A Crash Course to Being a No Code Web App Builder

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Do one thing a day that scares you. For some, they may seek thrill in skydiving or bungee jumping. For me, it’s attempting to go without my phone for at least an hour. Not all of us can be daredevils, okay? One thing that you may be hesitant to try is becoming a no code web app builder. Mobile app builders have typically been thought of as software engineers or an IT department. If you haven’t immersed yourself into the world of MarTech, you may not realize there are platforms that enable anyone (yes, anyone) to become a no code app builder. Many people use these no code tools and have never touched a single line of code in their lives. If you’re starting to feel jealous of these people who have transformed into app builders overnight, I don’t blame you. Stop feeling jealous and take our crash course on what it takes to be a no code mobile app builder. Start With the Basics What do you want to build? Are you wanting to learn how to create an online database website? Or maybe you want to test out a web application builder without coding? Deciding between a database app, a native mobile app, or a Progressive Web App (PWA) will help you determine which no code platform you should partner with. With a database builder, you’re probably interested in creating some sort of project management solution or solving an issue surrounding internal communications. But what if you didn’t have to partner with a separate online database builder and a desktop app builder? What if you invested in a no code platform that enabled you to build a no code database app and a no code mobile app at the same time? With certain no code platforms (like Lumavate), there are actually templates you can choose to get started fast. For instance, there could be an internal communications app that allows you to publish content for your employees that they can toggle on and off, depending on the content’s relevancy. In the same platform, you could use a template to build a mobile experience consumers can access product information by scanning a QR code. The possibilities of what you can create with the right app builder are endless. How Does It Work? Now that we have the basics covered, we can finally get to the good stuff - how the platform works. No code app platforms typically have drag-and-drop capabilities that make building an app pretty intuitive. If you’ve ever used a WordPress database application builder, you’ll probably be familiar with how a no code platform works. But what if you wanted to customize your app further than the platform allows? If this is the path you want to go down, an open-source no code app builder is more your speed. With an open-source no code platform, you can actually modify pre-existing code to fit your business needs. This option gives you the flexibility to customize your app however you want. It’s All in the Details You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink, right? The same goes for mobile app development. You can use any of the best no code platforms you want, but if you don’t take mobile design into serious consideration when building your app, you won’t receive the results you’d like to see. To be the best no code app builder, you’ll want to think of the user first; this might be obvious to say, but even the best no code web app builder can have a difficult time remembering that fact. Keep your design simple, easy to read, and include relevant content on the app. And always ask yourself, “Would I save this app to my home screen?” If you are hesitant about your answer, it might be time to go back to the drawing board. So, are you ready to try building your first app? What do you have to lose? Once you realize creating an app from scratch isn’t scary, you might even find it addicting.

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