Salesforce Shopper Report Confirms that Mobile Is King

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by Katie Huston | Last Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Salesforce just released their brand new “Shopper-First Retailing” report and they’re repeating what we’ve been saying for months–shoppers love to use mobile and it’s changing the way we think about retail. Stores and retailers are realizing that shoppers are using mobile throughout the customer journey. From looking at a product’s reviews online before coming into the store, to ordering online for pickup, retailers have to think about creating a personalized, mobile touchpoint for their customers. Here’s a roundup of the most important info from the research teams at Salesforce. Mobile Is King in the Shopping World Today, more than half of shopper traffic comes from mobile–60 percent of all traffic, to be exact. Now more than ever, brands have to get on the mobile train. Your shoppers want to be able to research items, check reviews, and see shipping or in-store pick up options. And designing your website, mobile app, or Progressive Web App to first optimize to mobile shoppers is just as important as catching the buyer’s attention right off the bat. Retailers Are Falling Behind No, in-store retail isn’t dead...but it is falling behind more modernized shopping avenues like online marketplaces. Retailers have always been known for strong customer service, but without mobile integrations like virtual chat-bots, online shoppers’ questions or concerns are going unanswered. Creating a personalized, mobile moment for shoppers like an in-store push notification with a coupon, triggered by entering your phone number at checkout makes shoppers less worried about how your brand is going to bombard their emails with sales and more excited about what they can spend the discount on. Fast Retail Is Here In a society that promotes fast and now, consumers want to see brands coming out with new products or variety of items with every visit. Sixty-nine percent of customers visiting a store or website want to see new items and are can become disappointed with the same displays. With such a fast-paced product cycle, brands can’t be complacent with developing items to match trends in real time. Fashion retailers like H&M and Zara are constantly releasing new items and using social and online data to forecast what customers will buy (remember Target’s secret app?) It’s a tactic that can be costly, but pays off in the fashion world.   The data packed into this report puts the hard-and-fast data behind something that your brand should already know–it’s not enough to have a great product. You’ve got to cater to customers with a mobile message that creates a brand relationship and will have a customer coming right back. Whether it’s designing a fun mobile experience or posting new products as quickly as they come in, brands have to stay on their toes to compete in overcrowded markets. Check out the rest of the Salesforce “Shopper-First Retailing” report here.

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