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Our team is dedicated to accelerating your digital efforts

Experience + Passion

From leading teams at some of the largest tech companies to working on groundbreaking SaaS platforms, our Leadership Team is made of of people who know the importance of moving quickly to keep up with digital demands.

Mark Hill

Chairman and CEO

Stephanie Cox

VP, Sales and Marketing

Bill McConnell

Chief Security and Privacy Officer

Jon Barnhouse

VP, Engineering

It’s More Than Work to Us

We work hard, no doubt. We’re fast-paced and future-focused, always looking ahead to better serve our customers. But interwoven in our day-to-day duties is always a sense of fun and family–we challenge each other, laugh together, spread encouragement, and celebrate each other’s victories. While we’ve all got our own personalities and strengths, there are a few undeniable traits that make up a Lumavator:

  • You’re a Slack /giphy master

  • You’re already prepping your recipe for next year’s Chili Cookoff

  • You’re passionately Team LaCroix or Team Mt. Dew.

  • You’re not phased when a dancing droid rolls by your desk.