Marketers Need to Learn to Say Sorry Not Sorry

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by Lilly Thuma | Last Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Do you like to move fast? And do you ever get frustrated when you can’t move fast because you are waiting on other people? If you answered yes to both of those questions then it sounds like you are a Real Marketer just like Stephanie Cox, VP of Sales and Marketing at Lumavate. As a Real Marketer, Stephanie shared a ton of advice on her episode of the podcast REAL Marketers. One key piece of advice she has is that you need to start asking for forgiveness, not permission. Ask For Forgiveness, Not Permission Let’s break down what this means. Asking for forgiveness, not permission does not mean going behind your boss’ or coworkers back or going rogue on your marketing strategy. Instead, it means you get things done without waiting to be told to or waiting for someone to validate what you already know is a good idea. How to Do This?  But like everything, there is a respectful and disrespectful way to go about this. So how can you start asking for forgiveness not permission in a way that will get you noticed not get you in trouble? Start looking for parts of your marketing strategy that are broken and need to be fixed. Then, start fixing them and wait for someone to tell you to stop. But the thing is, most likely no one will tell you to stop. Instead, they will start to notice you. Start Now Now is the time to start. I know it can be scary, but marketers who always follow the rules don’t get noticed. You know you’re a good marketer, you were hired to do the job, so you should start doing it. Stop asking for someone to review your plans or messaging, and start deciding what the plans and messaging are going to be. Of course, you should continue working collaboratively with your team, but don’t be afraid to make the decisions you think are right. Other people won’t be mad, they will be happy you had the guts to do it. And remember, no one is better suited to do marketing at your company than you are.

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