Common Misconceptions About Being a No Code App Builder

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Have you ever heard a rumor about something and it’s stuck with you ever since? For me, I believed you had to wait 20 minutes after you ate before you could swim. Don’t worry, I finally discovered the truth. But did you know there’s a ton of rumors circling technology too? Let’s set the truth on some of the misconceptions about being a no code app builder once and for all.

No Code Doesn’t Equal No Customization 

One of the most common things I hear from marketers is their concern about the lack of customization with a no code mobile app builder. While there are some no code app builders that do limit the potential for app customization, most no code platforms allow the user to build the app of their dreams. And with low-code platforms, you can even bring in your own code to further customize your mobile app.

Another option you have when choosing to invest in no code software is to look for an open source mobile app builder. Open source software opens the door for users to modify pre-existing code to fit their needs. Choosing an open source no code platform is a great option for building a highly customized app in a matter of hours.

IT Is Not the Only App Builder

Spoiler alert: IT is not the only department who knows how to create a mobile app. No code app development platforms were designed specifically for anyone to use them, even if you have zero coding experience. The surge in popularity with no code app development platforms comes from IT’s inability to fulfill requests on time. But this is not IT’s fault (mostly).

IT is routinely bogged down with requests from hundreds of individuals every day. Believe it or not, building a mobile app for marketing is not their number one priority. No code platforms allow any individual to learn how to create an app without coding skills. Through the use of drag-and-drop capabilities, app building software is pretty intuitive (dare I say addicting?).

No Code Software Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Don’t get me wrong, certain app building software can have big dollar signs attached to it. But just because they’re more expensive, it doesn’t mean they have more bells and whistles. No code web app builders are available for any budget. Because the product you’re building is a Progressive Web App (PWA), they are going to cost less than if you were building a native mobile app (but we’ve collectively decided that we hate the app store, right?).

But free no code app builders aren’t the better option either. Free no code application development can seem enticing due to the nonexistent price tag. However, free app builders come with another price - your customers’ satisfaction. Free mobile app builders have their own set of challenges such as security issues and lack of features and functionality. Trust us, if you want to win over the hearts of consumers, you’ll want to invest in your mobile strategy and partner with one of the best no code platforms.

Another added bonus about partnering with a web application builder is the shorter timeline. With native mobile apps, you’re looking at several months (if not a full year) before you can submit your app to the app store. And one more thing...after you’ve poured your heart and soul into building a native mobile app, you can still get rejected by the app store, further delaying your timeline. With PWAs, you control when and how your app gets published. Cut ties with the app store once and for all by building a PWA. You might even become the best no code web app builder once you make the switch.

Being the best app builder isn’t easy. But with some practice and a few guides on mobile design, you’ll earn bragging rights to this title. So what are you waiting for? Don’t aim to just be the best no code app builder 2020. Make it a goal to be the best mobile app builder of all time!

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