Why Your Sales Team Needs a Customized Product Guide

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Personalization is the key to winning over customers. Each customer considers themselves to be unique and likes to feel like their specific needs are being met.

One of the key responsibilities of your sales teams is to uniquely understand each customer’s pain points and needs. One way to deliver highly personalized customer experiences for prospective customers is to provide them with customized product guides. 

Let’s discover why equipping sales teams with customized product guides is essential for your business. 

The Role of the Product Guide in Sales

By nature, manufacturers offer a wide array of products, each with different features, use cases, and more.  Brands need a way to showcase their product lines to customers in an organized yet engaging way to help entice prospective customers to purchase from their brand. 

Every business wants to be a leader in its industry. In order to accomplish this, speed-to-market matters. That’s where the importance of having streamlined sales processes and informed team members comes into play. 

Digital product guides are an excellent way for manufacturers to present all of the information customers need to know about the products they are interested in like price, specifications, ingredients, and more in an accessible format that can be accessed over a phone, tablet, or computer. 

Not only do digital product guides help inform customers about the products available for purchase, but sales teams can utilize these resources to familiarize themselves with the details of each product for themselves and distribute them to their prospective customers. 

By implementing digital product guides into their strategies, sales teams can streamline their processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive higher ROI for the business. 

Why Sales Teams Need Customized Product Guides

Increase ROI 

Personalization is one of the key factors customers look for in a buying experience. Your competition likely isn’t personalizing the customer experience, so there’s a ton of opportunity for your sales teams to win over customers by offering product guides customized to their specific needs. 

By creating personalized product guides for customers, sales teams can showcase a greater understanding of their customer's needs and ultimately increases customers’ engagement levels with the resource. As customers digest the information personalized for them, the longer they spend on the product guide and the more likely it is they discover a product of interest. 

Presenting solutions tied to specific customer needs using customized product guides fosters increased engagement levels from customers and higher conversion rates.

Having a personalized product guide for each sales team’s region, account, use case, etc, provides them with only the relevant products their customers would be interested in.

Drive Brand Loyalty 

Customized product guides allow sales teams to better tailor their sales strategy to each customer. 

By creating personalized product guides,  sales teams can provide relevant product recommendations and place the customer at the center, reinforcing the idea that solving customers' pain points is the main goal of the sales team. And when each customer’s unique challenges are being met, an increase in brand loyalty felt by these customers is demonstrated. 

If customers know their specific needs will be addressed by the sales team, their commitment to purchasing future products from the brand will strengthen and ultimately grow your business. 

Track Specific Analytics 

Once sales teams send out a customized product guide, they can see analytics directly related to their customers about what products they’re most interested in, how long they’ve spent on the resource, specific pages, etc. 

This can help tailor sales pitches down the road or sweeten the deal even further for customers. For example, if they notice a customer has spent a particularly long time on a specific product detail page, they can send out a coupon or personalize their message even further to get their customers to purchase from their brand. Sales teams can even take these custom analytics and make necessary iterations for future product guides.

How to Create a Customized Product Guide

Creating a customized product guide for sales isn’t as complex or time-consuming as one might assume.

When using a  Product Information Management (PIM) solution and a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) platform, you can create a fully customized product guide within just a few hours. 

PIMs store all of a brand’s product information that can be dynamic with PIM, starting by centralizing all product-related data, ensuring consistency and accuracy across various channels. Organize product information, specifications, and images systematically within the PIM system. 

Sales teams can serve up different concoctions of customer reviews, testimonials, and case studies within the product guide depending on who they’re selling to.

Plus,  sales teams can regularly update to reflect new changes to product information within a DXP, guaranteeing customers have the most accurate information. 

Start Creating Customized Product Guides for Your Sales Team 

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