Lyft and SeatGeek Partner for Hyperlocal Experiences

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by Leigh Hamer | Last Updated: Aug 28, 2018

It’s a scene we all recognize–running late to that concert or game, hurrying through security and ticketing, only to realize that your seat is on the opposite side of the massive stadium (and to add insult to injury, you can hear the event kicking off while you’re running to your seat). It’s the worst feeling, and even worse knowing that it could have been avoided if you just took a second to look at your ticket. Finally, two of our favorite apps are teaming up to help you avoid the great gate debacle.

Lyft and SeatGeek Ride-sharing app Lyft and digital ticketing giant SeatGeek have teamed up to ensure that you’re never running through a stadium during kickoff ever again. For fans who have purchased their tickets through SeatGeek, they’ll be prompted in the SeatGeek app to request a Lyft to the event. Not only will this provide them with discounts through Lyft, but it also ensures that your Lyft driver drops you off as close to your seat as possible.

Here’s How It Works When event-goers request a ride through the SeatGeek app, the app already knows their ticket information–like seat, gate number, etc. The integration allows Lyft to pull that ticket info and automatically send it to the Lyft driver so they can drop you off at the gate closest to your seat. According to Lyft, this could save you up to 30 minutes in walking time at larger venues.

Here’s Why It’ll Succeed We live in a hyperlocal world. Today’s consumers not only want their mobile experiences to be personalized to their location, they always expect it. Most of today’s consumers actually drop the “near me” qualifier on their Google searches because they assume the results will be automatically based on their current location. The fact that Lyft and SeatGeek can capitalize on this expectation for hyperlocal experiences while solving a real problem that event-goers face today is sure to produce some amazing results. 

This partnership will kick off a pilot program in Providence Park–home of the Major League Soccer team the Portland Timbers–this fall, and I’m sure this partnership will be the first of many that help alleviate the pain of that grueling game day walk.

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