How to Grow Your Mobile Opt-ins

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Texts have an open rate of 98 percent. Additionally, 95 percent of texts are read within three seconds

No other marketing channel can match that type of engagement.

However, not enough manufacturers are taking advantage of texting's benefits. 

Let’s dive into how to grow your mobile opt-ins to engage a broader audience with your marketing.

Wait…Users Need to Opt-in?

Yes, text messaging is highly regulated under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

But this is a positive thing; because texting is highly regulated, customers trust the channel more.

However, this act also means your customers need to opt-in to receiving texts from your brand.

Phone carriers require brands to submit a short code application form before sending texts to their audience. But don't worry - if you use Lumavate’s Messaging capabilities, we will handle the compliance process for you!

Four Ways to Grow Your Mobile Opt-ins 

  1. Capitalize On the Excitement of Activating a Digital Experience 

If creating digital experiences is a part of your marketing strategy (if not, it should be), and you promote activating your digital experience via text, you can grow your mobile opt-ins by allowing users to opt-in to your mobile messaging program as part of text activation with Lumavate's platform.  

How It Works

You can send a second follow-up text asking users if they want to receive future text messages after they use the text activation keyword. If they reply with Y or Yes, they're automatically subscribed to a messaging program. 

This method is great for times when a customer activates a digital product catalog experience. You can send a second text asking them if they want more inspiration from your brand. From there, you can provide a link to a more personal shopping experience. You can also include a discount code or a special offer for the customer. 

This will encourage them to continue engaging with your brand and using your products.

  1. Offer Important Updates

With how busy our lives are, we all need helpful reminders from time to time. That’s exactly what you can offer your customers via text.

Customers that have purchased products from your brand will be extremely interested in receiving relevant updates that impact their lives. This could look like texting customers when recalls occur on a product or part. It could also look like sending out service reminders with vetted locations, or a simple update if warranty information has been updated.

  1. Promote Exclusivity 

What do consumers love? Answer: the VIP treatment. 

Promote exclusive content and promotions that can only be accessed when customers sign up for your text messaging program.

That being said, these exclusive promotions need to be different from messages heard on other channels your brand is on. If consumers think they will receive the same content they already get by following your email list and following your brand on social media, why would they sign up for a different channel to hear the same thing?

But if they know they’ll get special promotions and other exclusive deals or even sneak peeks at things, they'll sign up. 

 Exclusive Content Ideas

4. Highlight Your Text Messaging Program in CTAs

Whether it is emails, social media posts, or even a billboard, you can promote your mobile messaging program in a variety of ways.  

For instance, after a customer completes a rebate submission form, you can include a text messaging call-to-action asking them to sign up to learn more about product updates. 

You can also include a CTA on your current email subscriber list to capture people already engaged in your marketing efforts.  

Start YourText Messaging Program

Lumavate has text functionality included in its platform so manufacturers can engage with their customers more effectively.  Manufacturers can cut through the noise by sending customized text messages to their customers with promotions, product updates, and other information. 

As part of Lumavate’s Messaging capabilities, Audiences allow you to segment your users into segmented groups based on products purchased, locations, behaviors, interests, and more. You can then send personalized messages to each segmented group, allowing for targeted marketing campaigns. 

You can also measure the success of each campaign by tracking the number of users that open your messages. This will help you better understand which messages are resonating with your users and informs you of what iterations are necessary to keep your audience engaged. 

Want to start using Lumavate's text messaging? Come see how easy it is to get started by scheduling a demo with our team.

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