, but this brand is capitalizing on user-generated content. They’re also explaining popular memes so people who aren’t Gen Z can keep up with what’s trending. It’s worth a follow for the education alone. Ad Week Much like the Washington Post, Ad Week has fine-tuned its TikTok marketing strategy to come up with creative ways for sharing news. One of my favorite series Ad Week has started debuts every Friday and highlights the weirdest marketing and ad campaigns of the week. It’s how I learned Taco Bell might be joining the chicken sandwich wars. US Open I do not play tennis. I have never really been interested in watching tennis. So why do I find myself following the US Open on TikTok? Because they have an amazing TikTok strategy, that’s why. They know exactly how to create captivating videos of game highlights set to the latest viral songs. Game, set, match. Chipotle I don’t remember the last time I downloaded a native mobile app; we know Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are the future of mobile, right? But I broke my boycott on native mobile app streak with Chipotle’s latest stunts. Chipotle recently debuted quesadillas as a new addition to their menu, but there’s a catch. Customers can only order this new menu item online or on Chipotle’s mobile app. If there’s one thing TikTok users are good at, it’s making things go viral. Not only did Chipotle create some pretty awesome videos about the new release, but they were able to generate a ton of non-sponsored content from consumers too. Sounds like a marketer’s dream, doesn’t it? As if a new menu item wasn’t enough for Chipotle, they did something even more unexpected. Chipotle recently announced a make-up collaboration with E.L.F. cosmetics. Yep, that’s right. You can now wear Chipotle-inspired eyeshadow. Similar to the quesadilla announcement, Chipotle partnered with numerous TikTok influencers to spread the word about their new launch. Canva No, TikTok is not just for B2C companies. Canva has an entire library of TikTok videos dedicated to showing users how to use its platform. Tutorial videos are extremely popular on TikTok, and let’s just say Canva takes on this trend very well. They’ve even made release announcements fun to watch. Want to learn more about TikTok and why your brand should be on the app? Listen to the Real Marketers episode where Lauren Pope gives a rundown on the best practices for creating a successful TikTok campaign.

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